Female Tattoo Artist Journey // Best Women INK docu Ever

Female Tattoo Artist Journey // Best Women INK docu Ever

60 thoughts on “Female Tattoo Artist Journey // Best Women INK docu Ever

    this is a very importend clip to me and for psyland. so please go crazy with sharing, watching send to your friends, and help us spread this clip as far as we can.

    to all of u for making docus like this possible. And specily for my patreons who support me each month aand trying to help me financialy to start and push me in my filmmaker journey.

    its so exiting to start a fresh thing and its nice to shaare it with some of u . More thoughts, btw pics, monthly videos and your place for supporting. check out my patreon when you truely wwant hel.

  2. Just a simple comment to support this channel and spread some love. Really looking forward to see this docu about Dorsch. 🙂

  3. 🖤 Yeah! I am looking forward to this docu. VEEEEERY much. HER as a FEMALE tattoo artist (think it's still difficult and there is a difference between male and female artists)! Tattooed by you – ritualistic! Working in psyland! Philosophical background! Awesome💜. But: YOUR docus are always fascinating, interesting, touching, full of passion (or at least made with passion💜) and personal truth, emotions … I think you are the perfect one to do docus about "special special" topics! I wish you can go forward and forward and just fulfill your filmmaking dreams – love, strength and enough money for that! 🙂…

    And yes, it is what it is, no discussions ABOUT THAT: Everything is (and was and will be) always and forever about LOVE. Love is the craziest shit ever 😉 and the craziest, weirdest and most insane out of all ☺️. Brutal black tattooing – what's THAT? 🤭😂😉

    Peace and LoVe to you, Lily Lu 🌈🖤!

  4. I appreciate the tattoo docu. But I find it more interesting that lily mentioned before he can’t tell you what tattoo you will get because he just envision the piece when you sit down. That is just amazing his mind work like this and can see huge pieces without much thought

  5. Brava, lily lu! The progression of professionalism in the filming of this piece is very evident! Really love it! The subject and dialogue was intelligent and interesting, as well. I must watch it again!! 💕🐿

  6. Thank you so much for this docu, Lily Lu and Dorsch. 😍😍 We were looking forward for days to watch the docu about our beloved Dorsch. Very emotional. Thank you so so much! Herzliebste Grüße, Jenni & Kai

  7. Totally love your channel lily lu. I wanted to go vote for your wife but didnt know what it was i was voting for and i saw way more than i expected. Woah. I wish i would have known it was type of site it was. Gotta warn us next time friend. ❤Much love to you both and good luck. I hope she wins. You are both amazing!

  8. I love it! I am so glad, that I can show off her work on my body. And I am looking forward to the next sessions! Thank you, Lily, for this video – and thank you Dorsch!

  9. Very awesome Video!
    I've met Dorsh one time at the trainstation and I am very grateful for that expirience, it was really fascinating to talk to her.

  10. I like to watch that there is more behind the scene than only a tattoo …. that there are people with their own mind-set and life-style … far away from normal standards
    BUT who ARE ABLE to transport their philosophy in a peaceful and intelligent way of telling others about that what they are burning for …

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