What’s up YouTube? So today’s another day. My mom got Ava a present. She got her this huge kitchen; I got to put that together, so I’m gonna put that together so it’s not in the way and then finish
cleaning up the house and then we’re gonna have some people over so It should be a good day, it should be fun Isaiah is gonna have some playdates so, check it out My drill just died and I can’t find the
screwdriver So project giant kitchen is on hold until later What’s going on YouTube it’s another week with me at the shop Today I have Nate with me. He’s coming in from Connecticut. He drove like three and a half
hours to come see me. He’s not really into cameras and all of that so today we’re gonna respect his privacy but I will still show you guys the session
that I have going on I’m reworking a lot of his older tattoos He had other
artists working on it before but he wasn’t very happy with it. So we’re just
gonna fix that up for him and I did an old piece for him. I still have another session left on it We’re gonna finish that up and then tie both of them
together. Stay tuned check it out Recording a little bit of this right now I’m
feeling myself a little bit so I’m just going to rock out What I’m working with right now I just drew this back here Again I don’t normally like touching other people’s work but my man has been rocking with this for a little while now At first I’m not gonna lie I was hesitant to touch this You know, the point I was at in my career I definitely was not into touching other people’s
work at all so when he first approached me about this Not going to lie I was like “yeah,
yeah, yeah I’ll do it” and then I looked at it and I was like “man, this is not really something I want to do.” A couple years later he still
hasn’t had it finished So I respect that he really just waited it out for me to get it done so we’re just gonna make it happen for him Art is all about emotion so
at the time of the artist doing this he was feeling something himself you know so he knew what he wanted to do with it So I have to know what he wanted to
do also but this is what we got Prolong talking already I’m over here babbling
talking you guys to death but it is what is Alright, so this drill should be charged
a little bit more now. What are you guy’s doing? Oh!! Twins?! Twins?! Oh for real! Really? Twins! He wanted to match me today Nah, Stop playing. I had it on first This was really not planned he was in the shower at the same time and he was getting ready and I.. For real. I was like “What shirt I want to wear?” We’re going to finish building up this kitchen for the play room Big giant kitchen is finished It’s pretty cool. My mom got this for Ava. Surprise for her
birthday Kind of huge so we’re not gonna put it in her room but came out nice thanks mom Look! Take a look, It’s done. You like it buddy? Yeah!!! Alright so I got this all drawn up on
his arm and we’re gonna get a rocking right now So my Eagles are about to make
a playoff push right here You ready for this Curtis? Nick Foles. Big Nick Not going to say the whole word but you know Darren Sproles. Mighty mouse! Mighty Mouse Mighty Mouse for the first
down Third and long right here; Let’s see what you’re made of Nick Foles My guy is Super Bowl champ.Why am I playing him right now I know what he of but
still he needs to come through clutch We need this win Nice start. Three, nothing. Nick Foles led our field goal drive Who’s gonna win Tiki? EAGLES!!! * Yeah ….* Right mama? Say Go Eagles, Go! *Go Eagles!! * Foles don’t fold. clothes gon’ fold blankets gon’ fold Foles don’t fold That’s the anthem for Nick Foles Nick Foles, money right here. He’s audibling. * Throwing it to Goeddert * * Oh, nah. * Oh he said I got the money play Give it to Sproles. Eagles running up this score on
the best team in the league right now Supposedly.. You see that? Yeah… Nickfoleon Dynamite So Nick Foles keeps the Eagles season alive with the W. Good win. Fly Eagles, Fly. I always come here
every morning Vinny D’s deli This place is pretty clutch I got to start my day with a bottle of Fiji A couple bottles of Fiji How’s it going? * “Just those waters?” * Yes Three, Seventy one. Thank You * “Here you go, have a nice day.” * You too The guy’s not here that I was talking to
last time about the Eagles game I don’t think he had any faith in the Eagles winning last night but… They pulled it off! Alright so we’re wrapping it up for today I’m gonna let you guys check this out So I was able to put my touches into it You know, I drew a little bit on
there I was just working what he had and also trying to continue on to what I had
going on in the inside also I used the rope to transition from one piece to another So right here I’m going to actually be
bringing that right into the tree It was kind of difficult to work with at first because
he had like some scribbles in the background of this so it was kind
of hard to work with I don’t know what he had going on The other artists had
me confused at first on what was even going on with the piece but I was
able to figure it out I drew the rest of it on there we re- outlined it. I did a little bit of shading and we’re gonna get back into it in a
little bit so yeah check you guys out next time She said “Hey, let’s paint the chairs!” Na Where’s the paper? Where’s all the paper? Upstairs! Here guys, more paper Yes! What are you doing bud? What are you making? You have paint on your wrists Your hands. Elbow. Your face . Probably. Please don’t touch the walls! Keep that door open. “Isaiah keep that door open.” * “Do not touch A-A-A-A Anything.” * Keep it all the way open so you can walk right in the bathroom and wash your hands when you need to wash your hands Adriana You got a huge enough head You could just bang open the door with your noggin We’re going to check out the damage from the house from the kiddies Not bad The family is leaving the us. Look at them Look like a bunch of little red riding hoods Can you take a picture of me? You’re going to do a little dance? Okay… That’s her unicorn call I want to go home! Goodnight, ladies! Bye! Bye, Goodnight! Blow kiss to them you


  1. I respect your position regarding working on other people's work, but I also think you made a good step forward on it. Just a little input for the future – it could be useful to throw up a before and after either as a photo or back-to-back videos so we can see the value of your work!

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