What’s up all good guys n gals of the wide, wide net! This here is another episode of Fresh!Ink’s C.A.R.E Classy Artists Rollin on Education run by yours most truly radical, Fresh!Ink. That’s me! Today we’re gonna talk about ART THEFT AND INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY Stealing is bad, lil’ pal! What kinda society do you live in where dats right? ((STAFF whispers)) Oh. But I’m sure ya all up n’ make ya horrible world inta something better when ya all bein’ valuin and respectin’ da work from your fav artist! Taking advantage of them behind their back is totes not fair to those who not only have spent hours on their work, but da commitment dat they took dat cost’ em years ta all up n develop those rad skills, yo! But waaaait a minute! Ya wanna know how YOU can help out, don’t ya?! Pft! Of course ya do! Help’ em obtain the recognition they deserve and defend them! I made this hideous drawing. Atatatata- Stop right there, pal! Your speech is an absolute lie. Lookit dat dere watermark! Good ol’ Cross put it right there in the middle of the drawing so others know who the real author is. What if he stole it from me and put that thing here before me? Here’s some extra advice for today’s class How to remove watermarks from someone else’s art… to pass it off as your own! Grab all of your devices dat you could use ta steal AND THROW THEM OUT DA WINDOW WITH ALL YOUR MIGHT DEN SIT IN YOUR EMPTY ROOM AND THINK ABOUT DA TERRIBLE LIVING BEIN’ YA ARE FOR WANTIN’ TA ALL UP N STEAL SOMEONE ELSE’S WORK. And finally, apologize to become a better person. Thanks for attending today’s class! See you next time, pals!

100 thoughts on “FRESH INK’S C.A.R.E [420K SUBS SPECIAL – by Jakei]

  1. Why did it sound like I was being interrogated by a ninja turtle. The voice actor and animation is hella awesome tho!

  2. Оооо да, я его помню, я ещё до того его где-то видел, не думал то-что его до сих пор, кто-то помнит

  3. Yay! I learned a lesson from Fresh Ink's C.A.R.E class!
    Always give credit to the original owner to it!
    I think that's the… Lesson?
    Lesson learned tho!
    Yepee! ^w^

  4. This is awesome! But idk if I was the only one who thought this but his voice sound very alike to Sonic's voice for some reason. Other than that I love this! And keep up with your talent!

  5. Salutations Jael,do you know about vanta black ink sans? he's very cool and my main favorite au sans, Btw cool vid about fresh ink sans its quite rare to see animators or artist acknowledge the other versions of ink sans,Keep up the good work jael you're the best.

  6. Fresh!ink is technically a hypocrite
    A. He’s a parasite
    2. He stole inks body
    -ink was created by comyet
    5. Ink is comyets art/creation
    G. So wouldn’t that mean that fresh parasite is also an art thief?
    (Pls don’t take this too seriously)

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