‘Fill’er Up’ Flash Challenge Preview | Ink Master: Return of the Masters (Season 10)

‘Fill’er Up’ Flash Challenge Preview | Ink Master: Return of the Masters (Season 10)

– Welcome.
For the first time ever, you are being coached by
artists who have fought through this competition and come out on top. Only one of you will join
their elite rank, earning $100,000,
a feature in “Inked” magazine and the title of Ink Master.
– Yeah! – Nice. – For your first
flash challenge, you will win as a team
or lose as a team. So you must work together. – Of course, always, family. – This week, we’re testing
fundamentals. – Fundamentals are the basic
elements that an artist needs to have down. It’s strong line work,
bold colorand smooth black and grey.If you don’t have those,
you shouldn’t be tattooing. – Today, you must create
a massive image using only colored water. – That’s crazy.
– Is it too late to leave? – We’re getting struck
by lightning for sure. – We got this one,
we got this, guys. We got this. – Each team will have
approximately 10,000 cups.Using only food coloring and
water to create
shades and blends,
you need to fill
and arrange the cups
to bring a single,
enormous image to life. – The last time
I put cups together, I was playing beer pong.I don’t think
that’s gonna help
this competition at all. – But a team is only as strong
as its leader. Coaches, you must lead your
teams every step of the way because you alone will have
a bird’s eye viewof the design
as it takes shape.
♪ ♪Every mistake
is on your shoulders. So it’s up to you
to coach your team in the right direction. – I’m scared of heights.
There’s a [bleep] lift.This is horrible.
– It’s all on me.
Because if it looks like
[bleep]and I have
the perfect view of it,
I led them to make something
that looks like [bleep].– I’m not sure if the other
coaches have
the experience
I have in leading a team.
We’re gonna find out
with 10,000 cups very quickly. – Fail to communicate,
and your team’s image will be an unreadable mess. – Every member of the team
needs to hustle. Get a game plan
and go big. – You don’t have to do
tattoo designs. You can make great art.
– Today looks like it might be pretty rough. No time to complain. You’re here,
this is what you signed up for. No slacking.
– Win this challenge and your team
will have the power to assign all of
the human canvases in the elimination tattoo. Control of the game
can make or break you, so every advantage
is essential. You will have five hours,
and your time starts… now. – Let’s go, let’s go!
[all clamoring] – This is the first time
we’re seeing these teams work together. – Need the biggest guys
filling buckets ’cause them things
get heavy, dude.– We’re gonna see
if these coaches
have the faith and trust
of their teammates.
– You’re gonna get wet.
Don’t think about your clothes, your shoes, your nothing. Just make art. – This challenge is testing
fundamentals. They need to make a clear,
strong, legible image. – We’re gonna run these
buckets, right here. Start over there.
– The team that
follows the leader the best
is gonna be the most efficient.
– You think dynamic, but we still gotta keep it
fundamental. – For an eye, we can make it
look realistic from far away.
– And just one big ass eye. What are–
what are we gonna show? That’s too simple.
– The iris is gonna be the only thing.
– Oh, they’re already putting out cups. – Pull that tape measure
straight. Then we’re gonna line the cups
up with that tape measure. – Hey, are we up too far?
– No. We’re good. It don’t matter
how far we’re up. – Yeah, but don’t forget, you’re gonna be looking
on an angle. – Right.
– Garret? – Yeah?
– Focus on keeping it tight so we can see the layout,
all right? – Yeah, yeah. As a team,
we’re deciding to create a beetle.I draw beetles all the time.I’m obsessed with insects.
Well, we’re gonna do the shell in green.Someone has to take charge.Having a lot of siblings,I’ve kinda learned how
to be a good mediator. – Let’s go baby.
Let’s go, Jeremy. Let’s go, fill ’em up, bruh.
– Come on, guys, let’s quit [bleep] around,
let’s do this [bleep]. – Focus on laying cups down.
Don’t worry about the green. – But you just stand there,
standing there. Come on, help out. – Bro, everybody slow down
for a sec. – We’re gonna be doing
that marble bust, right? Blacks and grays? – We have a well-orchestrated
system. We’ve got Matt under the table
doing the drawing.Deanna’s just got bucketsof tones and blends
all pulled out.
Me and Lil’ D are taking
the responsibility
of gridding out
this entire area. – Get all these numbers
in there first. Let’s make the grid
and then we’ll start looking at it.
– All right. – Frank’s over there,
apparently knows numbers better than anybody.
– 64 cups per square for a quadrant, basically. – I don’t see this going wrong.♪ ♪– Four hours remaining. – Lift me
to the heavens. – You hit your growth spurt. You’re at adult height now, – Can we get a poncho
with a pattern on it for Steve? Maybe a dragon poncho
or something. – Hold on a second, hold on.
Stop! So what I’m gonna
tell you guys right now, we’re thinking
we might have to move the whole design down here. – Move it?!
– It’s a little far away. I thought it would
be high enough, but it’s not. – I told you, I told you.
– What do you mean far up? – ‘Cause you’re looking at
a different angle. You’re far away. Let’s go,
let’s move this faster. – This is chaos, right there.
– [bleep] – You win some,
you lose some.♪ ♪– The best way to do this
is just like tattooing.Get down the darkest pigment
and build up to the lights.
– Dark, medium, light,
medium, dark.– They’re just
putting down cups
and I’m just
painting the picture.
They’re calling me
the blend daddy now? They’re gonna be calling me
the tat daddy tomorrow. – It’s tough, ’cause you’re
looking at it upside down, you know?
– It’s tough because I’m doing it with water
in general. [laughter]♪ ♪– I’m just getting
the drawing on the ground. We need that, Matt, now. Here. Now we’re at
a stopping point and we gotta wait for you.
– Getting there. Josh Payne’s starting
to get frustrated with me that I’m not drawing this thing
as quick as he wants. – Don’t worry about
every cup. Now, that’s our job.
You just get the drawing on the ground. Josh, why don’t you just run your dark lines
in the whole square? – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – My team is such
strong personalitiesI gotta tone ’em down
a little bit,
make sure they’re
listening to me.
That’s the only thing
that’s gonna keep us together and get us to the end.
– What are they doing over there?
– A face.All the cups that they have
down right now are just black.
They’re gonna run out of time.– Two hours remaining, guys.♪ ♪– Work, my little ants.
Do this. Speed and efficiency,
that’s what these challenges are about. – Does this look okay?
– Yeah. Got to the black on the mouth. Make it a little bit
of a line with brown.♪ ♪– They’re snapping it together.They’re a lot closer to being
done than we are.
– It looks like a face?
– Yeah. – Teamwork, my friends. – ♪ Teamwork ♪
– How we do it. – Five, four, three, two, one. That’s it, time is up. [cheering] – It’s a beautiful eye.
– You guys wrapped that [bleep] up quick.
– You guys crushed it. – Pillow, great.
– [laughs] – That’s what I’m talkin’
about, team. That’s what I’m talkin’ about!♪ ♪– All right, guys,
time to critique your work. Team Anthony.– Your strong points are
nailing the proportions.
From the size of the pupil,
to the eyebrow
and everything in between.
– The area that you really hit the fundamentals
is your color palate.It really shows an excellent
use of blending colors,
creating color and making it
play well
in such a vast space.– They did an eye.
Everybody can draw an eye.
It’s simple. Show me something
that I’m gonna be afraid of. – Team Steve. Fundamentals are shown here.You got nice color blends.A little bit
of negative space,
here in
the body of this beetle,
which really gives it
some dimension. – Your outline stands strong.The symmetry in the outline
really looks good.
– He has a lot of
great contrast.
It’s a great job.
– Thank you. – Thank you so much.
– Steve’s team,
the design is very basic.We’re here to do artwork,
not tattoo flesh. Team DJ.– I love the border,
I love the concept
of making it a stamp.With all this dark background
and this framing,
it really pushes
the bus forward
The really heavy shadowing
in the bust stands out from
a mile away. – Even the meticulous nature
in which you put the two cents in here. Really detailed.
You did a killer job. – No line work.
I thought it was fundamental.His edge is missing,
half the cup’s not water.
– Three in between each.
Count ’em. You can’t hate
on this thing, dude. – Listen, I’ll say it outright: You’re gonna have to pull
things off like thisto get your moment of shine.That’s just where
it’s gonna go.
Thank God.
– I don’t think there’s any need to deliberate. – I think we’re all agreed. – The judges have decided
that the winner of today’s flash challenge

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