Hello BENDY, Goodbye ANGEL?! | Bendy And The Ink Machine Chapter 4

Hello BENDY, Goodbye ANGEL?! | Bendy And The Ink Machine Chapter 4

I’m so dead. I’m so dead. I’m so dead. I’m so dead. I’m so dead. I’m so dead. I’m so dead. No! No, I just wanted to listen to the recorder. I just wanted lore! I just wanted the lore! No, oh. Turn right, turn right, turn right, turn right, turn right, turn right, (Oh no, he’s totally turning left) turn right, turn right, turn right, turn right, (No he’s turning left) Ah! No! No! No oh! No! Go! Go! Hop! Hop! Hops, go man hops, go hops, go hops, hops, hops and drops, go, go, go, go, go, go, run! No, no, no, have trouble on the stairs have trouble on the stairs! Trip! Trip and fall! Break a hip! Break a hip! Break a hip! (The Go! go! go! go! Get in the door! Get in the door! Suck on that! Are you kidding me?! YEEEEEA!!!! Are you kidding -_- I cannot believe that works. (Skill) Hey guys and welcome To GTLive. It’s GTLive everybody. It is indeed ladies and gentlemen. Not only is it GTLive today… Your hair doing alright? We’re having some interesting hair days over here on GTLive. We’re having an interesting day across the board We’re currently prepping for when Mini Pat arrives outward into the world. 🙂 We don’t want to leave you guys hanging and so we’ve been doing some, you know, some work in the background to make sure that You guys have delightful fun videos to watch when we might not be around and might be distracting with some other things Delightful fun videos and some of those may require a little hair gel. When last we left off our little Protagonist hero finds a, you know, perfect Boris, finds Alice angel. Alice angel is like, half Evil demon, half beautiful woman, and she’s like, “Well, I want my perfect Boris to make me look beautiful again,” and then she steals Boris despite our best attempt. I know. We lost Boris last time which was really sad and upsetting. (It was tragic) I know I felt really, I felt really torn up about that for, you know, a good ten minutes. Wow! Colossal wonders is today, apparently. So, again, last time during rise and fall We hung out with Boris and then Boris got kidnapped, and we were sad. And the last chapter ended with Uhh with Bendy rising out of the ink with his ink minions and Alice angel gang ready to sacrifice Boris in order to fulfill…. We’re not 100% sure. (But it’s like a “picture”) Our Heroes we’re in dire straits. Colossal wonders. There you go “Level S” Objective RESCUE BORIS!!! Dun di di dun. It’s looking a little inky in here friends So this is the elevator that we just crashed down ’cause Alice angel tried to kill us. (Right) She’s like, “I know why you’re really here,” Yeah, and she puts us back on the elevator and down we go getting, getting our Getting our bacon supa. We are a former animator. Yeah, we used to work here. We used we used to work here Our role is a bit unclear. We were the creator of Bendy though, an Easter egg at the end of the last chapter, Revealed that we were actually the creator of the Bendy territory. (Right) Ooo hello Oh, we got something here. People set us free. Also in other news Bendy became like, a god. That is a little weird. It’s like it’s like Disney got everyone to worship Mickey Mouse. Oh Private Room (Oh this is one) There we go. Hey. Hey there you go. (Oh, hello.) So that’s how it works. Oh? Gotta find the next book to pull. (Alright. Or, safe to push in?) Or safe to push in. Yeah, one of them. Safe to open whatever Oh, they’re a book If I’m looking for Bendy books I know that there is a Bendy book here, or is it just books to push in. I think it’s just books to push in oh there’s one whoo OHHH What the- Ohhhh Oh my gosh, oh my gosh! Man, Bendy going hard with the jumpscares. I know look at that that was cool. Right Oo, hey. Oh yeah, like any typical Disney animation studio Joey drew Studios just a river of ink running through the basement. I don’t even care about the river I’m talking about the hanging jail cells. Oh, that’s normal come on. Hear your has to retain their employees It’s very important company loyalty is paramount Matthew the next infinity war isn’t gonna write itself guys haha, yeah, gloppy Here turn that guy oh Hello oh, man Whoa like What is it? Oh? It’s is it his beating inky heart. Oh, I ripped the ink off of his back I think I put that maybe I oh it sounds gross into this machine It’s like those charcoal masks that like clear out all your pores. Okay. This is what I’m gonna need I need And then pull the little lever this guy yeah Bada bing bada boom. hey, yeah awesome Wonder where it goes presumably on here.(Nice song) yeah, yeah noise oh Oh, oh wait what oh man? This is awesome. Oh, oh this is super scary. Okay, cool. Oh Man that’s great Luo man obviously Bendy is starting to up. It’s it’s scare game. Oh Whoa whoa whoa. (Creepy Music Intensifies) No no angels he will save us, no set us free, so these are the people oh my gosh Hey friend Whoa Whoa what Are they doing the prisoners Stephanie so presumably these are all Former workers here. Yeah, then take it over. Yeah, by the ink, but haven’t been fully taken over as monsters which is right They’re not because they’re not evil they’re not attacking us which is weird and in previous chapters Just in case you missed it we were being attacked repeatedly by Ink monsters who had like heads and arms and stuff, but they weren’t really Humanoid they were more just like actual cartoon ink monsters, yeah You know at the end of a long Day oh geez hey bendy Yeah, you’re gonna save those people bendy. Yeah bet even hope about there. They’re counting on you, man Yeah, we may wonder bendy not be so evil all the time don’t let them down your weirdo ink demon You’re lopsided Inkhead right, what do we got? Oh okay @AlexanderAnimus? I build attractions stagger the imagination Colossal wonders such as the world has never seen Alright Alright know. We got the Disneyland parallels? Continue a little bit. Yeah, Oh “Bendy Hell ©”.(Where magic is made and dreams really come true) Ahh geez. 8c double hockey sticks guys right bendy each double hockey sticks “Bendy Land ©” it was supposed to be. ohhh “Hang in there Boris im coming.” 🙁 Power the haunted house house ok so let’s grab this right here? We go. Uh oh? Man, baby, I feel like we’re gonna get man, baby. Yeah, oh Oh, whoa, oh, that was awesome. Hey look at that Come on wind it up back on and bam there it is LOL XD Oh har-har oh, I thought I was supposed to help forward the plot Yeah, I thought it was like some power running from it right. I thought it was gonna open up something shoot, ooh This isn’t creepy at all Mmm. I would argue that it’s actually pretty darn creepy. Yeah. Oh, we got one okay Yeah, okay, so we got one one power tripping strip going Hello everybody’s like I’ve got some company up ahead. Without a weapon. I don’t stand a chance. There’s got to be a way around them Can I use oh it? Can I throw empty soup cans at them apparently that might be what we needed they have sharp lids all right? We have to actually have just drop it on that side. I think real go get him All right get it get it get distracted. Go go go run run run you didn’t see me I’m like the ninja come on the silent ninja, so ridiculous wait God not so no I don’t think Oh, there’s just a little crying guy back here Sad like loud The creator lied to us And they fell off studio, you’re right Yeah, oh, maybe now we can sneak around to the other side going keep going walk further and faster All right, Oh I mean I’ve walked too close to the Sun day NOOOO Im like haha. What is this? We’re in the ink? Right nope Nope oh this is the boss fight, yeah or something No boy all using to go, oh well look his face is in there Business legit really really cool. Oh, that’s awesome. Thank goodness Okay, his arms okay. His arms are like. Oh there. It is there it is okay there We go the bolts all right at the bowl. Oh get out of there. No oh so our traps. Oh, oh just getting decimated even though my name is oh Nice all right. Oh woah woah. Woah woah woah? Hey, bro woah? Chopped off your arm doesn’t mean you need to freak out like no hold yourself, bro check your priveledge in there Yeah, yes awesome. Sorry Bertram. This is a really cool one to fighting Genki Carnival rides is a good boss right though Bertram ah Around and around those achievement great round and round ah And he’s gone no the fine there it is the final electricity will do and by that I mean the third and one more to the penultimate Electricity I was wondering about that. I was like are you sure it’s the last one. Thank you dead early I like that I appreciated that a lot. Oh boy. Oh, it’s a projectionist. We killed it with RO though Right one projection it’s an animation studio you figure they’ve got a couple of projectors or out And a couple of projectionists Time to Solid Snake our way through this through the train room Whoa whoa wait hey, okay, okay? Hey hey go go go run run Run go Go go get in this box Yes, what ha ha ha he worked Beat cha. Yeah, it was right there. Yeah, it doesn’t have the power house doors Yes, great. That was totally lucky Holy cow can’t believe you pulled that off, its called skill steff Recording shoot shoot oh I’m so dead No, no I just wanted to listen to the recording, and I just wanted lore, I just wanted the Lore. No Oh turn right turn right turn right turn right turn right turn now. He’s really turn right turn right turn Go hop hop Go Go man out go up go up stops and pops and drops Go Go Go Go Go Go run no No, so comfortable upstairs it come upstairs drip drip it fall break. It break. It break it up Go go go go give it or give it or Suck on that!!! YEAHHHH Are you kidding. -_- I cannot believe that words skill ride the buddy Boris railway, huh? It is weird that there is a full train right there Conan. This is an amusement park stuff. I know Again, it’s in a basement. I want to be I want to be King Triton over here Hey look Look right it would be really cool for took her photo looking there’s a camera there right yeah Look click on look, but if you click on look there look at alright fine now. Oh wait wait oh So weird huh Leave me alone – nice I can we know hello, maybe that oh leave me alone Go go go you can’t take turns as tightly as I can you sound like a 60 year old man who I think you can take he’s taking those turns pretty quick is he I Think so I think I think so got it. Whoa yes. Oh oh oh what happened Oh, I get the last electrical button. Oh all the lights went out Well he’s gone whoa What what no get out of here project this? I’m so over you. Also you came out of nowhere right come on come on man box boom oh? Oh, no. Oh, no no oh OOOOOOO Are you kidding oh my gosh, they’re slugging it out Oh no Hey What gosh like like like a battle of the Titans That was crazy awesome power station total bossness OMG savage bendy says Lilian Belfort all hail the Ink demon says nightmares of six Been DC’s matpat who has mad skills whoa says uma woman bara right ha jeez Man if you’ve ever been to Disneyland and you’ve been on some of the scary Disney rides they feel a lot like this Again at Disney they start out like this no usually they start up with like oh Yeah, I was gonna say no that big gets dark pretty fast. It’s funny how so much Oh You can understand that you add more. Oh, no he’s just an easter egg for us Why is henry here? Right? us to do you just enjoy the terror of the drop Yeah Hands up hands up hands up after this thinks. No. I don’t know I’m roller coaster aah Spirits from the great beyond oh oh 🙁 WAAA Oh No Boris Boris, we’re gone hurry, though, buddy. No Boris. Oh, he’s gonna fight. Oh no Boris, No Oh No Boris, I don’t want to hurt you. Oh look. There’s thing. Okay. We can fix stuff Assuming I’m gonna need to make a bone. Oh oh and he’s leaking Anything Hank okay, so he needs to charge at me At which point then he’s gonna certainly be leaking at which point then I steal his ink, okay? There’s okay Well there it is got it okay, no no no go go go Go Oh bone, bone. Yeah, Bone. That’s what I just said All right try that Okay bone I have to beat ball line like what we pick it up because it’s like no I beat him up with a wrench We just know My early morning- Jackie and nanami says that’s not for us kill him You can do this MatPat says echo justice okay, the bone does nothing says a neuro Katia No leave me alone leave me alone. Yeah, we can’t pick up the bone. There’s nothing to do okay all right Not everything’s undertale maths is theorizing cats on Twitter, and I’m fine All right, okay, that’s okay, are you still trying to just get him to break the door? All right oh Whoa what oh, that’s why that’s why yeah, I’m good okay. I’ve got me some more sense though oh Man is the cone around it’s coming around. Oh. Yo, oh wait what oh no doing good. Well. You don’t Boris. Thank you It works for us. Nope no. No no nobody doing he’s doing it. Uh maybe What 🙁 Don’t think that’s Boris, I think it’s just an ink monster look he just disappeared. Oh, whoa. Oh, you’re kidding me Whoa what happened what Oh we were saved by the ninja what? Yayy!! Boris 🙂 Excuse me what what excuse me what what? Question what just happened come on show me final screen show me surprise final screen come on That was great there it is Who’s that that’s the evil Alice angel, oh it is with the ink people yeah Whoo okay huh? Oh man hey guys, thank you so much for watching this episode of GTLive Live if you want more bendy action well, then click the box to the left Get been defied if you want to see the full uncut livestream click box to the right You know you can find all the awkward moments and that time that Matthew No, I did not die it was a perfect run pro. Level skills a little bendy You’ll have to click and find out for yourself speedrun

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