Guys Remove Their Blackheads

Guys Remove Their Blackheads

– That is both satisfying and disgusting. (energetic instrumental music) I’ve seen them on people in shows. – Yeah, I don’t really think
about blackheads that much, but I do see them. I do notice them and I’m like, eh, maybe one
day they’ll get out of there. – I think blackheads, you
can see them very clearly. You can definitely see it on my face. – I have never noticed
blackheads on your face. – Oh, that’s nice. – I like to think I have nice skin. – I’ve got like blackheads, I guess, but they’re just enormous pores. – It sounds like an alright pasta. Like, I’ll have the biore. – I have my doubts that they will work. A lot of instructions. – This looks like an advanced band-aid. – It’s a band-aid from the Fifth Element. – Thoroughly wet your nose. So I should wet my nose first, right? Just a little dabble. – Does the nose need
to be soaked or moist? – Dry hands, peel strip off plastic liner. – Oh, I touched the inside. I wasn’t supposed to, was I? – This is like the fake tattoo things. – Am I doing this right? Screw it, I’m going for it. – I feel like this is
gonna rip the skin off. – Okay, so now we wait, right? (dramatic chord) – Carefully do this. Oh. That is both satisfying and disgusting. – Guess it’s somewhat clean. – Yeah, you got a clean nose. – Feels like I’m waxing my body. Oh, God. Eww. It looks crazy. – It’s kinda gross. A lot of them.
– I wanna see. – Ow, my eyes are really
starting to water, actually. It’s like. It definitely pulled it out. It’s like a little forest. That’s really kind of gross. – Oh yeah, that’s intense. That’s a rush, that’s intense. I didn’t know all of this
stuff was in my nose. – I feel 10 pounds lighter. – Yeah, I feel cleaner. I feel more pure. I didn’t expect to pull anything off. I guess I was under the illusion that I don’t have blackheads. – I mean, I don’t know. I’m nervous that I’ve
disturbed a balance on my skin. (laughing) – Taking it off, I did
kind of feel like a snake shedding it’s skin. – I probably wanna do this once a week now that I found out this exists. – I would do it again if
someone bought me the strips. (lively instrumental music) (wooshing)

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  1. all of these ice cream commercials make me sad because i dont have enough money to buy the ice cream XD who can relate不不不不不

  2. You feel the fresh air rushing in through your open pores untill seconds later you feel them fill back up with dirt.FML

  3. BuzzFeedVideo – you are a fcking racist and sexist! Where is a women?! Where is indian brown people?! Why dont you show Non-Binary people?! Where is arabian people?! Why only black and asian?! Damn you BuzzFeedVideo, you are a fcking masagenist rasist scumbeg!

  4. I just learned that you can remove blackheads with a tweezer. I already did it and it seemed too good to be true. maybe they were something else, I mean they were black and tiny. but I'm more scared of "whiteheads", the little white acnelike creatures (I think they're called sebaceous filaments) when you squeeze your nose they come out. it's so scary when you realize they live in your skin. yuck.

  5. This is some of the realest news you guys have ever created. Definitely stick to irrelevant matters such as this instead of politics where you insert your own activist narratives.

  6. Just imagine a barber doing it for u, and as he or she pulls the tape off, u feel a pulling sensation on your nose 中

  7. That one guy that got nothing doesnt mean he has a clean nose he could just have deep pores those strips do nothing for me

  8. You idiots are morons. Those are sebaceous filaments on your nose and youre not supposed to remove them! Why do i always see these videos and these people dont even know about the filaments. They think theyre whiteheads. Fuckin idiots!

  9. those. are. not. BLACKHEADS. omfg im sorry but this is like my biggest pet peeve jajjjhhhh. those are sebaceous filaments and the reason peel strips temporarily work is because those filaments are sitting at the top of the pore, however, this promises nothing but immediate results. if you want anything more long term, use a product with salicylic acid!!! also, these strips are very stripping and can do long term damage to the pores and the skin around them. for anymore information, please watch some of the many estheticians and dermatologists on youtube and learn the correct words pleAse

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