Getting a Tattoo & Maintenance Tips : Fixing a Tattoo

Getting a Tattoo & Maintenance Tips : Fixing a Tattoo

People will have a tattoo that they got a
long time ago before the art really caught up to where it is now. I’m covered in crappy
tattoos. Back in the day you couldn’t even get tattoos like what we’re doing today. It
just didn’t exist. So there’s a lot of people running around with a lot of crappy work and
then want really good stuff, there’s a variety of ways to do that. The first way is to and
they easiest way is to just have a modern professional go in and rework the entire piece,
from the ground up. Kind of like remodeling an old home. If you do that you’re going to
end up with a pristine shiny new thing that’s the exact same image only not sucky. If you
want to take it to the next level there is cover-up. Cover-up is very popular, some of
my guys specialize in covering-up old work and I’ve had a lot of cover-ups done on me.
Cover-ups are good. Sometimes they’re fun too. And that is where you have an old existing
crappy tattoo like the panther with the initials in it we were talking about for example and
you decide that you want some art work instead. Or you’ve got a tiny little tattoo and you’d
rather have a half-sleeve. Well then what your artist is going to do is just hide some
of those little dark areas in your little tattoo in the dark areas of the large tattoo,
no one will know but you and us, and we won’t tell anybody.

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  1. I had a guy work on me yesterday and he apparently didnt know the difference between roman numerals and tally marks. how long do i have to wait before this one fades and i can do a cover up?

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