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howdy folks so I’ve been thinking for a
long time now that I really want a second tattoo and I’m here in Edinburgh
and I was like you know what today’s the day, okey-dokey! love on the spot impromptu decisions Ava: Exactly that’s how you live life! I like it Ava: It’s happening! Impulsive decisions kids What do you think Ava? Ava: I really like it!
Me: You like it?
Ava: I really like it a lot Ava: Are you ready for this to happen? I’m not ready but we’re doing this! I’ve wanted this for a long time, we’re just gonna… We’re just gonna go, we’re gonna make it happen. We’re just gonna do the damn thing! second ever tattoo! Ava: Gettin’ real huh? Ah, sweet pain Ava: Is it like bearable or like? Um… Define bearable… Ava: Lines two of five hundred I know, there’s so many lines on this one! Ava: It’s done, it’s done.
Me: This is exactly what I wanted! Ava: Welcome to the world of tattoos that everyone can see and acknowledge!
Me: Yes! hello beautiful people so that was me
getting the tattoo we have it, here it is! I think like in terms of pain it was probably
about the same as the last time – I got which is on my side here I think that it
did hurt a lot but you kind of get used to the pain as you kind of get into it
and it wasn’t too bad okie dokie did a wonderful job I’m gonna
put their details down below if you want to check them out not sponsored but I had a
really great experience and they took very good care of me they have fantastic
polish music playing the entire time it was great
ten out of ten would recommend I love how it turned out I’m so happy with
it I’m gonna show you guys in a second here
how it looks after it’s fully healed and after I’ve had some time to take care of
it and heal it and everything so the wonderful
Ava the Dork (@avathedork) did my filming for this she’s a dream and a wonderful human
being and she also got a tattoo so you can’t can’t see it super well but that’s
okay it’s there look at all of her other amazing tattoos as well that’s like two
beautiful little leaves look at this whole sleeve Ava’s like a tattoo queen
she’s done this for a while I’m gonna say if you are thinking getting a tattoo
go to this place because this is my sixth tattoo and it has 100% hurt the
least out of anyone I’ve got this guy it’s just a master with the tattoo gun
like holiness but basically it was so much fun we did this totally
spontaneously like so it spontaneously and have circumstances handed to you bro
not regret it and you will regret going going home like well, I passed that cool place
I couldn’t gone and gotten a tat so take an adventure ya know do something exciting
do something spontaneous be safe be careful think things through these are forever but 100% go for it be inspired by the world and the circumstances that
come your way Ava the Dork y’all 2019 Hello beautiful people so there was me grimacing in pain I
hope that you enjoyed watching me suffer as I got my second ever tattoo so I
went to Edinburgh for a day trip with my lovely friend Ava who you saw in this
video she did all the videography for this she’s insanely talented I’m gonna
put links to her socials down below because I think she’s really really cool
and she helped me out a ton with this project which means a lot to me
uhm so we were on this adventure just travelling around Edinburgh exploring the
city and we went to this really cool like vintage clothing antique shop where
I got this little like western top thing that I’m wearing now which is also a
crop top which you can’t really tell and I actually really need to adjust this
but anyway that’s not not the video so we went to this really really cool shop
and right across the street from this shop with this walk in tattoo parlor and
it had a big sign saying 50 pound tattoo walk-ins and we were just like oh my god
I turned to Ava and I was like should we just get a tattoo and Ava was like
yeah let’s get a tattoo and we’ve got tattoos and I don’t know a lot of other
people in my life that are like willing to be this spontaneous with me so it’s
really exciting for me to find someone else who has that same level of just
spontaneity and can just like go and do something like this super off-the-cuff
that said like this wasn’t actually that spontaneous in terms of me getting a
second tattoo I’ve actually been wanting to get this tattoo for a really long
time and I’ve been planning it out for a long time and I’ve been going through
designs and all this stuff so even though the actual action was very
spontaneous I have been wanting to get a second tattoo for a very long time now
so I was kind of just waiting for the right opportunity and this presented
itself and I was like yes I mean saying that though even though I have been
planning it for a while I did make some very impromptu decisions so even though
I knew that I really wanted to get a birch leaf and I knew I wanted it to be
on my arm I didn’t know where I wanted it on my arm I didn’t know how big I
wanted and I was deciding between a couple different leaf
designs so I made some pretty quick like snap judgments right in the moment I was
really nervous and stressed about it I was also really nervous because this is
my first time really being visibly tattooed so I have one other tattoo I’ll
link to that video down below it’s really cringy really old and awful but
you can watch it if you want to but this is what my tattoo
my first tattoo looks like so I’ve had this tattoo for quite a while now and
this tattoo however is on my side so it’s not really visibly tattooed like
nobody really knows that I’m tattooed unless they see me with my shirt off so
I’ve never really been physically tattooed and it’s never had any impact
on my career or performance related activities whatsoever so this was my
first moment of making a conscious decision to be visibly tattooed and to
acknowledge that that could potentially affect my performing career as well
probably not because these days you can cover up tattoos with Foundation quite
easily people looking at me when I have short sleeves now they’ll see that I’m
tattooed and I need to be comfortable with that and I am comfortable with that
this is something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time and so I’m kind of like
screw the judgement screw what other people think this is what I want from my
body and that’s important and valuable for me apart from my sister my family
are also generally not very fond of tattoos I was a little bit nervous about
what they would think they did not like the first one very much uh-huh and so I
was a little bit nervous about that reaction so I did actually end up
showing my tattoo to my family recently and they loved it they thought it was
really cool my mom was like please say this is your last one but she was very
supportive nonetheless and they liked the one that I went with so that was
really cool one affirming for me that even though they’re not fond of tattoos
that they were supportive of this one that I got so my first tattoo I honestly
would not have gotten in the present day but I don’t regret it so I don’t regret
it at all I actually still really liked it I have no desire to ever get it
removed or modified into something else that said if I was going into a tattoo
parlor today for the very first time I wouldn’t have chosen this for a tattoo
and basically I think that my style has changed a little bit as I’ve gotten
older and it was very impulsive I decided on my first tattoo the night
before and that honestly makes it kind of special to me it will always be this
very special memory for me and I got it with two other friends
and so it was it was a whole experience and I still like the way that it looks I
have no regrets whatsoever about getting that tattoo I just know that with where
my style is right now if I was going into it for the first time I probably
would have gotten something different and even if I had still gotten a cat
reaching for a music note I might have gotten the slightly different cat maybe
something a little bit more stylized in this very very simple design but that’s
okay it was 30 pounds my first ever tattoos 30 pounds so this tattoo was
fifty pounds they did end up just charging us to walk in fee that they’d
advertised on the door they were just so lovely I really recommend this parlor
and they like brought us tea and the name is okey-dokey which I just
absolutely love but overall this was a wonderful experience I adore this tattoo
I’m completely obsessed with it I honestly love it so much better than my
first one and I still love my first one so that’s saying something
I’ve just just oh it turned out so perfectly so this is a silver birch leaf
so in terms of the meaning for me so my last name Birkholz means birch wood in
German so the full German name variant of my last name is Birkenholz and it
means birch wood and so for me this leaf is an emblem of family it
makes me feel connected to my roots to my heritage to my family name to my
close family who also bear that name and so it represents family it also
represents my first name as well my first name can be translated a couple
different ways it can mean I’m in between the meadows but it can also mean
in between the woods or the middle of the woods or it can mean broad wood or
broad clearing so it connects me to my first name also I have always felt
connected to trees I’ve always felt connected to the forest and to nature I
love the outdoors so this leaf is also connecting me to nature and connecting
me to trees and to forests and I absolutely love that aspect of it when I
look at it I see my adventurous outdoors side and that excites me
I’ve always felt an affinity for birch trees as well like not just because of
my last name and I just think they’re so beautiful and I wanted to go with a
silver birch leaf because a they look to the coolest to be honest out of all the
birch leaves I did some research and there’s a lot of different birch leaves
and this one looked the coolest but I also love the idea of the silver birch
and silver I’ve always kind of loved so so there’s also that little kind of
small connection as well but further to that I’m working on a novel right now
and I don’t know if I’m ever going to publish this novel so this is not like
the sole basis for this but even if I never publish this novel there is a
birch leaf as kind of like a motif throughout the novel so it’s significant
to some of the characters so when I see this birch leaf it also connects me to
my writing and my storytelling so that’s another really cool aspect of it for me
yeah okay I’m going to show you guys the leaf a little bit more up close so
bear in mind that it is currently scabbing so I don’t know if this is
actually exactly how it’s going to look in like the finished complete fully
healed version of it I also have the little ointment over it so that’s also
why it looks kind of shiny but this is my little birch leaf and I am completely
in love with it and I hope that you guys like it as well if you have any
questions for me in this experience my tattoo you why I chose it let me know
down in the comments down below I would love to just hear what you guys think of
the tattoo you I hope that you like it I hope that you guys enjoyed this video if
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next video bye

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