Geometric Animal & Sparrow Tattoos | Grudge Match Sneak Peek

Geometric Animal & Sparrow Tattoos | Grudge Match Sneak Peek

– Hell yeah.
I am back. And this place looks
[bleep] classy. – There he is.
– What is that moustache? – Yeah, I am home.
I’m ready to do this. – Do you think Gonzo’s
gonna walk in and just start
popping off at the mouth? – Oh, yeah.
– Letting out some helium. – Oh, yeah. – Oh, here we go.
– Oh. – They let you back
in here, huh? – [laughs] He’s [bleep] right here. – Ooh, floated in on
that balloon head. – Called me out, huh?
– Yeah. I figured you all
got to take your shot and it landed pretty hard. So you better believe
I’m coming for blood today. – Yeah, I’m ready
for this battle, man. – The bullshit’s
thick in that room. – I’m gonna take you out.
I don’t mean to be a dick, but you’re gonna go home
without that W. – I don’t think so, man.
On the day that I went home, it should have been you. – All right, let’s go see
what’s going on. – Yeah, let’s–I’m–
I’m excited about this. – All right.
– Okay, let’s do it. – Everybody thought
I was gonna just be gone one of the first tattoos,
and I stayed around longer than anybody expected. And you know why?
Because I’m a fighter, man. – Hey, guys.
– Here we go. – This is gonna be good. – I’m ready to just
kick some ass. – Hey, that’s the Austin
I know. – I’m here to win, man. – I feel like
it was a team thing. He doesn’t have his team.
He doesn’t have Cleen. He doesn’t have all these
people in his ear helping him. It’s just me and him now.
– Or hurt me. – I’m gonna be honest, man.
I do feel a lot of ego. You have to back it up, and you
have to not make excuses. – I am not defending
that tattoo. I learned from that.
I’ve been watching that. I’ve been thinking about that
ever since that happened. So that’s why
I’m coming back now and trying to set it right. – Gonzo’s a
badass mother[bleep] when it comes to tattooing. I will not take that from him. I’m excited to go up against
somebody of his caliber, because it’ll show that
I belong in the competition. – We just want this to be
an even playing field. – Yeah.
– So today, we’re gonna give you guys
a 90-minute face-off tattoo – Yes.
– Where we determine what both of you guys
are gonna be tattooing. – The winner of
today’s face-off will have the ability
to determine either the style
or the subject matter of tomorrow’s six hour
grudge match tattoo. – And the winner of that
grudge match ends it all. Squashed.
– That’s all I came for. – This is the time to
set the record straight, guys. – I’m here to bring it, man.
I didn’t come here to like, get steamrolled, so. – And I came with
something to prove. – So what do you think
we’re gonna get them to do? – I think we should really test
the line work on these guys. – That’s fundamentals
right there, at its finest. – Let’s do geometric.
– Why don’t we do geometric animals? – Yeah, like a little
geometric animal head. – Liners only.
– Liners only. – No curved lines. – So you guys
have to do 90-minute geometric animal head tattoos
using just a liner. – Surprise us. – Sounds like
a little piece of heaven. – All right, well, get to work.
Let’s go. – Yes, sir.
– Man, oof. Just lines.
It’s gonna be a tough one. – 90 minutes
is what I do, Gonzo. I hope you got this, man. I know you do
pretty long tattoos. – It should be easy for you
to draw an animal head. You can just do
a self-portrait. – All these straight lines? You good at pulling
straight lines? I’m really good at it. – Is there any other
kind of line to pull? – I’m wondering what your
line work actually looks like. – Well, you’re about
to find out, now.[dramatic music]announcer: In our
second grudge,
season 10
master illustrator Matt Buck
went home before the
lower-ranked Katie Rhoden.
– You know your tattoo
robbed me of my rightful shot. – But at least I can tattoo. – Ooh.
– Oh, man.announcer: Now they’ll
battle head-to-head.
Artist versus technician.– This is one of the coolest
tattoos that I’ve ever done. – Your line work was trash.
– Baloney.[dramatic music]– This is gonna be
a frickin’ rumble, dude. Matt was on my team.
I would say he’s one of
the best illustrators to ever hit “Ink Master.” – Katie came out swinging in the beginning
of that season, too, right? – I mean, her first tattoo
out of the gate was her best one
the whole season. – Yeah, they specialize
in two completely different opposite ends of the spectrum. – Matt’s a classically-trained
illustrator. – Yeah.
– But when it comes to tattooing,
he’s inexperienced. – Yeah, that plays a huge part, because it’s a totally
different medium. – Matt went home, Katie stayed
a little bit longer. – Let’s see the number one
ranked tattoo of the day.[dramatic music]Congratulations, Matt. – Who was number one? Who was the number one
pick here? For the first tattoo, when we’re all
on an even playing field. – I think you’re [bleep]
full of yourself. I think you’re cocky. – Your anatomy sucks.
– How do you know? – Well, we don’t know, because
she only draws traditional. – I don’t only do traditional,
Matt Buck. – BS.
– Do not [bleep] poke the [bleep] bear. – BS.
– Do not [bleep] with me. – Don’t let Matt fool you. Like, he seems quiet,
but he’s cocky. And Katie is super feisty. – So do you think
this is gonna get heated? – They both just have
a problem with each other. – Yeah.
– This is a mutual grudge.[rock music]– Bagel time.
– Bagel time. – Time for some nosh. Since season 10, I lost
a little bit of hair, a little bit of mustache,
and got one of these. That hits the spot. Katie was safe on the day
that I went home, which is a load of BS.We were both up
for elimination.
I was the stronger artist.She let the waterworks flow.
I got robbed.I got to bring the bear
out of hibernation
and show the bear what’s what.– Matt’s just jealous that I
made it further than he did.
Just because he can draw
a little bit better than I can doesn’t mean that he
can out-tattoo me. – What is your favorite animal?
– A Clydesdale. – You know, for me being
a tattooer, I’m not that good
at drawing a horse. Maybe Matt Buck can give me
some instructions. [laughs]I want to go back
to this grudge match
to prove to Matt
that I’m better than him. He’s so salty about me
beating him the first time, it would just be so much better
to beat him a second time.[dramatic music]♪ ♪Ooh, Mr. Matt Buck.
Let’s see what you got, boy. – Ooh, she’s coming in
with confidence. – Super cool tattoos up here. Looks like the one
you got sent home for. – Oh, she’s calling it out
right out the gate. – Ooh, look at Matt.
Who is this new guy? – Looking “GQ.” – If it isn’t Katie
“Should Have Gone Home Before Me” Rhoden. – Oh, if it isn’t Mr. Matt
“Dropped The Ball” Buck. – You know, your tattoo
robbed me of my rightful shot. – I might have had
some issues with mine, but at least I can tattoo. – Ooh.
– Oh, man. – Diss.
– Does Matt Buck get angry? – Dude, he still does that face
when he’s– look, he’s angry right now. [laughter] – He’s just building up
all this rage inside. – I’ve been waiting for this
for a while. – I’m excited to see
what you got up your sleeve. – No tricks, just talent. – Let’s get in there
and get this thing going. – Man. – This time, you don’t have
your friends to back you up, Matt. – I didn’t need any back-up getting the number one
draft pick. – Oh, man, I can hear them
already going at it. – Mr. Illustrator,
Mr. Know-it-all. – Well, well, well. Look who’s back.
– Hi. – The world knows
that I was robbed of my rightful shot. Pretty much my rightful title. – Your rightful title.
– Yeah. Yeah, absolutely.
– Oh, okay. – I’m here for vengeance and to set order
in the universe again. – So are we. – Matt is a
wonderful illustrator but I tattoo better than him. – It’s obvious to all of us there’s definitely some
unfinished business here. So let’s settle the score. Today, you guys
are gonna face off against each other
in a 90-minute tattoo. We get to choose what you guys
are tattooing today because we want
the playing field to be totally even. – Winner of
the 90-minute challenge, you get to have
a huge advantage tomorrow. You get to pick
the style or subject in a six-hour
grudge match tattoo. – And the winner of that
settles everything. – Done, no more baggage.
– I’m down, I’m ready. – We need something
that both of them can knock out of the park, because I want to see
great tattoos. – Yeah, I want to see
some good fundamentals. – How about just
something timeless? Sparrows.
– Sparrows. That’s it.
– Bird’s the word. – Bird’s the word.
– Why? You’re not that funny.
Stop it. – I thought it was funny. – So you guys have 90 minutes
to do a sparrow. Any style, however you want.
– It’s just me and you. – Well, as long as you don’t
get any of your tears all over that tattoo– – It’s unsanitary.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. We know, we know. – What are you guys
waiting for? Get to work.
– You only have 90 minutes. – Good luck, guys.
– Come on, let’s go. – I can’t wait for this one.
– Oh, my God. – Shit.
– This is gonna be fire. – Sparrows.
– Oh![dramatic music]♪ ♪– All right, all right,
my bald-headed beasts. You guys ready for this?
– I’m ready. – Damn right.
– All right, guys. Your 90-minute face-off tattoo,
it starts right now. – I’m gonna have you
hop up over here. – Let me get this
stencil on you. – One sec, I got to grab
some scissors. Whoa! – It’s be a shame if you fell. And by “a shame,”
I mean wonderful. – For this 90-minute challenge,
we gave Gonzo and Austingeometric animal heads.Liner only challenge.
I love this.
– Perfect. – All we want to see
is these guy’s line work and how clean
they can make these things.Don’t show us tons of tricks.
Don’t do any of that.
– Make it happen, captain.
– And if you do, you can only use a line or so. Hope you got that stuff
under your belt.[dramatic music]– Even with stuff like this,
like, I’m still gonna give it my absolute best, even if it’s
not something I do every day. – The line work? – Yeah, I don’t do much
line work. I usually use my liners
as shaders. – Mm. [tattoo machine buzzing] – Dropping lines all day.Gonzo can’t pull
any straight lines.
I pull straight lines all day. Get everything in there,
make sure all the
line weight’s consistent. Every single line
I pull right now has to be
crisp, clean, and perfect. I’m gonna whoop that ass
like it owes me money. – [laughs][dramatic music]♪ ♪– All right, Matt and Katie. You guys ready to set
the story straight? – Absolutely.
– Yep. – You guys have 90 minutes
to tattoo a sparrow, and your face-off starts now.[rock music]– All right, hop on up. – So I’m going to do
a super thick traditional-style sparrow. – Last one to start tattooing
a rotten egg. – Can you stop with
the dad jokes, please? – What’s taking so long, Katie? Are you, uh–
waiting for that sparrow to hatch out of its egg? – Why don’t you pay attention
to your damn tattoo, Matt? – Because I can multi-task.
– Because I can multi-task. [groans mockingly] – I can poke the skin and poke
the bear at the same time. – It’s called taking your time
because I’m confident. Dork.When I first met Matt, I had
a little fangirl moment
because he’s a killer artist. And then I realized that
he’s kind of full of himself and he doesn’t really
need a fangirl because he’s his own fangirl. Okay, here we go.[rock music]I just want to knock him downfrom the pedestal
that he sits upon.
I can’t wait.

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  1. I remembered when Gonzo went home. Austin was quite the loudmouth, but it payed off for him. I thought both tattoos were bad, but there was no saving Gonzo's piece.

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