GETTING a NECK TATTOO // Full Tattoo Process

GETTING a NECK TATTOO // Full Tattoo Process

[ GETTING a NECK TATTOO // Full Tattoo Process ] hi guys it’s Victoria X Rave here and I’m getting my whole neck tattooed right now yeah there you go I like it happen
yeah like three days you can hire somebody GETTING a NECK TATTOO // Full Tattoo Process but since its duffle outline it took
about a lot of hours me two sessions ah all right so this is the end of the
first session I have one more session after this to fill the rest out so we
have so far how many hours did that take two and a half hours drawing these
Karina have oh my god you have hours drawing in about three hours
like maybe it might be four now if this is TJ it’s my Tech’s Chris we let this
heal and then we’re gonna finish it up and we’ll see what happens so I’m ready
for bed uh yeah that makes two of us hi guys Victoria xr8 here and I am
currently on camcorder right now if you guys want to go and follow me on cam
cord out with the link below in my youtube description so this is my tattoo
the next day it’s a little sore it’s not too bad I didn’t sleep at all last night
it hurts but that’s all always how to tattoo so can me so it’s alright thanks
for watching guys subscribe and comment love you all bye

100 thoughts on “GETTING a NECK TATTOO // Full Tattoo Process

  1. Job stoppers. Smh no hate but you gotta think. If this goes downhill no one will hire you and that would be tragic job stoppers are neck,face,and hands

  2. And now im in love, How does she not have a boyfriend/husband. SHM, i cant be the only one feeling this way lol?

  3. I don't have my neck done but I have a full chest piece (its a fairy inbetween poking out inbetween my boobs with there wings tracing up my cleavage and taking up my whole chest) and the outline hurt so freeking bad but once they started filling it in it felt so much better! I LOVE ur neck tatto! it is so original and suits you and ur frame perfectly Mz V!!!!

  4. Darn! I really want tattoos all over my arm, but I'm too young😂😭😭 The neck tattoo is awesome, btw!

  5. You are a pretty trash bag. If you were my trash bag…id use you again and again but in the good way that makes you happy and feel good and shit idk I'm weird haha

  6. damn gurl, that is one hella nice design. shame the little lightning bolt is there to sorta upset the symmetry but fuck it! absolutely gorgeous. out of interest, when being tattooed there did you feel it elsewhere? like when nerves were being hit? the only reason I ask is because when getting my chest area done the machine was hitting a nerve that was causing toothache like pains in my mouth lol

  7. hey I'm from Greece and when I see your tattoo I freaked out and idk why xD
    I mean the word is Greek and yeah.. :'(
    btw it suits you<3

  8. I'm all for people doing what they want with their appearance and I love tattoos – i would be really nervous about getting a neck tattoo though. Who knows where my future is going or what kind of career i'm going to be looking for…and while it's fair or not, having visible tattoos (especially on the neck/face) can be really detrimental when looking to land a career. You obviously know all this – just a thought to anyone who sees this and jumps into getting something big on their neck while still young. Hopefully that's something you won't have to worry about – and you'll be lucky enough to be able to do support yourself your whole life in a career where tattoos don't make a difference. It would be nice if people were judged more on education/qualifications/talent than appearance…but I also get the need for a professional appearance, i suppose. That piece must have cost a pretty penny as well. I would absolutely either add on to my current tattoos or get a new if I had the extra money.

  9. I've never been a tattoo guy but the design is cool. Although I will always prefer seeing plain skin I will probably get a tattoo one day when I'm old and it's a rainy day to try to brighten my spirits.

  10. Does suppose to be meaningless ?
    keep wanking, there's no big deal with that fact .
    And keep living fantasmic life …
    it's a matter of ratio till finger's lenght and elbow …
    See, it's mechanical, nothing more, nothing less …
    The way you try is obviously absurd and destructive, worst at this point it's self.destruct by poison, claimin «cognitive capacity, cognitive issues» .
    got your G and don't give a fuck !
    Stupid dog .

  11. girl! that would have been pure death! I got my back done and that was bad enough. I don't think I could ever get my neck done.

  12. I used to always see pictures of this girl on instagram and I'd always try to find out who she is…I FINALLY FOUND HER…subbed 🌹❤️

  13. Don't worry soon you'll find a man as stupid as you are to get married too, it'll happen soon don't worry, your vibe attracts your tribe. so keep emanating that sexy weird vibe to confuse all the guys so that they just want to fuck you. Lol you chicks just dont get anything….

  14. I love the Zelda remix💕💕💕💕💕 I want a small neck tattoo just scared of the pain. I ran a fever with the one on my arm🤣😂🤣. You tattoo is very pretty

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