Getting a SAK YANT TATTOO in Chiang Mai, Thailand 2019

Getting a SAK YANT TATTOO in Chiang Mai, Thailand 2019

(upbeat techno music) – This is why I get tattoos. I feel to break through the
next level at least in my life, I have to go through something difficult. It’s just the hand of cards life dealt me to level up and become my best self life has always thrown me
challenges and tried to break me and through doing that, and
through overcoming those I was able to become who I am now and while life isn’t always
throwing difficult scenarios at me I feel like to be able
to get to the next point I’ve gotta put myself through
some hardship, some pain. And there where tattoos
have entered into my life. (oriental music) Okay, welcome to the Amulet
Market, I’m with Louis, Chai, and today we’re looking at
some powerful talismans, right? – Yep – So tell me about what we see here. – Well, much of this place has been selling lots of
amulets that come from every temple in Thailand, and
you see most of this stuff is made my monks, some old, some new. – [Mike] And so what do some of them mean? – Protection. Protection, self-guard, and blessing for maybe the ladies as well. – [Mike] 200 years old,
these are 200 years old? – [Mike] No, really? – Usually some of these
amulets you can see the Yant on the back of the amulet as
well. Like this, this is Yant. – [Mike] Oh, that’s the Yant. – [Louis] Yeah, from Rayong province, in eastern part of the country and the Yant here, blessing for protection for the ladies and financials. And also including metamorphosis as well. (techno music) – [Louis] Also here, you see this one? – [Mike] That’s a penis. – [Louis] Yep. – [Mike] Yep. – [Louis] Here is the other lady here. This is also a blessing for metamorphosis. – [Mike] It’s a lady riding a penis? – [Louis] Yeah. – [Mike] Show me your keyring Louis. Louis’s got that one
on his keyring already! – [Louis] Yeah this is my keyring. What you see here, see the Yant here? This is print in Thai here,
a blessing for metamorphosis and love, fertilities, and also sexuals. – [Mike] And so how many kids do you have? – Two. – [Mike] Two, well it works. (Mike laughing) – If you want to have more kids… – [Mike] So you make a wish. – Before you have sex, you
make a wish with this one first – [Mike] Yeah. – And then you touch your… – [Mike] You touch what? – Wow, what do you think? (Mike laughing) – [Mike] And that’s how… – That you have sex. Then you
will get more kids for sure if you have this with you. – [Mike] – So you just
take this little guy and you go like this, it’s
the magic key to making sure. – Yep, that’s right. – [Mike] Sign me up. I’m gonna have to get one. So Louis these people, they hunt amulets and
they bring them here? They find them, so they’re
like treasure hunters? – [Louis] Yeah. – Treasure hunters who
find magical amulets that come to the Amulet
Market to sell them to people so they can have their spells. If this vlogging thing doesn’t work out I think I’ve found my job. Magic Amulet Treasure
Hunter is my next calling. – [Mike] This one is what? – [Louis] This is for
metamorphosis, good fortunes, and also bulletproof. – [Mike] Bulletproof? – [Louis] Yeah. Because
it has happened before. – [Mike] With someone wearing that amulet? – Yeah. And they got shot, and nothing. – [Mike] And nothing. – The gun’s working but the
bullet can’t cut through – [Mike] It bounced off? It went poing? – Yeah. – [Mike] Well I think I
found my new necklace. It is a pleasure doing
business with you man, and being bulletproof for
400 Baht is a good price. (laughing) – [Louis] That’s good one! – [Mike] Thank you, thank you so much. Okay, we’ve just arrived
at Ajarn Rung’s house where he tattoos out of a
shrine he’s built in the back. I never like to jam a camera
in someone’s face straightaway especially when we’re dealing with situations with magic and
talismans and blessings, it seems a bit disrespectful
so I always try to keep it a bit lower until
we warm up to each other. Seems like he’s pretty friendly though. So I’m gonna slide the camera in with us, see what I can capture kinda incognito as we warm up to the experience
of getting a new blessing tattooed in my back. Shoes off, right? Shoes off. Ajarn Rung? Nice to meet you. Good to see you today. – You can speak Thai? – [Mike] I can’t speak Thai. You can speak English? – Little bit. – A little bit. That’s all we need. – [Louis] You said you have a Sak Yant from Wat Bang Phra? – [Mike] I do, yeah. – You want to show him? – [Mike] Sure. – [Louis] So then this one
you get from Wat Bang Phra? – [Mike] From Wat Bang
Phra, maybe five years ago. In Bangkok. (oriental music) So they said they meant
safety and protection, yes? – Yes. – And this is Gao Yord. What does he think? Were they done well? – All the Yant that you
have from Wat Bang Phra, it’s already planned by the month for the future when you’re
gonna have something more, so if he gives you something else, like outside the line of Wat Bang Phra, it’s not going to suit your personality. It’s not going to suit
the Yant what you have. – Interesting point about how
it has to follow the same line as Wat Bang Phra, because
the first pieces of ink were put in my back there, it
has to continue down the path they preset for me when
they first did the tattoos five years ago. That’s a surprise. I knew I couldn’t exactly
pick what I wanted but it’s interesting that
it’s already been determined a little bit by what’s
happened in the past. – [Louis] This is Paed Tidt. – [Mike] Wow. – [Louis] So what he’s
going to give you is like a different incantation
inside and outside as well and this is pointing
in different directions you see here, this is
what we call Paed Tidt. Now you can count one,
two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. – [Mike] Paed Tidt, can Ajarn
Rung tell me a bit about what Paed Tidt means? (speaking in thai) – It’s a blessing for
properties or things, safeguard, metamorphosis, happiness, good jobs, healthy, charming, or to be attractive, for safe travels, for mindfulness, because
mindfulness will lead to power. That’s why we call Paed
Tidt Eight Directions spinning all around. – [Mike] Spinning all directions. – This will be the piece we will place on the center of your back. – [Mike] So why always the back, it seems? They always seem to go on the back. (speaking thai) – Okay he said, in a
former time when the people just looked in front, they
could see lots of things, they could see all the
dangers coming to them they could see all the
people coming to them, but they couldn’t see
anything from behind. So that’s why the Yant
is placed on the back, for protection first. – [Mike] So am I ready? Give me five minutes? (laughing) – Five minutes to bet
the adrenalin going… (calming ambient music) – [Louis] Are you ready? – I think so. It doesn’t hurt right, no pain? (laughing) – [Louis] Don’t cry. (upbeat techno music) – Okay, the Eight Directions is complete. On further discussion
with Ajarn Rung I can get another tattoo put on top of it. It’s called the Golden Tongued Magpie, which is to help you speak, it
makes you speak convincingly it makes you speak beautifully and for people who have
speaking jobs, as I do, I can get it done right
above the Eight Directions. So I haven’t seen the bigger tattoo yet, but we’re going to get
the magpies put right now to finish off the day. – [Louis] You ready? – I’m ready. (oriental string music) – Okay moment of truth. I have not yet seen the Eight Directions or the Golden Tongue. Wow. That’s incredible. – [Louis] So intricate
and beautiful, right? – I love them. You’re a very good master. All across Thailand, you can
get Yants in a lot of places but there aren’t very many real monks who are still practicing being a monk, giving tattoos these days. So Ajarn Rung traveled all
across Thailand learning from the best to know how to do this now, he’s still a practicing monk, and while you can go get a
Sak Yant at a tattoo studio in Bangkok if you like,
they’re empty, they’re plastic, there’s no magic to them at all, they’re just lines on your skin. Here, and coming to see Ajarn Rung, you can get the real
deal, and he finishes off with a blessing and the spell
is imputed in your skin. You have to come somewhere like
this to have the real magic. A tattoo studio can’t do
that with a tattoo gun. Thank you so much, it
was my honor, thank you. – See you next time. – [Mike] I will be back! Okay, you probably want to see it right? Hold on. It’s been probably about
a month and a half now, and I’m really happy with it. Like I said at the beginning of the video, tattoos for myself are this… This trial by fire, this experience I put myself
through to go through some pain to learn a lesson. I was going through a bit
of a hard point in my life and I like to get a tattoo
when I’m ready to level up to the next level, Mike 2.0, Mike 3.0, we’re probably at Mike 7.0 now, but this tattoo experience was intimate, it was very personal with Ajarn Rung, and it was very spiritual, and for myself, incredibly
transformative and very powerful. So if you’d like to do a
similar tattoo experience, I actually did this one
with a company called Where Sidewalks End. A friend of mine leads these,
I don’t want to say tour, because it’s way more deeper
than that, it’s very intimate with these Sak Yant masters. But there’s all kinds of
them, they have on the website a handful of different Ajarns,
masters you can choose from and if you’re worried about
sanitation, authenticity, anything like that, they take
care of all of those details to make sure you have a safe,
fun and powerful experience at whatever master you choose. Where Sidewalks End, there’s
a link in the description if you’d like to get
a Sak Yant enchantment tapped into your back. Also these dog chains have been
something I’ve been wearing since the very beginning
of my YouTube career, before I was Fearless And Far,
when I was Kick The Grind. One right now has the Fearless
And Far logo as you can see The other has Experiences Over Possessions and originally they
were both the same color and this one eventually rusts,
the more you have experiences and I was giving them out to
people when I traveled, mostly. And also to patrons on
Patreon because, for myself, I think they’re a symbol of
what the channel stands for, and I thought I would do something a little bit different with them. So for the next seven days,
everybody who signs up to my Patreon page, doesn’t matter
what tier you sign up as, you jump on, you support the channel, I will send you some of these. Fearless And Far dog tags
that rust as you have your experiences over posessions and also okay okay, these, boom! Fearless And Far sticker, and also the Experiences Over Possessions sticker. Not the water bottle, I
only have one of those. But I got lots of these,
so sign up on Patreon, there’s also a link below,
there’s a link at the end, there’s a link up the top right now. And you can get your
very own dog tags, swag, and even a tattoo, check
out Where Sidewalks End. Remember, Dragons, keep chasing your fear, and I’ll catch you in the next video. And I’ll catch you on Patreon right? I’ll catch you, I’ll catch you there.

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