Getting a Tattoo & Maintenance Tips : Create Your Own Tattoo

Getting a Tattoo & Maintenance Tips : Create Your Own Tattoo

A lot of people draw up their own stuff and
bring it in and while that is valid and we do that all the time. Just because somebody
can create art on paper is really totally unrelated to being able to create it on skin.
Simple replications of client’s art is very simple however it’s limiting. And especially
if you are going to wear this for the rest of your life. The last thing you want to do
is limit your artist. You want your art to be limitless, you want your art to break boundaries
and blow minds. My favorite question is when people ask my clients is that a real tattoo.
Cause the theory there is that it shouldn’t even look like a tattoo. It should look like
a piece of art on the skin. Really the best thing to do is to find an artist that you
respect, an artist that, that’s really good. And an artist that has a vast, diverse portfolio
with a lot of different styles that you are in to. And then lay it on them, let them you
know tear it up. A good tattooer is going to take your idea enhance it, compound it
and make it into something far superior to anything as a new client you are going to
be able to visualize. There is so many factors that go into a tattoo that clients can’t comprehend
that it’s good to find an artist you trust and put your trust in their hands.

6 thoughts on “Getting a Tattoo & Maintenance Tips : Create Your Own Tattoo

  1. Well I have to admit this seems like a professional video from the tv im astounded and pondering why hasnt anyone else (exept 1) commented, this video has some good information in it thanks for NOT wastigng 1:24 minutes of my life. Looks like something off Miami Ink I love that show. Thanks man and I agree a tattoo should look like art.

  2. seen your website. great artists and artwork. planning on calling for an appointment later today. coming from Cali. definitely looks worth the trip

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