Hello there, so today’s video is a bit strange I know by the title you’re probably like, huh what? so you guys requested me to do the full face of kids makeup And I was like that sounds reallyfun, but you know what like its back-to-school season So let’s do something a little bit more challenging go right ahead and comment Toxic because as much as crayola tells us that their products are not toxic girl. You know you know You decide you wanna do this recreation send it my way on Twitter I would love to see it and gives it a thumbs up for weird people because weird people make the world go round So I’m currently having a giveaway where I’m giving a Rose gold Macbook and the only rule is to be subscribed and I’m doing this because I just want to give back to my amazing outies and my family here on YouTube and also on the vlog Channel we’re doing another back-to-school giveaway Where you potentially win an op in today’s video is a collaboration with Timmy Timato,Alejandro Valdez,Glitter for ever Seventeen,Flammer Life Fox Rosalie Says Roar, Lo Elaine Clarissa may.I’m excited. Let’s get into this. I’m going to start off with some uh… Doing these brows because these brows need Jesus going in With a paint brush brush brush and right below I’m showing you how I created this,this is done with Crayola good crayons oh gee,whatup? Dis ain’t no Roseart this is Crayola.I’ve actually seen a lot of girls Do this as like a hack because crayola basically wax so it’s kind of like two and one It’s definitely not my color, but we in tag your favorite youtuber send them this link and be like hey, girl You could slay this I know Jacqueline hale and Nicky Torres would be able to Murder me, and this alright. It’s kind of ok my knees like a brownish tone Oh, that is exactly my skin color guess this could be primer or eyeshadow Adding some creased in there Blend,Blend,Blend Got that going. I actually don’t think that looks bad at all I give credit to our RCL beauty for coming up with this awesome trick basically with colored pencils you put them in hot water and then…um… You create magic on your apples That’s pretty insane look at that what why do we even buy makeup? {classy music}Thing on the bottom I’m going to go for black, but really {More classy music} It’s probably really dangerous because I’ve heard glitter is just a little bit of glass This right here is like a mixture of crayola and coconut oil it is not smooth at all looking purple Pretty sure this is my color,ya.. Whyyyy OK guys, so this is the best I could do it’s not my color Oh, I know I give myself a little bit of a bronze look I’m still surprised at how good this looks though blend blend Blend I’m going to walk with the blush,crayola brush,99 cents blush really oily and pigmented blush it’s creating like a little bit of a glow effect if you want to see it that way or a little bit of a greasy greasy ball effects I’ve literally been slapping myself for the past ten minutes this looks like a little bit of like very greasy highlighted highlight Why do I my makeup? I haven’t even had to read it like this is this ah? Just call it pencil. I don’t have anything on hand and you need a little quick lipstick Amazing Mascara So for Mascara I’m using a mascara wand,one that’s completely clean I just cleaned it out and has nothing on , and I was trying to figure out like okay What should I do should I like use glue and I was like that’s probably really bad idea literally just going to take this black color pencil really scrub it I guess onto my hand and then I’m going to use that ink to Put on lashes it so it’s definitely giving off color, but it’s not really like holding them up Or adding more volume. That was it for the full face using only school supplies? I’m honestly never going to buy any more eye pencils again Just me a thumbs up if you enjoyed.Share this video with all your friends so that they know that hey You know what you can actually use your school supplies to put on makeup THANK YOU guys so much subscribe to join the weird family on the internet And I’ll see you next time bye if you want to set your face. Just use some water Say hi,{Dennis:Heloooo}what do you think of my final look? I just added lashes. {Denis:I dont like the fact you stole my hat….}

100 thoughts on “FULL FACE USING ONLY SCHOOL SUPPLIES Challenge! NataliesOutlet

  1. Rcl beauti did not come up with that trick cause I've been doing that since I was 3 when I would fool around with makeup and now I'm 13

  2. Sorry to say this now Natilie but, you should of used a layer of glue before so that you can peel it off and not rub your face with remover and damage your skin

  3. You are going to hurt yorself with this stuff one of these days but i do the same thing so i will too #weird sisters

  4. This is the best English YouTuber that I sent omj like to fell mi calmed 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😊😊😊😊😊😘😘😘😍😄😄😄

  5. Honestly I am the weirdest person in my whole school because I eat chocolate with vegetables and fruit no matter what is delicious for me like if you are exactly like that

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