Getting My First Tattoos  youtubers react

Getting My First Tattoos youtubers react

hey guys what’s up okay today as you can
see I want to share with you the day I decided to have my first tattoo done
well despite the fact that I’ve always said that I was never gonna do it
I guess something changed. I was ready for it and I decided to to have it done well
it’s important to say that having a tattoo is not a very easy decision
because it is something that you cannot certainly get rid of easily so if any of
you is now thinking about having one done, let me suggest to you to
think really well about it before doing anything. Anyway this is the video of me
suffering while I have this tattoo on on my skin
and um yes enjoy… I will explain you also what the design really mean and so…here you have it! well my face says it all really I was
not I was definitely not expecting it to hurt so damn much but that must hurt
especially they’re in that part of the body where the skin is quite sensitive
just want you to tell you something about the design well it’s a
boy with wings to represent freedom the wings are on the green color the green
is the color of Hope and then there are three butterflies one with the red wings
the other one has pink wings and the red is love and pink is friendship
and then I’ve got written down that I will never change
I will never change incense I would never change the way the way I am not my
mind. What I wanted to say is that I hope I will always have freedom both in love
and friendship so it means I hope I will always feel free to tell people I love
what I think and at the same time I always hope that people who care for me
will always tell me what …. what they think! That’s it! well guys thank you so much for for
watching this and I will speak to you soon… please guy’s give thumbs up if you liked it and
subscribe to the channel//… I speak to you soon Ciao

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