100 thoughts on “FFXIV OST The Great Gubal Library Theme ( Ink Long Dry )

  1. Love the soft, lounge music to this dungeon. Total opposite to the epic, grand pieces from the others. But no less awesome.

  2. The free jazz theme in a library themed dungeon seemed odd to me at first but the longer I was in there the more I loved the combination. Also just love the dungeon in general, ran it first time last night!

  3. "GE: I was wondering, there are a lot of different types of music in Final Fantasy XIV. Is there a genre of music you’d like to try out that hasn’t been included yet?

    S: I put in a song that’s close to what I want to do, but I wanna do like the bossa nova genre, or jazz in general."

    Yes please, Soken!

  4. I could very well sit at the beginning of this dungeon and not even consider going through it. It's a very calming theme imo. Though those owl-demon-things at the end could very well GET AWAY FROM ME.

  5. Oh gods, I remember doing this for the first time with a couple of members of my FC helping me out, and our tank said to start "With lounge music that would fit for 70s snuff movies!" and I just can't unhear it ever since. Man oh man.

  6. One of the first times I decided to try the game music, I did this Dungeon. and I was like… "This is chaotic harmony!" it matches the dungeon perfectly I think, and I also find it really well composed. Do you know how hard it is to compose bits that sound chaotic but somehow go together? some of it sounds unnatural, yet they pulled it off. I the rest flows really well and all together it really makes for a unique composition I think.

    I'm getting this theme for my in game house. somehow.

  7. I really love this one. First time I run this dun, I stopped for a min to see if there was something wrong with my speakers o//o

  8. this song would be pefect without that jarring three notes of piano at about 1:34, wish there was a way to edit it out. >.<

  9. i'm a big and hardcore jazz fan , but this.. I think this has to be the most confusing FFXIV sound track i ever heard.. when i went into this dungeon which was today the music was throwing me off completely.. I love alot of the tracks FFXIV has but this is the worst.. Most confusing.. All over the place track i ever heard. Disliked

  10. I really like hard better… The music makes an improvement. This ost felt all over for me to try to listen. Some instruments felt out of sync on purpose which was why i hated normal when i had to run through it .

  11. This and ARF have the best music out of all the dungeons in the game, I think. With this it's so chill and jazzy. Very Nujabes, as I've seen other people say.

  12. I tried to find this song as it was in the POTD and just searched ff14 weird song. and here I am

  13. The well constructed bits legit sound like something from Steven Universe. Talking about the piano riff sections when they drop the detuned notes for a bit. I can't get enough of this tune! It's the theme for my personal home :p

  14. Its great and all but it doesn't seem fitting how your murdering bird after bird and some smooth jazz is playing lol

  15. Anyone know of any other ost/pieces like this? It doesn't have to be from Final Fantasy or any other game.

  16. Just finished this rather sessy dungeon and it is by far my favorite dungeon thus far. I really love Heavensward. <3

  17. Just did this dungeon and had to find the song. I have not had a mightier need to learn the name of a dungeon song than this one. Coupled with the dungeon referencing FFV, favorite dungeon so far, easily.

  18. how is there no piano sheet music for this? I can only find sheet music for the hard version I would love for this one though :/

  19. This has to be one of my favorite dungeons, great theme, atmosphere, and it's fun to play, like most heavensward dungeons!

    Except for that first boss, getting behind the book with all the slippery ice is kinda jank imo.

  20. When I did this dungeon I was over the moon. I absolutely love jazz and having it as the background made me really happy. Wish I can get the orchestration of this.

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