Here’s Why Tana’s Friends Don’t Trust Jake Paul | MTV No Filter: Tana Turns 21

Here’s Why Tana’s Friends Don’t Trust Jake Paul | MTV No Filter: Tana Turns 21

– So is anyone gonna wash their
hands since we’re like baking
y’know? Wanna be clean. – Ash and I just got a manicure
so. – Okay. – I did go to the bathroom, but I also wash my hands
frequently, including after the bathroom.
– I mean I can’t really say I wash my
hands frequently.
– We’re fine, we’re fine. – (beep) it up. – Okay, okay. – So we are just collectively
skipping the hand washing, yeah?
– Yeah – [Imari] I dunno, let’s do an
insta-poll. – You know, so. Dude I’m so nervous to go to
Atlanta for a Wild ‘n Out. Like, I’m really, really scared.
– Wait, why? – I dunno, I just feel like
Wild ‘n Out is something that is not meant for someone
like me and I’m so, like, meme-able. That like if I do one
embarrassing thing, it’s like a full blown internet
meme. Wild ‘n Out is like a scandalous
improv, freestyle type of show
which I am obsessed with. – Bitch check mate. – After something like TanaCon, I really expected all doors in the traditional media world
to close. To be invited on something
that’s such a mainstream thing and seeing the mainstream the
media kind of accept my growth is really, really (beep) weird
and crazy. How many eggs? I’m just out here cracking like you know.
– Three, three whole eggs, not two and a
half Tan. – Speaking of Atlanta, I
need someone to go with. – Her. Wait no, no not me. – Okay I feel like she was kinda
down, but you were really hesitant. – Well I’m not, there’s no
hesitation I just have family obligations. – Me and my girl are gonna
go to (beep) Atlanta. – Take pics, Photoshop me in. Second of all, why don’t you
take Jake? I feel like you guys are so
like newlyweds right now, so why don’t you take him with
you? – A couple weeks ago I started
seeing, sometimes seeing I should say,
a YouTuber named, Jake Paul. – No, no, no, no, no. – Jana, Jana! – It’s all going downhill from
here, babe! – A few days after my
breakup I hit up Jake and we just started hanging out. I don’t really know what to
title it but we’re having fun. I feel like it’s gonna be
really high stress situation where I’m like really
stressed out and I feel like, I don’t want him to see
me like that honestly. – He ain’t ready. – Jake has never seen
me without eyelashes. I’m honestly gonna try to
go months with Jake without him seeing me without eyelashes. – That’s how it should be. – I love you. – Usually Tana takes like a
couple weeks, even like a month, for her
to move on to another guy but this one was so quick, she’s literally been hanging out with Jake every second of every
day. – How bad is it to eat raw egg? – I mean, I wiped it off of my
finger. – Oh, oh! – Hey.
– Hey! – What are you guys doing,
baking? Hi, oh wow.
– Hi. How are you? – Good to see you. Hi. – Yo, Imari, hi nice to meet
you. – Second time meeting you with
makeup on. – Yes. – Jake walked in like it
was a regular Tuesday where he would just walk in
and I’ve literally like, never even seen him in person in
daylight. – I was actually just telling
them how we are falling in love. – I’ve seen them in a nightclub, but I haven’t really seen
Tana and Jake interact, other than behind a camera. So, I don’t really know
exactly what to think. – We’re baking, you wanna just
help? – Do you like to bake? – I’m down to bake!
– I was actually, ironic oh my God, this is hot.
– Baking with Jake. Bake with Jake, bake with Jake. – Mmm! – Jake ‘n’ bake. – [Tana] Jake ‘n’ bake! – [Imari] Wait, can I have a
fork. – [Jake] A fork? – I feel like a fork or a
spoon moment, like scooping out You know?
– Okay. – It rises, yeah, so you
gotta–. – Whoah, I’m surprised you know
that. – You think he’s (beep) stupid? – Yeah! – I’m like wow. – So, Jake Paul has a
really bad reputation with ex-girlfriends, being
rude to his neighbors, just being all around
not so great of a guy. – He’s like a crazy Youtuber
and that really scares me. – Feel like you guys
could definitely like, do this like a little faster. Don’t get me wrong.
– Okay. – [Imari] Yes, Rachael Ray. – [Jake] Consistency. – Our hands just touched on the
counter. It made me nervous. – Why did it make you nervous? – Um, ’cause you’re cute. – Uh huh. – Jake is very over the top
24/7, but at the house he was
like really relaxed, so I was just like is this all
for show? Are you still just like doing
this for cameras and stuff? I still don’t really
know the real Jake Paul. – I’m a little nauseous. I don’t know if it’s from
the coffee or the new baby. – [Tana] Oh my God yeah
you need to take Plan B. – Yeah but it–.
– The new baby. – If I got (beep) in on Monday. – [Tana] What’s today? – [Ashly] Friday? – Ashly! You are (beep). – Nah, I mean like I was like. – [Jordan] How are you
guys this irresponsible? – [Ashly] I didn’t feel
like I like felt the grab. – [Jordan] How do you think it
works? – I just feel like there’s
like different levels of like getting (beep) inside
of. I don’t know if you feel it?
– I think that’s incorrect. – [Ashly] No, no, no, no, no,
no, no! I feel like it can definitely
go in like different areas or like levels of (beep), or like how much (beep) there is
that day? Sometimes you feel it more
than others you feel me? – No. – Okay Jordan, I’m going on Wild
‘n Out. – [Jordan] I know, and I wanna talk about it.
– Can you say the name of the show? – I would like to but I’m not
sure I can actually do it
correctly so I’d rather not. – No Jordan.
– Wild ‘n Out! Hey guys we’re going to Wild ‘n
Out! – [Tana] He’s been saying Wilding Out.
– Wilding Out. – [Tana] Like literally–. – It’s hard to drop the G if
you’re not used to it actually. – [Tana] There’s no G. Wild, space, N. – Right. – I’m really trying to keep
you not looking 30 today. – Going on Wild ‘n Out is a big
moment because I think it’s the first
time that we can really announce to
the world that Tana’s back and working
with professional companies. Once the camera’s on
and people are watching, that’s her thing, she can crush
that. Do you know what we were
doing a year ago today? We were planning TanaCon. – Oh. – [Jordan] Like actually. Like a year ago today.
– All of us. All of our moods dropping so
hard we all were like, oh. – I wanted to see what it
was like a year difference, like we’re in Atlanta right now
doing, one of the biggest things
of your career so far. Tana have you thought
about any of the jokes that you’re gonna be
saying on this show today? ‘Cause I think we should
start pre-planning. – No I’m actually really
nervous. – All right, let’s think about
topics that are funny then. What’re topics that you can talk
about that would not be
embarrassing towards yourself? – I mean–.
– ‘Cause I don’t think you should degrade yourself. – I don’t think I’m talking
about me, I think I’m roasting someone
else. Jordan I don’t, I’m so confused
right now. This actually just made me wanna
like cry because you’re not explaining
anything. I’m hoping someone else
is gonna like come in and like explain it actually. After TanaCon happened, if I say one wrong bad thing to
someone and people interpret it in any
way, like I will wake up tomorrow to Tana Mongeau Is Over
trending on Twitter worldwide. – It seemed a couple minutes
ago like you weren’t nervous and now we’re talking
about this (murmurs). – Yeah but now we’re talking
about it and I’m realizing like, is it to
a beat? Like who am I roasting? I have to figure out who
I’m roasting to know like, what I’m saying to them. Stop looking at me like that, you’re such a condescending
asshole, like I’m stressed out.
– I’m just saying, the temperature in the room
just dropped by 20 degrees. – You’re just pissing me off
right now. – I’m really (beep)
nervous I’m not gonna lie. I’m really, really, really,
really, really (beep) nervous, I feel like I’m gonna throw up. I don’t think I’ve ever been
this nervous for anything in my entire
career. Mom I’m scared! After you become a
viral meme so many times or you have so many scandals, you start kind of operating in a
way to maybe dodge those things because you don’t wanna deal
with it. I’m freaking the (beep) out. If this was any show
other than Wild ‘n Out, I would just back out… like. Oh my God, this is like rich, oh my God, this is Tana Mongeau. – Tana Mongeau. – I don’t think I’ve ever had my name properly spelled before. Hi.
– I’m Tishawn, a producer with the show. This is RJ.
– Hi. – [Tishawn] So, top of the show,
Nick does his big entrance. He’ll enter center stage. The first game we go into is Got
Damned. – Tana is usually the most
exciting person in the room and right now I can
tell that she’s nervous because she’s not as
talkative as she usually is. – So we might pair you with.
– She’s going against Justina. – With Justina. – No please, please.
– That’s okay. – I’m gonna lose so hard. I just knew there were gonna
pair me with Justina Valentine. – Hey girl!
– Oh my (beep) God. – What’s poppin? – Justina Valentine comes for
bitches. She is like a (beep) tornado
when she walks in a room. It is very rare that
someone intimidates me but she is so intimidating. She also kind of looks like my
ex-girlfriend which is weird. – Oh my gosh. You’re as light as a
feather but yet also thick. – I mean Justina walks in
and she’s a firecracker. – Even just standing
here with you right now I’m literally oh my God.
– Oh girl you better stop. – I’m nervous about the amount
of pressure that we have on us now. – No we have to go against each
other and I’m (beep) out so hard. You’re so hard! I’m gonna look like such a
bitch, I’m gonna be such a meme let’s
be real. – She sounds so scared. – [Tana] I’m so (beep) scared. Yeah but I don’t know how
I would roast you back. – You sound like a dude,
you’re a (beep) tomboy, you sit with your (beep) lap. – That’s me! Yeah hearing you right now
it sounds so (beep) hard. – [Justina] Really? Oh and I’m not even putting
oomph behind it yet. – I know! – [Justina] You know what it is? My voice is so intimidating, but you have like a nice strong
voice too. – But like (sigh). Oh God, I don’t think I can do
it. Please don’t roast me,
please don’t roast me, please don’t roast me you’re so
smart! – [Justina] All right do
your thing, get ready. I’m gonna gloss up. – [Tana] I’m gonna do the same
thing! – [Justina] Yeah do it babe, get
it yeah. – What if I get roasted and just look like a complete
dumb-ass on national television? I’m literally so nervous I want
to cry. – We are ready to head down. How you feeling? – Like this crowd could think I am the most unfunny stupid
bitch ever and I’m just not ready. – Okay. – She looks so nervous right
now. Oh no. – She is constantly thinking of, is this gonna be another
scandal? – God I’m so nervous dude. – Give me Justina and
give me Tan, right here. – Britney Spears is dog food. – Oh (beep). – Okay. I don’t know if you’re
ready but are you ready? – Yeah, yeah, totally ready. Totally ready. – She’s not ready. Justina, you ready? – Ready. – What a roast. – Tana if you don’t get your
goddamn, wow your ass is actually very
supple, I wish my ass looked a
little more like that. – Hey, hey, okay, okay, hey. Stay in your lane. – You start it up, you
start it, you’re the guest. – Justina if you don’t get your
goddamn, wait, your hair is actually so
much more vibrant in person. – Thank you I actually
just did it yesterday. – Hey, hey, whoa.
– I got this, I got this. All right, all right, all right. – If I tell you to stay in your
lane again you’re both of you out of here. Okay?
– All right. Tana if you don’t get your
goddamn, I’m not gonna lie, you’re exactly the type
of bitch that I like. – Wooh, I think it’s over. I think it’s over. – I mean, I was entertained. – Yeah. – It was kind of fun, it was a
cute bit. – She didn’t really do anything
(laughs). I would’ve liked to see
her give the rapping a try, but she was confident, she was
fun and quite frankly that’s
really all we needed. When you woke up this
morning did you think, “Hey just in case I need to stop
traffic, this is what I’ll wear”? – No, I honestly thought I was
gonna wear all white today, so maybe I’d be like an
angel stopping traffic? – Yeah, I mean that’s why I
crosswalk. Workers don’t wear all white,
it has to be fluorescent, it’s actually part of the rules
so. – Did you know that Jake stopped
by the house the other day? Like while we were like cooking? Like out of nowhere. – [Jordan] Is that weird
that he just stops by now? – [Ashly] It’s very weird. – I really have no idea
how to think about, I mean ultimately for her career it’s the best thing that’s ever
happened. Jake’s audience is significantly
more powerful than hers. The thing I’m nervous about is
more so, I mean we’re still like
reeling a little bit, like it’s been.
– From TanaCon. – It hasn’t even been
a year since TanaCon. It’s like, wait a second
she’s dating that dude. It’s just, it’s always gonna
be controversy with his name and so the association might
be not the greatest thing. You like him as a person? – I’m scared (beep) from him,
like by him. I don’t know like something
about him scares me. – Hoof. – [Ashly] These are kind of
cute, the lighting is impeccable, it’s
so cute. – Oh my God.
– Wait what is this is like. – Me and my Nick Cannon belt, oh
my God. Dude you really are
the only person helping me be an Instagram (beep) at all
times and I’m just so grateful for it. I don’t even know how we
won, I really didn’t go hard, I was being such a (beep). – [Ashly] That’s so (beep). – I couldn’t roast anyone I was
so scared I was gonna have like a scandal. – That’s what me and Jordan
were saying in the green room. So, I was talking to Jordan
about Jake. – Oh God. – And.
– Oh God I’m scared. Whenever a sentence begins with, “I was talking to Jordan”
like I literally get scared. – Well it was like my theory. Like I thought he was
like a sociopath right? – Yeah.
– Or something like that? And then I was like, “Oh no no no, he’s a regular
human, that’s just for show.” But then meeting him multiple
times, I’m like, but is he? – Wow that makes me sad that
meeting him you feel that way. – [Ashly] I mean, yeah. – I’m not gonna lie to you, sometimes he makes me feel
like I’m more of a sociopath. Dun, dun, dun.
– Really? – Yeah. – So he does get like more
normal when it’s just you guys? – Yeah. And it’s the way he like
processes his emotions I feel like is more normal than
me. And there are moments
though too where I thought, like I’m helping him grow
so much in so many ways. He like makes me wanna work
harder and question myself and like I love that about Jake. I’ve literally been
waiting this whole trip for Ashly to pull me aside and
be like, “Hey listen, I’m nervous
about you and Jake,” or whatever it is. She always hates people I date
right away until proven otherwise. We are like actually
person-to-person taking things
slow. Like actually, like I really
don’t know what’s going on. We haven’t had sex. – You’re joking. Right? I am so surprised that she
has not slept with Jake yet. I don’t really know exactly
what their relationship is. At the end of the day of
course I can’t make up her mind and if she wants to date Jake
Paul, she’s gonna date Jake Paul. But I don’t wanna see him hurt
Tana. – On a side note, has nothing
to do with me and Jake. Aren’t you like days late from a
Plan B? Like weren’t you supposed to
take a Plan B like days ago? – After this convo I was
thinking about, like crossing the street
and actually grabbing a. – But you’re five days late. – I think, better late than
never. – On the next episode of MTV
No Filter: Tana Turns 21. I actually need you to
meet my side hoe later. I’m actually starting to kind of
like-like my side hoe though. – It’s definitely weird for
someone with a boyfriend to have a side hoe. Do you think Jake has hoes? Tana’s relationship with
Jake is more for clout, like this isn’t a real
relationship. – I hope you enjoyed a more
unfiltered look at my life. Make sure to click over there to subscribe to MTV’s No Filter, and make sure to watch Wild
‘n Out this summer on VH1.

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