He’s Gay, She’s Straight, Their Kiss Is Sloppy AF | Lip Locked | MTV

He’s Gay, She’s Straight, Their Kiss Is Sloppy AF | Lip Locked | MTV

– Hey guys, welcome to Lip Locked, the show where we get uncomfortably close. Do you think you could pick
your partner out by kiss alone? Well we have a couple standing right here and we’re about to find out. The game is simple. One person is blindfolded and they have to kiss three people. One is there partner, the
other two are just decoys. Can you kiss and tell? – What’s up, I’m Brian.
– And I’m Gina and we’ve been best friends for two years. – So why have you guys never dated before? – So I’m gay. – You know, we were assuming
but we didn’t want to say it but I’m glad you said it. Okay. Do you guys like, cuddle? – Definitely, we’ve
made out a couple times, not going to lie. Sunday brunch, mimosas. – Okay, the mimosas will get ya kissing just about anybody, huh? – The mimosas will get you doing whatever they want you to do that day. – You guys are very cute,
I’m loving the relationship, but let’s get down to business. Who’s going to get blindfolded? – Guess that’s me. This is nuts. I literally cannot believe I’m
being blindfolded right now. Besides Gina, I have
not kissed another girl since middle school. – It’s time to bring in our kissers. All right, please join me right here. Thank you so much and Gina, we’re going to walk you
right over this way. – When the girls walked in I realized that Brian would have no way to
tell between the three of us. Talented kissers, I could tell. – You know I am the hygiene queen, so we’re going to make
sure you guys are fresh and ready for your kiss. All right ladies, there we go. Got your chin. All right. Brian, don’t think I
forgot about you babe. Open wide. He’s good at that. All right. Now ladies, the rules
are there’s no talking and there’s no touching. It’s only mouth to mouth. Brian, are you ready? – I’m ready. – Kisser number one. Wow! All right. How do you feel about that kiss? – It was nice. – Would it have been better
with a couple of mimosas? – Everything is better
with a couple of mimosas. – Right, someone bring me that
orange juice and cham-pag-ne. All right, kisser number two. Lots of tongue going down,
lots of tongue in this episode, thank you kisser number two. How was that one, Brain? – It was wonderful, you know? – [Kristina] Was there
any difference between kisser number one and kisser number two? – Teeth in number two. – Teeth in number two, so we had some teeth to teeth contact. Kisser number three. Going back for seconds! All right, kisser number
three, head back over there. What do you think of
kisser number three, Brian? – A little sloppy. – A little sloppy, well all right Brian, so let’s get down to the chase. Which one did you think was Gina? – The first kiss was bomb. I definitely had not had a kiss like this since middle school. There was definitely a
lot of passion involved and it was amazing, so cheers. The second kiss, eh, it’s okay, you know? I mean, wasn’t the best. It wasn’t the worst kiss I’ve ever had. There was a little bit of teeth involved. This third kiss is definitely
a little bit sloppy and it makes me feel
like either I’m drunk, or the person’s drunk. I’m going to say kisser number two. – We’re going to bring kisser number two back up to the plate. You guys are going to kiss one
more time for all the glory. All right, that’s enough. Are you ready to see if you’re
as good at kissing sober as you are drunk? – I’m ready.
– Let’s get it. All right, so what made you think that kisser number two was Gina? – I dunno, I just had a feeling,
but I guess I was wrong. – I can’t believe you
thought our kiss was sloppy. I mean, what better way to
describe our friendship? With a sloppy kiss. – Gina, did you want to get
up in here one more time? – Brian? – Let’s do it, why not? – I mean, you know, I’ll never stop a good
party from happening. Thank you all so much
for watching Lip Locked. Make sure you guys brush your teeth and don’t forget about the tongue.

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  2. DUMB-ASS SHOW. Justina is talented but this is just an annoying waste of time. MTV is proving once again they will scrape the bottom of the dumpster just for views

  3. I see a boy kiss a boy and Day kiss in The 👄 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 ewwwwwwww

  4. They need to sit the person that’s blindfolded for this to be better. That way the girls don’t have to get in there tip toes or reach so much makes the kiss uncomfortable since he can’t see them.

  5. See friends ? this is the result of the jewish satanic media ad shilling they subvert our biology through their ideology to confuse people and trick them into getting themselves out of the gene pool ( mostly the whites) by hedonism and the pursuit of pleasure through materialism.
    turning men into defective women and women into defective men is the recipe for a disaster in a societal level, no wonder the west is dying.


    :oh, hey Bryan dont think i forget about you babe, open wide!
    *opens mouth to spray breath spray
    Gay guy opens mouth*
    Girl: Oh he's good at that

    Me:😳😜 OhhhH DAMN, its cause hes gay? Isnt it 😉 hahah

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