Hailey Baldwin Shares Her Life Hack for Opening Beer Bottles

Hailey Baldwin Shares Her Life Hack for Opening Beer Bottles

100 thoughts on “Hailey Baldwin Shares Her Life Hack for Opening Beer Bottles

  1. Man, she's reaallly fucking boring and uninteresting. Oh, and girl, don't pursue a celebrity lifestyle and complain about people talking about you. Don't be famous then. You clearly can't handle it. Nice fake teeth by the way.

  2. Hailey is literally so beautiful 😍😍. She is amazing and she has a different sense of style which is cool

  3. i am a fan of Hailey bieber because she is my golden lady and she is broad minded lady so that is why i like her 😍😍😍😘😘😘😘👰🏻👰🏻👰🏻

  4. She is a very pretty girl who seems really nice. Why the would she marry a moron like justin bieber. Guess you can't make the right decisions all the time.

  5. No one:
    Literally No one:
    Not a single person on Earth:

    Jimmy Fallon for the 100th guest: YOu ArE LitTERallY ThE COoleST PerSoN ON EaRth

  6. Life hack(do not try at home) – come on
    Kids in asia do that from childhood , first to coke bottle and later beer😂

  7. Where are my fellow Africans who saw “life hack” and was disappointed when it turned out to be opening beer bottles with ur tooth? I cracked open a whole crate of coke (24 bottles) with my teeth in my teens at least once.

  8. Come on!! Don't say this is a life hack!! I have never used bottle opener in my life! I could probably do 100s in a go..!

  9. why cant all humans have access because of an app…. oh yeah you gotta know someone and be pretty so we can exploit you…MEME

  10. Been doing that all my life and thats basically how we indians do it every time..who the fuck needs a bottle opener when you have teeth..cheers mate

  11. That's typical middle eastern trick to open bottle with tooth, I've opened bottle with my tooth as long as I can remember.. nothing shocking about that….

  12. I never really liked her, coz i never really knew her.. but now, why do I feel like Justin is lucky to have her as his wife but she deserves someone better than Justin

  13. ( OPINION ) OMG, she's the sweetest person in the world!!! ( not ) Why not? I don't know…. she just seems very scripted and fake.
    Now what do I mean by "scripted" is that, she acts very unnatural, and surely there is a true side of her.

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