[Music] make sure not to drift on the floor like that good morning everyone welcome back look I have two more weeks until the competition thank goodness but that means more cardio like we just got back from morning cardio and also a stricter diet so today we’re gonna go to the farmers market because asparagus is back on the diet and last night Bernardo said he wanted to go to a haunted house yay he’s never been to a haunted house so I said yeah what we do for love so I’m gonna make some breakfast and we’re not showering and then we’re gonna get started with the day [Music] today looking for some places yes except one Oh where’s that nice one Minnesota no disease in Denver have you ever been to a haunted house yes you have yes we have them in Brazil too oh I don’t think I’ll get spica scared no but we’ve never been to Ohio but I think you you will guess I don’t think I will you won’t get scared I think you’re that easily not popping out don’t scare me scary no close your eyes oh I just hit myself trying to report okay Ally kind of hurt [Music] [Music] [Music] look look I’m starting to hide sure’s pastries or no to joy I saw you we’re going to people yeah [Music] you can’t find the one thing we wanted first balance so can’t find it guess we’re down together grocery store [Music] those are three for ten you’re gonna be the salmon road that’s too much yeah and I I will probably tell you not to get back because I want thoughts right here chef Jun just for the video no don’t even blame it on the video you’re doing it for you he’s doing it for himself okay surprisingly good I’m sorry it lies you’re lying [Music] you should go and do a little dives we should do it I’ve been doing it there’s food there’s not food good luck there we go oh it is fluffy it’s the fall you have to do it come on baby there we go just put the fufu need to be look at a we’re falling look philistine room ready [Music] good it’s cool there’s no food maybe that’s too much right don’t push it oh my god Oh maybe throwing their leaves [Music] how did you find that well this is the second time he’s lost the second look we have a bet I didn’t lose it it’s right we have a bet who’s gonna lose the ring first I I think I’m gonna lose it first because that looks a lot of things to you is have it I’m losing weight how are you losing weight when you eat that skull [Music] you think it’s gonna be scary not really no I don’t know don’t be scared for you that I know I’m gonna be scared for me not gonna be scared I’m a little apprehensive about tonight like why put my sister good you for you this is not fun for me the tickets worth thirty three dollars a piece total it’s Halloween problem endo porque vas a moyes Ivica cuando vas a cozy yeah no se você fala Paula Paula a vas a loser so c’est la voce fala demise Nostra querido vom oh there’s a we speak Portuguese just joking around and I like the curse words – romantic in the plastic bolt wave of rice cakes hey little cold how long does it take to get there I think it takes an hour an hour come on [Music] [Music] broke down this is fine we should go back home this time we should have a car Oh car we’ve saved a lot of money [Music] hey guy [Applause] No oh my god what is this oh my god I feel like I’ve lost a full bag baby are we going where you going Oh [Laughter] god that scared me oh my god how do I get out of here Bernardo you don’t and left me the orchestra why don’t you leave [Music] oh my god if I fell I didn’t see that person for the over you go scared do you need your head my head since you was so scared No no doubt Rob because I wanted to your reaction yeah the rest when you break down to who are supposed to be recorded hey-ya is that a new plug what’s happiness 12 12 13 matter them in last weekend yeah and later than the we perform yeah look was a record for us we’re pretty guys now you know no tonight I mean it’s not party people I mean there’s nothing to go out for a whole year seriously we waited like what two hours in the life a lot of teenagers said you made us think do we want to have kids because they eventually will become teenagers we want to have kids but stop him at these teenage years I told Bernardo we would be stinking our kids yes we would not let you they’re not playing violent video games your dad didn’t thank you no you should my mom did it fifth times she didn’t do a little bit more and you got scared there did you I didn’t think I would but I did what you did well good for you you scared what is that mean but why do I get scared you don’t because I watch scary movies so it’s hard to scare me [Music] know what’s funny but it’s funny if they don’t scare easy we’re going what super well yeah I’m not gonna show it cuz you got all the clothes actually well you want me to show it you want me to look at more so I got a kiss is yours is yours this is yours this is yours this is yours it’s not mine this shoe is yours and this these are mine because yours are there I went to put my hair too they’re like two pieces of clothes don’t mind they’re so not just I’m just reading your story it’s really loose now yeah we should maybe I should beat ticket to making her finger yeah his finger doesn’t gain weight it’s his butt and his biceps that’s what’s games wait that is very true was a Vivek he was there grab a Spokane for this we saw a movie – birthday party the package amiibo gave us a hockey coming he asked us for money how the hell are you buying the food all the people who used to yeah but I used to watch Disney get scared means that their mom and dad didn’t allow them to watch scary movies thanks mom and dad now I’m scared cuz of you no that’s not my wife they’re just wired shit this is what we want right now who asked me where do you want to go McDonald’s for the haunted house I probably save becomes a for sure after the garlic Kalibak and oh by the way falafel because they pursue a friend there to care my simple time [Music]

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