Getting A Tattoo & The Meaning Behind It | March Vlog

Getting A Tattoo & The Meaning Behind It | March Vlog

(light music) – [Jenn] We’re just editing, I think. – Wow the lighting’s so good. Yes (laughs). – [Jenn] I have just purchased
The Book of Awakening. This was recommended by Amy. And so yeah, I’ve got all
the books on my Kindle now. – Cheeki knows when mommy leaves now, ’cause suitcases come out. – [Jenn] I know. – And she gets a bit confused. And a little bit worried. But at least Daddy’s here. At least the better one’s here. (Jenn laughs)
– Hey, hey, now. – We’re gonna have a good time, yeah. I’m gonna miss you. – I’m gonna miss you. (both laugh) – Cheeki’s in charge. All right then, Cheeki,
you’re off to New York. – Bye. (“Sunset at 3PM” by Ozoh) Hello. I know you. – I got a little amenities
bag, pretty cute. – [Jenn] Super cute. – Yay, ready for what’s inside? Let’s start out off with the bulky items. – [Jenn] Ooh, socks! – Green socks, St.
Patrick’s Day was just here – [Jenn] I know. (laughs) – Ear plugs, toothpaste, lemon towelette Mints, I bet there’s a pen in here and a toothbrush. What do you think? Damn.
– Yes. – Called it. – (Both cheer) Girl trip! (lively jazz music) – [Jenn] Stephanie in her element. Alright, we’re getting some
Chinese food right now, I got the hot and sour soup. – [Stephanie] I got egg drop. – [Jenn] That looks tasty. Ooh! (laughing) – It’s really snowing. Aw man, Jenn, are you okay? – Look at my face it’s covered in snow! – We got pizza, though. Hopefully it’s not cold
by the time we get back to our room.
– It will definitely be cold. – [Jenn] We went outside
and we got our Joe’s pizza. My face is such a wreck. (laughs) Oh my gosh, actually it’s not that bad. It looked a lot worse before I wiped it off, but, this
mascara is not waterproof. Worth it! (upbeat smooth funk music) – All done!
– And we’re done, thank you! – Alright, I think it’s so cute. – [Stephanie] How you
feel? How you feeling? – It’s very manageable. I would do this again, sometime. – [Stephanie] Which you are
going to do, cause now he’s going to do another time, so.
– I’m addicted. (laughs) (upbeat smooth funk music) Oh my god. Oh, so cute.
– Damn dude! – Everything’s okay? – I hate it. (Jenn laughs)
(JonBoy gasps) Dude, look at the little, tiny details. This is beautiful. Thank you so much. – [JonBoy] Thank you. – Ah, I love it. – [Stephanie] Show the girls! (girls cheering) – Oh, it’s so cute.
– Oh my god, wow! – Oh my god, it’s so pretty! (upbeat smooth funk music) – Alright, off to Barry’s. – [Jenn] Okay, time for
my morning smoothie. My morning smoothie is pretty simple. All I do is get some
unsweetened almond milk, I put eight ounces of that. Ooh, okay that’s cutting it real close. One and a half handfuls of spinach, a banana, and I’ll just spray some chia seeds, a scoop of protein, and a handful of ice. (blender grinding) Yum, ah, it’s so good. Alright guys, let us catch up. I went to New York recently. A company flew me out for a conference, and so that was really cool. Got tattoos, we got a wild lavender sprig. We got this done by JonBoy and I love it. Do not mind the dirty edges. It’s because when we
first got it tattooed, he had to slap this on
to make it heal faster, and we’re supposed to
leave it on for five days. And so it’s actually
on it’s fifth day now. So I should probably peel it off and wash it and then moisturize. But yeah, I just got home from Barry’s. It is my favorite workout of all time. It’s like the hour goes by like that. And like, the music’s awesome. Today was legs and butt day. Ben is currently out of town, he is in San Jose for a work trip. And so I’ve got the house to myself. It’s nice, I like to,
you know, yesterday night I slept at like 10:30, it was lovely, and then I woke up at seven. So yeah, I’m just going
to continue to work. Today I am going to
film my March favorites. And so, I got to just
compile the list right now. Alright, so I just put my makeup on, washed my hair, and
I’m about to film, but, I just took off that cellophane thing off in the shower, and
it’s like my first time seeing this tattoo without that wrap, and, oh my god, it is stunning. Wow, look how fine the lines are. So I’m pretty sure a lot
of you guys are gonna be wondering what the
meaning of this tattoo is, and basically, it means wild lavender, which is me and Stephanie’s
friendship name. It was coined maybe
four or five years ago. Stephanie and I were
out in Oakland at a bar and there was this live band playing, and I remember when we walked in, I saw this sign and it
said wild something. And so, when we were listening to the band I was like, “What’s this band’s name? “Like, Wild Lavender?” And it ended up not being the band’s name but me and Stephanie loved it so much that we said that if we
were to start a band, we would be called Wild Lavender. But first, I would have
to learn an instrument. Cause, I do not sing, I do
not play any instruments. I played the flute and
the piano back in the day but I don’t remember anything. Instead of a band name
we just became like our hash tag, friendship
name, and now we got it solidified on our bodies,
and I think it’s so cute. I think every time I look
at it, I think of her. It just makes me so happy. So I just uploaded this
photo on Instagram. And a bunch of people are asking, “Oh my gosh, what did Omma say?” And honestly, she was not happy, once again. It’s so crazy that I’m like 27 years old and like, still terrified
of what my mom thinks. But you know what, I just had to get it. I don’t know, I think this is when the cultural differences are so apparent because in America,
tattoos are just accepted. I feel like back in the day
when people had tattoos, for her it meant that you were in a gang. And, I don’t know, I don’t know. And I told her on the phone, like if this is the only thing that is
upsetting you about my life, I think you have it pretty good. Cause I feel like all the other categories I’ve done to make her
happy, like, you know, go to college, you know,
get a job, buy a home, I mean, I feel like I’m
allowed to get something. – Oh no, Okay. So, Cheeki got stung by a bee on her nose. And so, I had to wash her nose and then I just ended up
giving her a whole bath. But it’s been twenty minutes
now, and I’m trying to see. It doesn’t look like
she’s having a reaction to the sting, so that’s good. She seems to be in good spirits. She’s just acting like her normal self. Her tail wagging. You okay? Wow, that freaking scared me though. I was throwing the ball
out in the yard for her, and I guess she was sniffing something, and then I was too late.
But it doesn’t look like she has a reaction and
I don’t think there is a need to take her to
the vet if she’s fine. You know, those vet bills really add up. And most of the time they just say, “Just wait for it to clear up.” – My salad arrived, I got
an Asian salad, Ooh yeah Okay I’m going to put the wonton’s here. Don’t need these guys. I feel like I should take you guys to a different location so
it looks like I’ve moved. Okay here, how’s this,
how’s this for a change? I just finished filming
my March favorites. I’m just going to edit that and then Stephanie and I are meeting
up to go to an event. We are going to the MyLifeAsEva
ColourPop collaboration. It’s at Bungalow, so that
should be very exciting. It’s like a really hip and happenin’ bar slash lounge club in Santa Monica. (salad jostling) Grab some chicken, some lettuce. Oh my god it’s so good, Oh god, yes. (upbeat funk music) What’s up guys, I am in the car. Today is a day filled with errands. But fun errands, like it’s
just going to showrooms and I’m going to my second one right now. I’m gonna pick up Amy along the way because she has a meeting in downtown, so I’m just going to scoop her up. And then we’re going
to head to the showroom and then she’s gonna
help me take some pics for my Instagram, so, I’m really excited. I love when Amy takes photos for me because she’s so good. She is one of those
shooters that it’s like (shutter sounds) like it’s like rapid fire. So she’ll just get you in the moment and she also makes you
feel really comfortable. So it’s always nice shooting with her. I’m making sure everything is done because tomorrow is my Eggie event. I’m super excited, this
is for our festival drop. So, if you guys haven’t
seen that collection, I will leave a link in
the description box. We are on the fourth drop, baby! (electronic beat music)
(Jenn laughs) – [Jenn] Long time, no see! Hello! – [Amy] Hello, hello! (upbeat funk music) – [Jenn] Who’s back? – Hey! I’ve missed my girls. – [Jenn] Look who’s back. – It’s lovely to be back. – [Jenn] How was Cupertino? – It was good, it was nice. Went around Silicon Valley. Saw like Google, Facebook. – [Jenn] Yeah, your stories were crazy. – Yeah, but it was nice, It
was only a couple of days. Very nice and relaxing, good people. And now I’m back with my wonderful angels. – [Jenn] Oh I know, she missed dad. – You poor girl, got stung by a bee.
– She missed daddy. – [Jenn] I know! She
got stung in the nose. – Poor thing. – She is so resilient. Look at her, it’s like nothing happened, she’s like la la la la. – You’re a trooper, aren’t you Cheeki? – How can we both get comfy? – I’m already in my comfies
the second I got home. Straight into sweatpants. – Oh god, Cheeki actually
gets jealous when we cuddle. – She does. – She’s like, me too, me too. You know, a lot of people
were asking about you. Asking if like, you were still here. Because you weren’t in my last March vlog. They’re like, “Where’s Ben?” – Where was I? – I just didn’t film you. (laughing) – For the best, she’s
understanding now that everyone’s like “Why
is he always in there?” – This is your air time. – I’m back, this is my
time, this is my moment. – I know. Yeah, back by popular demand. – Right, what can I talk about? (both laughing) (upbeat funk music) – [Jenn] Oh my god, thank
you so much, Ermela. – Of course. – [Jenn] Damn. – [Ermela] Anytime you want to come over, I’ll make you food. – [Jenn] Thank you, dinner with a view. (both laugh) This view! I think this is a sign. (“So Alive” by Gill Bondy) Hello everybody! I am here
at the beautiful Jeremy Hotel for the champagne brunch for Eggie. I am so excited, all of my loved ones are starting to flow in. ♪ How deep can we go ♪ ♪ Cuz’ you’re pulling me straight down ♪ ♪ I’m used to all the pressure ♪ ♪ But you know we’re not the same ♪ Delectable sweets, for you and for me! – And for me! – The entire festival
collection, here in the flesh. ♪ I’m so alive, baby it hurts ♪ ♪ Forget about the end ♪ I’m about to get my aura read. ♪ We already gave in ♪ ♪ I’m so alive, baby it hurts ♪ ♪ No there ain’t no doubt ♪ (upbeat pop music) ♪ ♪ No there ain’t no doubt ♪ Alright guys, the event
is officially over. Oh my gosh, the last
people standing of course. – A lovely successful day. – Yes, Oh my god.
– It was great, so much fun. – Everything went by so quick. I feel like we just got here,
and everything just happened. – Now it’s over! – And now it’s over! – And no one wants to leave. – And no one wanted to
leave, yeah. (laughs) – We don’t want to leave! – We just shut the music off. – We did, we did. – Still drinking. – Still drinking, yeah. – [Jenn] So Stephanie got
some tattoos over here. – [Stephanie] Got a little
sparkle, a little xoxo. I was gonna get ‘@JennIm’,
but it was taken. – Next time, yeah. (laughs) – [Jenn] Look at Mitchell’s reading! – [Mitchell] Look here by the water. – By the water, Wow. That is amazing, you even
got the rare crystal color. – [Ben] Oh, they said that’s a rare one? – [Jenn] Here Ben just got red. – Whoa!
– That’s a lot of red, I know. – [Man In Orange] Strong,
you’re passionate, you got a lot of passion. – [Ben] But then, she
would have known because of like, my sweat on my
hands from working today. (Jenn laughing) – [Jenn] After hours
with these two. (laughs) [Jenn] This is my favorite
pizza in the world. – [Ben] Yeah, I really feel the Dominos. – Wow, Yes.
– It’s so good. – [Jenn] Oh my god. – You deserve this, babe,
it’s been a good day. – [Ben] Can you pass me that Tapatios? – Y’all talking about David Chang, right? Cause David Chang loves. No, not David Chang, it
was someone who was– (group chattering) Hello everybody, it is the
next day and holy shit. (sigh) I literally can’t believe
that happened yesterday. And I am just floored and
overwhelmed with love. I feel like it’s all pouring out because so much was poured in yesterday. But, it’s so surreal, I can’t
believe that was our event. And I feel so grateful that I have such an amazing team with me. Everyone at Eggie, everyone at Rare Global, and you guys, for supporting and making this all happen. It was so sick seeing all
the guests rocking Eggie in their own way, and it just made me feel
so full and I’m so happy. Today I am back to
reality, and I made myself a bowl of kimchi-jjigae. I made it myself, guys. Check it out, there is a lot of soft tofu because that’s my favorite. I have green onion, and this kimchi is from
my auntie, so, thank you! Hello, different day, same damn shirt. Just here to close out the vlog because I am finishing up putting in all the clips and I want to say goodbye. I want to thank you guys
so much for watching! And I’ll see you guys in the next one. Bye! (kiss)

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