How I Almost Got A Tattoo | Solo Travel Stories | Animated Story Time | Toonstar

How I Almost Got A Tattoo | Solo Travel Stories | Animated Story Time | Toonstar

You know how when you go through a
breakup everything reminds you of your ex? So you fall into a pattern of
impulsive decision-making because you’ll do anything to distract yourself?
Yeah, that’s how I ended up at a cheap tattoo parlor yesterday. I never thought
I’d get a tattoo, but I also never thought Jordan would end our relationship. So I thought, hey, who is Emma without
Jordan? Who’s this new Emma? The new Emma’s cool. And what did cool people do? They get tattoos. But, I want to be a doctor
someday, so it has to be somewhere discreet. I figured no one will ever see
my ankle at work, but they might at a party. Ankle it is. But what would the
tattoo be? A meaningful Billy Eilish lyric? A reference to my favorite movie, Inside
Out? A drawing of serotonin because I’m into science? And then I realized, Emma,
you’re overthinking. The whole point of this summer is about letting loose! So I
decided to get a freakin heart. Why? Because I will learn to love again. And
maybe I’ll be a heart surgeon one day! I don’t know I’m fine.
I miss Jordan… No! Be strong, Emma! Back to the story. I Yelped tattoo parlors
and chose the closest one of decent reviews. And it was pretty much what you
would expect. A lot of leather, zero sense of order, and everyone had like a
bajillion piercings and tattoos. And I’m starting to worry I really don’t fit in
here. You can do this! You’re the new Emma! I’ll have one simple heart tattoo on my ankle, please. I just went through a
breakup and this is my way of cementing the first step in my journey forward. Oh no no bye! Yeah no, that hurt like hell, so I did this instead. It’s different, but if I can let
go of all that hair, I can let go of Jordan, right? Now that the new Emma has arrived it’s time for this road trip to solve all my problems. Just kidding, I
obviously don’t expect that, but if it were to happen I would not complain.
Okay, time to discover myself.

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  1. I can understand the last minute nervousness and bailing on the hotel, Emma. But I love the new haircut! Good luck with your road trip. 😸

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