what’s up everybody welcome back to my
channel! hi how are ya? girl.. it feels so weird without a magic wand.. should we try
that one more time? what do we have here I got a high heel… welcome back back BACK to my channel..
ok you guys for real let’s get down to the business today I thought all right
there are so many new products hitting the market I just want to go to Sephora
and I want to buy them all and I want to test them out in one video so I know a
lot of you know this but in today’s video there is a huge giveaway so I have
partnered up with glam glow BAM and we’re going to be giving away a year’s
supply of their brand new insta mud mask now this product is unreal we’re gonna
try it later it is a 62nd pore refining treatment
girl what pores so there will be a grand prize winner that person will win a
year’s supply of instant mud and they will get the thirsty palate and the
entire jeffree star cosmetics summer collection there will be four other
people winning and it’s not just a little old anything we’re still gonna do
the Instamatic glam glow treatment and you’re also gonna get a thirsty palate
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ties that let’s hop on the Tesla and let’s get to Sephora all right now we’re taking the pink car
today are we taking a pink car today let’s take the pink car girl all right
it’s 90 degrees to everyone and it’s so hot so I thought you know what I’m gonna
wear pajamas today how about that there are so many launches that just hit I
know there’s a new benefit foundation there’s new becca face palette there’s
so many new things from smashbox lemare of course glam glow and I’m like girl I
can’t do a hundred videos so I thought it’d be a good idea just to hop in buy
as much stuff as I can and just try it all should we do a ten-minute parking
I’m literally the quickest shop where we’re gonna do it hourglass has brand
new powders out to try this I heard this is like the setting powder so we’re
gonna try this today and they all saw this instantly illuminate some perfect
complexion I think concealer is good enough for me honey what is this new one
new air flash radiance mist honey get in my bag okay all these brands claim to be
holographic but girl is this really this looks like a duochrome moment we’re
simply not logical when you need our girl help me out here contour is there
any new ones out ah oh I know that Becca has a new wine and Smashbox has a new
one so we’ll find those and grab those oh I love these
James hauls lives for these moments so I’m going to get a few more all right we’ve got a hefty bag it’s
time to check out we are off there you idiot I sure AM thank you ladies when you have so many
bags or just your fucking for display my art is about to break off let’s get home
and test all this amazing makeup and let’s see what happens all right we are in the studio oh my God
look at my hair it’s a fucking mess hi babe baby so I just want a little ham at
Sephora I see the bags on bags on bags so we’re going to obviously I’m not
gonna ask you to try all this makeup with me but we are gonna start with some
skincare so I know you lip-read glam low-mass here’s one for you I know
you’ve never seen this before well little hourglass yellow packaging
so this is the glam glow instrument 62nd pore refining treatment you’re gonna be
smooth soft and have even skin tone after this all right baby let’s give us
the world let’s do this so basically this is only one minute to
perfect pores it’s a foaming mask treatment that
instantly refines pores even skin tone leaving skin smooth and soft it has
witch hazel Oliveira even has a licorice root in it honey so we’re gonna smooth a
generous layer onto the dry clean skin do not rub in let sit and the mask will
transform leave on for literally 60 seconds I love a fast treatment moment
Oh grints with warm water and follow with your normal routine love that and
avoid the eye area baby let’s do this sick packaging I know I kind of love the
like neon it’s like a highlighter yeah sick hair color on you let’s keep
it really real here hey all right oh I love this color yeah all right it’s we’re just gonna smooth
it on we’re not gonna rub it in really I need a little bit more oh oh we already
feel it foaming that’s so weird and I love it
oh wow wow this is crazy this woo can I put the money oh yeah I’m
like kind of struggle bus over here let me help you out
thank you I always do neat skincare I’ll actually love it this is crazy feeling
it looks amazing on you turn cool you’re good hmm yeah all right
let’s wait 60 seconds let’s see what happens it’s been 60 seconds let’s wipe
it off and let’s see what happens that’s crazy wiping off – it does how’s
like almost like pop rocks mm-hmm this comes off super easy which I love
it does yeah I hate masks where it’s like stuck everywhere and you have to
like really try to get it off this feels like very like I was just at the spa and
I’m like having a moment oh yeah all right baby how do I look oh really
yeah you look great like oh yeah okay can I get a little bit for you yeah I
can’t see it already you know all right so you look great yes skin how’s it feel
it feels great I’m good okay all right so I’m gonna go try over $3,000 worth a
new makeup right now so crazy so yeah I will see you in a little bit we’re gonna
do I’m gonna go play some fortnight and just relax and hang out with the dogs
love that right buddy love you baby bitch these bags are so heavy and bulky
girl okay my skin feels amazing so let’s start with some moisturizer there’s a
lot in here I’ve pulled out a bunch of stuff on my tea
bowl we’re just gonna keep diving in so first of all Beautyblender has a brand
new color BAM I said if I’m gonna do a full face for impressions we got to
really do the whole thing so I tried to find as many products as I could that
were brand new so the sapphire egg just hit the market
so besides that let’s dive into some moisturizer and have girl
lemare the moisturizing cream if you have dry or normal skin this is
everything for over three hundred plus dollars you get this beautiful unicorn
and when you open it up girl you get instructions let me sum it up for you
you open it and slop it on your face BAM and then you also get a spatula because
rich people don’t dip there are nasty fingers into their cream do they
bitch I do know this cream is thick okay let me warn you it is thick but it’s so
good look at that sick frosting grunts a lot by the way it’s night we’re gonna
take a little bit like this and rub it all over here I also got this new grill
on B glow Youth moisturizer for dewy skin I’m not gonna put this on today
because the lemare is so hydrating I don’t want to overdo it this was fun
let’s just open it we got to see what it looks like this is what we’re here for I
never do unboxings or anything like that sound like oh they’re packaging that was
so stunning look at that I took a little honeycomb a moment
well my fingerprints are already on it fuck me sorry oh wow I think almost like
a pearl effect in there alright we would definitely use this in another video but
I just got a guard know what it smells like ooh oh it feels very like wet hmm
smells like an old lady’s taint all right foundation time now I got a
lot of tweets about this I said what new products should I use
I got tweeted this little happy face a lot this is the brand new benefit hello
happy soft blur that’s what really rolled me and let’s be honest the
blurring soft blur foundation it’s a light to medium coverage okay and it
does have sunscreen in it this has one fluid ounce which is very standard for
foundations I got shade one and two only thing that I was a little like huh about
was the shade range there is 12 shades and they say that they’re like flexible
so several people can use like one tone I’m not really sure about that I got
these two so let’s see what happens ooh I see something pink in there oh
very few okay love the little face on there we all hear that you’ve got to mix
it up I am gonna try this but there is something that was sitting in Sephora
that I had never tried yet I know a lot of people did reviews on this and this
is the Urban Decay Velvet Iser translucent mix in medium so I know a
lot of girl like well girl this is the white light coverage you may want to add
in a little something else so I’m gonna pour a little bit of this in there what
this does is you mix in a dime size into any liquid makeup and it would give an
extra velvety feel with a beautiful matte finish and added coverage there we
go and it also has a soft focus effect for
a perfected complexion oh my god it literally feels like a little bit whoa
look at that so let’s see if these shades are even gonna match girl this
looks so yellow I’m just a little scared oh oh it’s like already coming out honey
alright oh wow that might be my colored way I can need shade too let’s take just
a tiny bit oh wow huh either that’s a perfect match or it just evaporated into
my skin I’m just sure let’s do a dab of number two BAM oh yeah that’s yellow and
no no ma’am and then we’re also gonna take this kinda has this oh boy
mom Chris I really can’t get that ha ha alright thank you so much oh look at the
UD in there okay so the dime size amount woah this is so crazy what about that is
so weird oh my god look him in the kitchen literally this is so weird oh is
this gonna do anything magical I’m scared you guys oh honey that’s thick
alright I’m gonna take this egg and I’m gonna get to bouncing and let’s see what
the hell is about to happen not mad at this at all it’s looking
really pretty now I’m gonna show you guys half of my face let me just do a
little bit more of my forehead okay BAM product will just match that up
with the part in my hair and we’ll just do this side now when I’m first applying
it it does look like there’s not much there and then with the second layer
right now I’m like okay there she is let’s just show one half of my face whoa
discoloration over here look at that alright so of course this is the side
with the benefit foundation is itself blurring kinda look at that little peak
of light right there and then here is reality
alright foundation is lady this is really pretty like are we all seen what
I’m seeing I’m like wow I like how this looks let’s add some more products on
top and see what the hell happens now this isn’t brand new but they repackage
the entire thing the creaseless concealer from Tarte I’m a little scared
now that I see this foundation this foundation is very my exact skin tone do
you guys know I’d like to go a little darker so this might be the wrong shade
I’m a little scared the lightest shade was sold out so let’s see what happens
girl mmm I don’t know let’s do a tiny little test oh wow cute looks thick okay
I’m scared this isn’t not the right color let me just do like a dot oh this
could work okay hold on hold on oh wow okay I don’t know how much to put
on yeah so let’s just do that moment and just see what happens cuz I’m a little
scared it’s a little bit lighter than my normal way cuz ii can tell but not
really my normal my actual there we go okay blend it out usually I can see more
coverage or like a more lifted appearance you can kind of see the
difference but I’m like a little confused here
one second so this concealer is $26 and it says completely covers dark circles
hyper pigmentation redness pimples and tattoos waterproof girl that did not
look that thick right like it looked thick for a minute and then it blend it
out and I was like what happened like do we need a little more is that too much
but you guys saw as I blended it in it wasn’t like
I’m blowin next we are about to set this concealer now girl I’ve seen a lot of
people I’m going to use this and I’m like let me see what the real T is this
is the new hourglass veil setting powder it looks something like this
of course as a beautiful metallic brown component accents like all our glass
products and it also has this crazy brush I’m like oh my god honey watch now
the bristles feel very soft for a synthetic so this retails for $46 oh my
god all it should we find powder with light reflecting particles to blur
imperfections everything just Buller happy lately and I’m living for it
the formula is infused with diamond powder there’s no flashback it sets make
up for longer wear ok great let’s open her up and let’s see what everyone’s
talking about whoa look at that that is like some high-end moment whoa I think
as you push it powder is coming out what in the okay look see what happens here
everyone okay I’m just gonna be the one that does this be there we go honey
and normally you guys know I apply powder with the damp Beauty sponge but
we’re just gonna do one side with this brush and see how we like it
woah so looking up close it definitely set my under eye do I like this brush
the brush feels very soft but you know me I’m curious taking out more powder
and I’m gonna apply this with a wet sponge my favorite method ever and let’s
see what happens now that really said it honey
alright now let’s try to sculpt this face so we have the new Becca the be a
light face palette love the unit carton but what does the inside look like let’s
see girl blush contour brightening powder and a blur powder blur blur blur
oh wow look at this component very cute very luxurious looking it feels
expensive okay look at the pans beautiful looks like gems or jewels the
blurring powder is I’m missing this one this is brightening so this retails
for $46 you guys it’s kind of brighten I guess we’ll see in a second didn’t
really do anything but my eyes are already very bright so maybe it’s like
honey your god stop now the contour shade in here that is so warm toned I’m
a little shook by it oh no no no no no that is so orange I
cannot put it on my skin I would look crazy good news is I bought another
actually the Smashbox calli contour little kit well let’s see what happens
here and you open it up and that’s what the what it looks like okay this this is
what’s gonna happen today thank you Jesus let’s just start contouring this
face okay this is very soft I like this I like this cuz a lot of the times
bronzers can be so harsh or contour powders where you’re just like honey
what happened I do love to take this and we’ll take maybe this husband okay let’s
try this we’re here for and I was gonna go over that bronze contour moment and
just soften it we’re gonna veil her as lipstick nick says and Ike I’ve said
that in the last 20 videos but bitch were veiling where’s the good contour
brush oh this one I love is more if you want this is a classic so I’m just gonna
go into here maybe right over there as well and we’re just gonna clock for the
face and we’ll be right back alright I will say this first of all I’m not
living for this packaging kind of boring you know I am this is a very first
impressions video I’m gonna keep it real on the T like how stunning was this but
the formula obviously is what really matters if it’s cute it doesn’t work
great it’s just a single vanity but anyway the formula on this powder is
actually beautiful let’s just say that right now I’m just gonna take a little
bit of the bronzer right there and I was gonna lend this into my nose a tiny
bitch yes knows what’s good cool I think it is time for a little bit of blush you
know this actually is not from Sephora I already had it here but I’ve been dying
to try it because this is a sixty dollar blush yes you heard that correctly what
in the hell this is from the brand just Charlotte Tilbury no I do have two
shades here I guess it’s like a split thing a duo blush cream and illuminator
this is the pretty youth glow filter and cheek hug brush with soft focused cream
blush hi ingenious contour curved duo Wow my god
girl I’ve got mouth let’s open this bad boy up now this is shade seduced so you
get the little blush moment here and then you dip the brush right here okay
all right so this is the brush Oh cute okay let me put up my hand my backdrop
it’s dark today cute yes oh wow this does not feel expensive at
all girl oh wow it’s a blush like cream and then there’s an illuminizer right
here okay oh my god let’s just try it right here I don’t see anything but I
have perfect vision huh the cream blush ooh I just picture my foundation like oh
maybe you’re supposed to use the brush okay let’s try that let’s dig in here so
this let me suppose like a hug my cheek like a hood I’m scared okay what
happened I barely see something compared to the other side okay yes I do have
another blush so I just want the same brand okay the irony of it all this came
out a long time ago but I’ve actually never tried it and it’s a little weird
this is the cheek to chic swish and pop blusher in shade love is the drug Kesha
starts doing I’m just kidding let’s take a little Mac brush let’s swirl it around
oh wow maybe I was not supposed to swirl that hard alright so these retail for
$40 and I think this is gonna have a lot more pigment so let’s just push us into
our skin oh my god girl and this is the $40 version honey I used to wear my
blush so much more severe and a why I’m acting surprised at all let’s redeem
this side because honey oh that was a lot but the good news is it does blend
like it blends out really nicely so remember guys if you’re adding too much
product or it’s too severe take some loose powder and oh my god wear that
cream was it pulled my foundation look at that oh girl
once it’s veiled I actually don’t mind it alright jesus take the wheel
I need some eye light on all right so I just picked up this new NARS highlighter
it looks like this this is in shade Capri is this blinding I have no idea
we’re gonna try it what in the fuck is going on around here
now this retails for $38 I have saturated the brush let’s give it
a whirl oh okay up close it’s not really luminous I’m not really getting a
highlighting vibe it’s just kind of like I mean it’s there this is very natural
so if you’re someone that doesn’t love a blinding highlight this might be for you
for $38 bitch I need some magic okay okay what else do we got here oh okay
Vera Mona has a guilty glow highlighter look at this cute packaging it looks
like this they also make that the color switch to clean your brushes love that
product all right so I’m just gonna open this up now this is shade exposed let’s
do a little finger moment oh okay this looks a little more promising let’s do
it right here ah that’s what we needed how much is this one $15.99 girl
that ain’t too bad whoa okay there we go okay four eyes today we are going to use
the BAM brand-new urban decay born to run eyes
shadow palette I know this is about to hit or maybe it’s already out when this
video goes live oh I love it there’s a lot of mattes in here there’s neutrals
as metallics there is 21 shades and a collage of our own personal travel
photos we created Born to Run to inspire you to take a rain check on reality you
know grab his palette and run oh yes packaging new Urban Decay always desert
right feels heavy love that bitch feels like a brick oh okay love that
definitely love a big mirror all right so let’s just dive into this palette and
see if we like the formula all right I always prime my lids with the same thing
the Mac painterly paint-pot so we of course are going to do that I do this
for every review to give it a fair shot so we’re gonna coat our lids and get to
playing first shade we’re gonna dip into is is breakaway metallic
let me see here okay it’s a little bit shiny so we’re not gonna do that
since our lives are already primed I want to go right in here to steel shot
just beautiful little peachy coral moment we’re just gonna take this little
blending brush and hit it right here so let’s apply this right into the crease
so let’s see what happens I’m gonna take this and take it all the
way right here so it follows the line of my nose and then I like to flick up and
blend out because who needs brows honey I love all the space to be able to paint
all right this color blends like a dream yes honey so now we’re actually gonna
take that shade break away which is right here and I’m just gonna take a
little actually the highlighting brush I have like 20 mb/s on my station so we’re
just gonna take this and dip into here and I’m just gonna soften this coral
color and just give my bro my bro oh my god give my brow bone give my bro give
my brow bone some highlight oh wow yes it’s definitely a metallic shade not a
matte all right now we’re gonna go in to shade Baja this more dark orange and I’m
gonna tuck this right into this crease and just kind of deepen and darken that
moment and just dry it up so lightly this isn’t gonna be like really like
that different but just enough where it’s like oh wow look at that never mind
I lied look at that lid ah Urban Decay always kills a matte
formula like honey all right we are blended out now we’re gonna go in with
shade stranded right here now normally I wet the brush with metallics just
because I have a full intensity let’s just touch this and see what it looks
like oh look at that oh my god I just press this on my lid for fun let me just
see what happens oh wow look at that honey oh I want a
little more of my inner corner and my fingers will not let me do that so I’m
gonna go in with this little synthetic brush from Mac and let’s just pack that
right in there oh wow yeah you don’t even need to wet this this is literally
a dry brush oh wow okay I’m so sorry this is stunning
already all right now that this shade is laid down I’m gonna go back into
stranded again and we’re gonna do the little infamous Jeffrey moment of shadow
right there we’re gonna connect it with the inner corner and we’re just gonna
drag it literally right here and stop we’re gonna add a little shadow in the
middle in a second but I just wanted to lay this down first
all right now we’re gonna go in with this more dark topaz bronze shade ignite
and we’re just gonna pop a little bit of that right here in the middle let’s do
what happens here oh wow okay amazing and they’ll go back with
the blending brush we’ll take a little bit of Baja a little bit of still shot
just mix them around and then just kind of blend it all together now we are
going to dive into shade Punk is a gorgeous chocolate brown and it’s gonna
saturate my brush this is a little Mac two to one brush and we’re just gonna
take this and put it right here and just deepen the crease a little bit the eye
is looking like a fire right now and I’m livin for it okay Wow loving this so far
alright now just for fun I picked these up this is from the brand
Sarat Beauty this is called lid lacquer okay this is $36 for this little guy
right here and basically I looked this up online it’s a I glossed which creates
a lustrous glow for eyelids and beyond I grabbed a few shades I don’t even know
what I grabbed so let’s open this up it opens like this Oh
or just opens up like a little oh it’s a little compact in here and let’s see
what you get for $36 Wow here it is oh it’s like literal glossy lids okay
now my only problem with that is that once you put it on the lid it gets like
sticky and it’s hot kind of hard to move your eyes um so we’re just gonna go
right here for a minute oh yeah that would look pretty but I don’t think it’s
really gonna go with this look I got one more shade let’s just open it real quick
oh my god I forgot about this this is a hot red okay let’s just touch it this is
for the lid oh my god okay I have to touch my lid with this okay never seen a
red eye glass before something new on this channel I’m just gonna put it on
fuck it this is the first impressions video of us what we’re here for
oh oh my god I’m putting a lip gloss literally on my eye whoa would you a
little more whoa all right we’re taking a little
synthetic brush just for fun and I know I’m gonna cover some of the shadow don’t
kill me but I just want to get this eye gloss more in here and kind of blend it
in with that gold oh wow this looks very runway okay Wow the red is down okay you
just took us look to the hold of it like a next level for me with the eye look
I’m done it looks amazing let me just tell you this because this
isn’t in the end of the video this palette is sick the formula is really
good so urban decay you better work all right guys I think it’s time for some
mascara there are so many new mascaras like there’s this pink one from New Yor
we can’t do pink mascara with this look oh okay
here’s a new one super fanned out 12-hour volume length and lift the super
fan mascara from Smashbox let’s give this one a whirl
oh oh this matches my eyes hi what are the odds
umm how much was this material $19 that is not that bad okay Smashbox and watch
a thick red whoa it bends crazy let’s just go straight in guys and see what
happens all right I’m not the biggest fan of this mascara I know insert pine
super fan I wouldn’t grab it again you probably
it’s like it’s lackluster so next product we’re getting down to the wire
dimes we’re getting down to the wire all the blood products are in here Oh
new liquid lips from Smashbox love this oh it’s like very rose gold not for this
look but that is a very pretty lipstick we have new Pat McGrath the lust glosses
oh my god look at the gold also I threw these in here I have the new Kim K kick
Adobe lipsticks and liners I thought maybe we could play with those for a fan
Oh new coverfx setting spray yes I do these in here I know I’m cheating call
from Sephora but I just want to see like what they were all about another
Smashbox lip box no not metallic today but these are stunning by the way all right
I’m feeling a nude lip so let’s just go in here all right I’m gonna go in with
shade nude one it looks like this this is the only thing not from Sephora but
they also have liners so I’m gonna go in with we got nude three nude – and nude
one oh wow Julie’s twist it was like a pencil okay
I’m like testing right now next to it how would this look oh it was like 90s
like fantasy okay here we go guys okay this liner is very creamy went on very
easy and now it’s taking a good lip shade nude one let’s give her a whirl I
mean these are very creamy let’s keep it real these are really good and now it
doesn’t have to be perfect now we’re it’s gonna go like this now of course you could stop here but
honey it’s Geoffrey star we’re not stopping you definitely want to add some
gloss I’m here so we’re gonna go in with what is this shade called gold allure
the last lip gloss from Pat McGrath labs now this oh love that oh I love that
like creme brulee scent alright let’s put this right on top huh oh yeah okay
uh-huh hmm oh my god Wow oh wait how do we feel
about this look okay we’re living are you guys I think we need some setting
spray so what do we have today we have the brand new cover FX high performance
setting spray now what is this supposed to do instantly set your look and make
it last all day with this fast drying alcohol-free thank God for setting spray
weightlessly keeps makeup in place and looking fresh while defending against
environmental stressors for breathable long-lasting wear sign me up honey whoo
okay very like chic all right let’s give her a little test oh it’s like a fine
mist okay not mad at that whoa like a lots coming out of my face but like you
don’t really hear it all right let’s give ourselves a little wave and I think
this look is complete all right we got through this video together first of all
how you don’t feel about this final look I think it’s a little fun tip French and
I feel like I’m on the Chanel runway so we’re gonna quickly speed through things
that I lived for if I don’t mention a product that means that was not filling
it in this review and you will definitely probably already know why
because I’ve been running my mouth for a long time let’s start with first of all
you know I love lemare BAM Jeffrey Stehr Boog we know that the foundation now
it’s been about an hour plus since I’ve been filming on and off and I took a
break and I’m gonna say this the foundation looks really pretty now of
course remember I said I don’t know if it’s because of this was in there but
the combination was really nice my skin looks pretty I love it and I would
definitely wear it again concealer not a big fan of this at all
literally I know abuses in a million videos but this $9 moment it outshine
this any day this was like too thick for me and it just set kind of bizarre and
then I was really disappointed because this looking at my face now now that
it’s like fully been an hour plus it left kind of like a soft yellow overcast
on my skin which you really can’t tell on camera because of all the Beauty
lights but I really don’t like it I wish it was translucent I think the formula
is pretty but overall not into it now of course as we said this was stunning love
the eyeshadow palette Urban Decay it knocked it out of the park with that one
now yes beautiful packaging formula what’s not
that bad but girl we dipped into that to this and it really wasn’t much there the
bronzer of course I said was way too orange for me to try and the blush we
never even gave her a fair shot oh it’s like metallic what oh wow okay girl too
bad overall though not the best Smashbox evil lived for her formula is beautiful
lips I love all the lips k’kaw kills it I think this formula is amazing I think
the packaging could be a little better it feels very kind of Claire’s but
overall the formula stuck being the lip gloss would love a Pat McGrath on this
channel honey she was consistently great I think to me a lip gloss is a lip gloss
it’s not mind-blowing but it is very pretty and the setting spray how do you
really judge a setting spray unless you go out and live your life for a while I
don’t know I think it feels cool doesn’t feel tacky is until sticky doesn’t feel
weird but overall I think it’s good I don’t want to say anything on the
setting spray cuz I really don’t know I’m obviously gonna have to test it out
further but don’t forget before you finish watching this video to enter
today’s grand crazy giveaway you can win a year’s supply of the glam glow instant
mud and the thirsty palate and my entire summer collection also if you don’t win
the grand prize there will be four other lucky winners who get a thirsty palate
and an instant mine BAM the rules of course are and the
intro so go replay that and this giveaway actually ends June 27 so
besides that wow it’s been a long one thank you guys so much for watching and
I will see you on the next one mwah bye guys


  1. I've been doing a Jeffree deep dive for like a month and JUST realized I wasn't subscribed! I remembered to do it now. Sis never bothers asking you to subscribe.

  2. Hi jeffree i don't have Instagram so i am subscribed and i am one of u greatest fans can i still be in the giveaway

  3. I'm so confused with why people watch entire video if you are just going to take a cheap shot at Jeffrey. Get off your butt and work hard and be creative and maybe you won't be choosing between toilet paper or bread? Or maybe get finances right so you don't need to take bus? Stop complaining and be happy for someone who deserves their success

  4. Jeffree goes out in pj’s: looks fabulous and living the life.

    Me goes out in pj’s: looks like a homeless zombie groaning for caffeine.

  5. My mom won't even let me buy anything more than a couple dollars. Wahhhh. I just want Urban Decay and Fenty Beauty

  6. Hi jefree I love you so my skin is soooo oily and I have really big pores sooo I really need this hope I winnn fingers.croosed

  7. I just bought there primer and foundation I am a teen with acne and I wanna get the best thing for my face and I know jeffree can hook me up with the tea on the sephora. foundation and primer now I got matched so thats tea and this lovely worker tested the primer on my hand and it seemed really good and thanks for the inside opinion and thanks for being a role model jeffree xoxo-Francesca

  8. He YeEted that shoe at the beginning 😂😂😂😂👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻❤️❤️❤️love you Jeffree!!! SOMEBODY HIGHLIGHTED MY COMMENT!!!!!!!! I FREAKING HOPE ITS JEFFREE… Probably not…a girl can dream😂😂😂 I love how he admitted that he's rich….me on the other hand…..BROKE AS HEEEEEEELLLL

  9. My sister used to always put on a brown lip liner and a nude lip… Back when I was in lower/primary school. So it reminds me of that time in my life.

  10. Hey Jeffree I’m 16 and live in a super town that has only 1,869 people in it. I’m going to be a junior this high school year and I could do with a pore refining mask. I’ve been bullied at an old school where the kids drew pictures of my face on the desk and called me names like pizza face, attention slut, and more. Getting bullied so bad have me anxiety and I had to talk with therapists about it (among other things). I’ve always really struggled with my pores because they are pretty big and very noticeable. I’ve given myself chemical burn multiple times trying to find ways to help my skin get better. Masks, scrubs, jellies, washes, steams, picking, nothing has worked. People tell me to drink water for clear skin, but all I get is pee. If I win the give away, maybe glam glow can give me the chance at having the skin that will give me the confidence to rock the body I have right now. The pallet would go to my older sister who adores makeup and is only 19 but is currently raising our one year old sister Anna. I don’t have the courage to wear makeup in public. Especially not to school where I’d get bullied for being a ‘try hard’ or ‘attention seeker.’ My sister deserves it it all the work she’s put into raising our sister. Thank you, Emily.

  11. Yes Everyday Make-up Tutorials Goes down in the 🚗 car/ 🚚 truck! Before Work! I Parked far Away…I park by 🌳 Trees! DivasForever!

  12. Jefferee you have been such an inspiration in my life. Thank you for continuing to be you. I love you so much.

  13. I wish I could have whatever extra (I'll take the partially used!) "ANYTHING" (products) you have!
    I would LOVE to try $300 moisturizer!!! I love Jeffree & this channel!!! ⭐⭐⭐
    Edit 👇
    I'm 50 & never been to Sephora. 😏

  14. done and i have the worst pores you can see them from a 2 feet from me and i have big ass black heads. Please help me.

  15. I love face masks my skin is not sensitive really and I love the foundation that u used and I'm following glamglow

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