Fletcher Makes Friendship Bracelets and Discusses Her New Sound | Firefly 2017 | Fuse

Fletcher Makes Friendship Bracelets and Discusses Her New Sound | Firefly 2017 | Fuse

My most fun performances
have been at these festivals. This is my second festival
that I’ve ever performed at. How fun to get
to pair performing and being with
your good friends. It’s been amazing. I think the crowd I performed
for this morning for was so fun. I love, like, the outdoor energy
that everybody has. Everybody just wants
to be out here and have a good time
and dance and I love that. This is so cute that
Maggie made me this bracelet ’cause I wanna make her one. I’m, like, thinking
about how I’m spelling as I’m talking at the same time. I also don’t know
if this is an M or a W, but I’m making it an M. I’m gonna crash her set and
sing with her a little bit. My music prior to this point
has been big and anthemic, like empowering and it still kind of has
those tones throughout it but this new music is really more self-introspective and talking about some things
I haven’t spoken about before, like moving to
Los Angeles, I was super heartbroken
over a relationship, but it’s about
finding love again and learning to love myself and living in a new city
that’s really scary. And I actually performed it
today and some people were like, “I’m so excited
about the new music. “I love some of the songs
that you did,” and so I’m really excited
to release the new stuff. Somebody asked me to
write out a lyric and so I physically
wrote it out and then they got it in my handwriting
on their forearm, right here. And I was like, “I would’ve written that a little neater “if I knew you were gonna
put that on your body “for the rest of your
freakin’ life.” That was, like,
the most insane thing ever. If I were to tattoo lyrics of
my own lyrics on myself, I would tattoo, uh, “If I’m gonna fall,
it’ll be from high places.” It’s one of my favorite lyrics
that I’ve ever written. When I’m writing
my lyrics, I’m like, “Hmm, would somebody
tattoo this?” and if not, you gotta scrap it. I’m going for, like,
a green and purple, and then pink and blue theme
on this side. Look. They’re so cute!

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  1. Aaaaaa i love her so much! She deserve nothing but the best in life! Her music is so inspirational and relatable WHEN WILL PEOPLE STOP SLEEPING ON THIS AMAZING LADY Y’ALL MISSING OUT SO MUCH

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