Female Tattoo Journey –  Girl with Full Body Suit, Face, Eyeball INK

Female Tattoo Journey – Girl with Full Body Suit, Face, Eyeball INK

67 thoughts on “Female Tattoo Journey – Girl with Full Body Suit, Face, Eyeball INK

  1. I hope there is going to be subtitles/captions for hard of hearing 🙏🏽🤞🏼 she is mesmerising and very beautiful. The talk she did about her face tattoo was very interesting and deep. She's great…you both are 😊x

  2. Can't wait to see this. I had my face done by Mike and it changed my life. I love it. So excited to hear her story

  3. thats so awesome, very touching….. as I said on her face ink vid as well: I`m so very happy for her & simply luv how she luvs & appreciates her (new) self 🙂

  4. I love this bodysuit for her. It's a wonderful style and great colour combination for her style. Anna is a walking work of art.

  5. This is so beautiful, I really have no words, I'm just crying and smiling at the same time. Thank you guys for existing, for sharing so much love.. very inspirational, Thank you all from psyland for all of this you done and built! Much love from Brasil.

  6. what other types of lively-hood do you qualify for other than porn ? in biblical times rejects were sent out of the city to a place like psy-land .

  7. Amazing. Thank you so much for making this and showing the world what beauty and art can be. One of the very few forms of living art

  8. Really Awesome, I compleatly enjoyed it!, See this New Album 'Monish Jasbird – Death Blow', channel link www.youtube.com/channel/UCv_x5rlxirO-WKjLIyk6okQ?sub_confirmation=1 , you can try 🙂

  9. I believe a person show how a person is in many ways,tattoos are one way off opening a way to a person and an a person…its a art…

  10. Lovly.familie.you.do.a.lifesuite.not.a.body.suit..i.think.is.your.mind.not.your.body…for.me.outstander..souls.meet.each.other…bussi.to.maya…with.loove…thanx..

  11. Anuskattz Is Such a Good Speaker Wow Bravo 👏
    I honestly Felt Like I was Watching a Ted talk
    So inspiring to hear someone who has really found themselves
    It's a good reminder that we have to work on ourselfs in order to find happiness and help others find it

  12. Ah I am so happy for this video! It is so good in so many ways! Thank you to Anuskatzz for sharing your story and thank you Lily for making a really wonderful documentary short! xxxx

  13. I bet this women is freak in the sheets .I'm not gonna lie I saw the tattooed butt and had to click . I'm trying to objectify but I tell like is she is beautiful .

  14. What a wonderful story…thank you for telling it. I love watching you both, learning more about your lives. It was well worth the wait! Much love to you both x🥰

  15. you have said couple of times that you are eating healthy. What do you mean? In your opinion what is healthy and what is not? Don't tell me you are vegan also.

  16. Anuskatzz & Lilylu- I’ve been following you both separately since the early days & when I found out you were together I was so happy the universe united my favorite artists. You are living breathing art! I love your inspiring life philosophies❤️

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