How do you Mahanavami? ;)

– What’s happening today? – We’re going to play Dandiya. – Okay, okay. – And our whole team is
in the traditional dress. – He’s not dressed up. You’re not dressed up. – I’m going to dress up now. – You better, or you’ll be in trouble. Dress up, or you’ll be in trouble. And you’re not dressed up. And you’re not dressed up. What’s wrong with you? – I don’t have that – Good, you dressed up. Good job.
– Thanks. – Good job. Good job. I thought you weren’t dressed up. Wait, are you dressed up or no? – Partially. – [Host] Partially? Remember that story you were
telling us the other day? – Temporary tattoo? – [Host] Temporary tattoo? Yes! – I’m not really sure
what’s happening over there but it’s something ritualistic. – Hi. So it’s a Navratri Celebration. So we used to have these
nine days traditional. Every night we used to
play like this, so all for all nine dates, and
girls will be having fasts they won’t be wearing shoes, just sandals. So they won’t be shaving those. Yeah, it’s good festival – [Host] How come you’re
not playing the game? – No, I don’t have the sticks. It’s okay. – [Host] Use Deepti’s water bottle. I’m pretty sure that Deepti won’t mind. Use her water bottle. – I think I should ask her. – Just do it. – No (laughing) – Change the song! Change the song! (speaking foreign language) – Ready? Start! One, two, three, four, five – How come none of you guys are playing? You need to be playing this game. – I am the judge so–
– You’re the judge? – Yeah. – Then you’ve gotta go judge.
How will you pick the winner? – I’m supposed to pick
the best dressed winner. – Okay, who’s the best dressed? – It will come to me in a while – Is it gonna be someone on my team? – Yeah, we can do that, yeah.
– Alright! Perfect! – Hey look we found one.
– Yeah! – This is for not playing the game. – You should try this. If John try, then we will and if John wants to try, I can too – If I try you have to do it – I don’t think I can follow this step. – Get up! Get up! Get up! Jump in, right here, right here! Right after Deepti. – No. – Come on, show me how it’s done. Go ahead, do it, do it. See Alok’s got it down. – Okay, so, one step forward, one step back, turn, back, turn, back, and clap. And again. Clap, turn, back, turn, back, clap – You got it?
– Ah, I’m enjoying it. – Show us how it’s done.
– I’m learning from her. – Does your fiance know what’s coming? – Yeah.
– Does she? – She knows. She knows. She knows. So, you’re enjoying, right?
– Yes – So, I am also learning here. Right? – Show us the dance, do it! – Excellent man, thank you. (speaking foreign language) – You look great. Fabulous. – Happy Navratri! Happy Navratri! – The festivities are
now over and Lord Kedar is going to tell us a true story. – It’s not true story, I
just saw this video on the social media. I don’t
remember who posted that one. – How it’s a true story – True story?
– True story! – Nice. – Alright, tell us your story – Yeah, so, another day I
was just browsing through the social media and I saw a funny video – It’s a true story, right? – Yeah, a true story of
two friends, that someone recorded and published on the
social media as a funny clip So, there are two friends,
they were debating with each other and the debate
was going for a long time and then they settled down
saying that whoever loses the debate, he has to get
the tattoo on his hands saying that, “I’m a loser.” And they still went on and
it reached to a conclusion where, one of the friends won and another one was on the losing side so now it was the turn of the actual loser to get the tattoo done on his hand. – Okay – But now, he suddenly
started saying that, “Okay, “I will go and get the
tattoo done, but it has to be “a temporary one.” But the winner started arguing that, “No, “if it’s a tattoo, it has
to be permanent one,” right? Or else, there is no fun in
having this kind of long debate. But then the loser friend
says that, “You did not agree “We did not agree that it
has to be a permanent tattoo, “so, I’ll be getting it
done but it has to be temporary tattoo. Then the winner one says,
“Okay, let’s do it in that way. Let’s meet tomorrow.” So, on the next day, they
met each other in the morning and the winner friend, he took him to a temporary tattoo shop. There was a shop with
a nameplate out there saying that it’s a temporary tattoo shop. Okay he, the loser, he happily went in he got the tattoo on his
hand and happily walked out two-three days passed, he was wondering why that tattoo was not getting removed, because, as per him, it was supposed to be a temporary tattoo he was trying to scrub his hand, but the tattoo was not getting removed. And then he thought of
going to the shop owner and asking why this tattoo
is not getting removed it was supposed to be a
temporary tattoo, right? So he ran to that particular shop and what he found over there is that there was no tattoo shop out there. And, eventually, he came
to know that it was really a temporary tattoo shop. The shop was real, for the real tattoo. But it was there for a temporary period. – Temporary, as in probably
like, one day/two days. Wait, so show them your tattoo – It’s a tag. It’s a good joke though.
I think it’s my favorite joke that Kedar, Lord Kedar has told. – I’m glad. – Alright, well thanks. Alright, next task. – Alright so Q-logic has
given us goodies today See? and Alok is going
to un-box them for us and explain what these treats are. Last time we got Indian hot dogs. – Yeah
– There is no hot dog, it was just beans.
– Yes, right. – And everyone in America
was upset, just like I was. – Okay. – So he’s going to un-box this stuff, now. – Okay, so, today we have
the Veg Burger. Okay? So let me just open. Okay, so yeah. Okay, so this is the
Indian Veg Burger, and let’s see what’s inside it. Some, cheese slices, and Aloo Tiki inside, okay? – Alright, eat it in three seconds Go, one, two,
– No. – Just pound it!
– I will take just one bite. Nice. Okay, let’s open another box. – I think your favorite drink is in this. – Yep. – As in, your least favorite. – No. – You like the Frooti? – Yep, it’s mango juice, so I like it. Okay, so let’s ah, this is Lays. And this one is Frooti, mango juice, okay A sauce pouch, for this burger. And a chocolate pastry. – Perfect. – That’s it. – Alright. Alright so one thing that
I found really entertaining was that this, has a little
tombstone that says “Veg” Look at that right there. Veg. – No yawning!

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