Henna Tattoos Can Leave Permanent Scars

Henna Tattoos Can Leave Permanent Scars

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use in hair dyes but is known to cause skin reaction in some people p p d alter also help for both side effects
the f_d_a_ seeds several reports on redness blisters
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87 thoughts on “Henna Tattoos Can Leave Permanent Scars

  1. Thanks for that information UncleChevitz….People should really be aware of the impact of "Black Henna" on their body!

  2. Some good information in your video, but also some very misleading info and some of what you are saying is just plain wrong (henna tattoos do not last two months, for example). Please, please stop referring to Black Henna as "henna"… it's not henna at all. Natural henna tattoos are quite safe and NEVER black.

  3. The black paste you are talking about in truth is not henna. It is a chemical based paste. It is misleading to continually call it henna. Natural henna is beautiful and is not harmful. While you are trying to give info to people, it is coming across incorrectly.
    Natural henna never lasts 2-3 months. And don't ever encourage anyone to get black deathpaste put on their skin no matter what!! It may be helpful to have some good information links people can go to to learn more about the these dangers

  4. Black henna is not the real henna for celebrations because it is mixed with chemicals causing blisters. GET THE REAL (SAFE) DEAL.

  5. I hate it when people get black henna and natural henna mixed up. Natural henna is not the issue and is not bad for u at all. It's the black henna u have to worry about. It's basically black hair die put on ur skin

  6. Reading some of these comments makes me sad. No here seem to know about black henna. Black henna is kinda like saying fake henna. Some idiot made it and did not know that it could leave a scar. Black henna is sold in India. Henna, the brown kind, is sold is the states and around the world. You can buy black henna, just look for it. 

  7. Black henna can cause severe allergies natyral henna is okay but ur pictures are invalid to henna thats some other pictures of tattoo remival _.

  8. Not ALL henna leaves scars/allergic reactions! That is only black henna! My grandma does henna and it is all natural ingredients and is actually healthy for your skin!

  9. Only some black henna can do that and nobody uses black henna only if they are stupid sorry if u do you props use nice ones

  10. Not ALL henna is gonna leave scars and it is part of many cultures black henna can leave side effects but that doesn't mean it's perfectly safe to get true henna the problem can be solved simply by asking where the henna came from. No need to bash all types of henna they can be beautiful art work on the body and are natural.

  11. You should have done more research.It's black henna and only people who are allergic and have very sensitive skin will get the blisters and scars that come after.

  12. Also the pictures you use are not from black henna either, those are tattoo removal from a before and after.again please do more research you have a good topic but your info and sources are not really accurate.

  13. It's mostly if ur allergic and before u put it on u try a dot near ur wrist to check if ur allergic or that's just what I do

  14. Yes this happened to me twice the after one day my henna tattoo looked like I branded myself with a hot mold it was raised up perfectly around the shape and the ink started to disappear. It burned and it it itched i had it for almost 5 months before it was completely gone and healed… DONT GET BLACK INK HENNAS! The more u are exposed to ppd the more your body begins to lose its tolerance against it! Now I'm even allergic to hair dyes landed me in the clinic….

  15. It's only black henna that's dangerous the brown an orange are safe coz they're natural unlike the black henna so not all henna is bad

  16. it only scars white people because its not intended for their skin. they need to stop copying indian wedding ritual stuff

  17. it's not all the henna this is a cultural thing from the middle east, north Africa and India please do the right research this is cause is due to black henna but not all hennas are bad there's Moroccan henna which made from natural leaves and Indian also do the same don't stand over there and disrespect people's culture henna is first of all not made for temporary tattoos it's for women ceremonies such weddings and more so at the end of the day henna isn't bad you people need to stop this!!!

  18. the only dangerous henna is the black one nd not for all just people with sensitive skin . the green one is good for all types of skin, we arab always use it nd i've never heard that someone gor rash or any sort of probs because of it.

  19. I did henna when I was in high school and I let the paste sit for like 12 hrs. It was SO dark red from the henna dye it was beautiful! lasted like 2-3 weeks and I never had a reaction.

  20. Your so dumb for making this video like…go hate on something else. They must've of went to the wrong people.

  21. If anyone tells you they have black henna, you just need to run because they must mix some dangerous chemicals with it that's not good for the skin. Stupid. That's why there's this thing call the internet so you can look it up before you go get one. So stupid.

  22. If the black henna is the bad one what's the point in doing it I feel like the black one is the color I would want in those designs I think green Brown would look dumb I would do red tho

  23. Use only real henna (which will leave a brown stain), or jagua (which is natural and will leave a black stain). Real henna will not cause chemical burns, neither will jagua.

  24. it happens henna can leave scars if its not pure henna only if it has high amount of chemical in it. and specially black henna has high amount of chemical….i am a henna artist and i use pure organic henna which has no chemical in it and leaves dark color lasts for a week or so….thats why i do henna for pregnant ladies too which is totally safe.

  25. Henna tattoos are not bad, it's only a handful of individuals that suffer from an allergic reaction to the compounds in the ink. Just like some individuals can get the rare Steven Johnson's Syndrome from taking tylenol due to a reaction to the compound acetaminophen in the medicine.

  26. It's only black henna.
    the chemical is illegal in most countries.
    do a small swatch test before you do it.

    the chemical also has about 80 different names, and is in most non direct hair dye, but the highest about in black hair dyes

  27. Those people are probably people who have used henna wrong henna is a religious symbol so it's kinda wrong to trash it with accusations

  28. No offense but first off, BLACK henna isn't a thing and it's called jagua, it's made differently and your technically not getting a henna tattoo if it's not mandala or paisley or patterns – not trying to be a troll-

  29. Black Henna IS NOT HENNA! It's synthetic crap! Real henna, made the natural way, powder made from leaves, an essential oil, lemon juice and sugar… THAT's it!

  30. Black henna isn’t good for you and has additional chemicals in it that burn your skin BUT these tattoos aren’t from black henna…

  31. what about DIY henna tatto using blackening hair shampoo and black cream silk shampoo?(btw im from philippines)😅

  32. Henna is derived from a plant leaf, it's the stain the leaf of that plant leaves when crushed. Anything other than the maroon to red and orange hued henna is not henna at all, it's chemical so you have to do your research.

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