Exit Interview: Jake Ross | Battle of the Sexes (Season 12)

Exit Interview: Jake Ross | Battle of the Sexes (Season 12)

– Jake and Jason, one
of you will earn the last spot in the finale, and one of you will
pack your machines. – Legibility on
Jake’s tattoo, 100%, but, the creativity and the
drawing that Jason pulls off, I mean I love that. My vote is for Jason. – For the third spot,
I’m gonna go with Jake. – My choice is for Jason. – The judges have decided. Jake, you do not have what
it takes to be Ink Master. – I love doing
competition stuff, I like going to
conventions, competing, and I feel like I still
did good no matter what. There was 18 people here and
I was one of the fourth left, and I’m cool with that. – [Judge With Glasses] Jake,
you had to tattoo Dani’s black and gray mystical witch. – I think Danny just has smoother application
and Jake needed richer black in the cloak to
differentiate from the face. – The judges said the
black wasn’t black, and I feel like it
was pretty black. I don’t know how much more
black I could have made it without destroying that tattoo. Sometimes you gotta
let it breathe. Black and gray, when it
heals, it lightens up, so for me to destroy a
tattoo by blasting black through the whole
thing just didn’t seem like the right move. – When it comes to Jake’s
tattoo, I gave him the reference he used for the head. – My shit’s drawn
straight from scratch. – If I’m replicating a witch
it has to look like something, his looks like a
weird gummy bear. For him, he’s only done the
same style the whole time. I feel like I’ve really (beep)
changed the way I tattoo, I mean, I’ve literally
changed everything about me. I started out as the underdog. People assumed I
was gonna go home because of their realism. The fact that I was able
to switch it around, I feel like that was
good enough for me and I proved a lot. – Early in this competition,
you had one foot out the door. You dug deep in yourself,
went back to your roots, and you turned it around man. – I’m really happy that
you broke out of your shell and I feel like your
tattooing is gonna take off. – Thank you. I know they say “no report
cards” but Laura deserved to get there, Dani did
great across the board, and I feel like Jason’s a great
illustrator and he had his ups and downs, but he
proved that he could do all the styles. Obviously I’m gonna give
some shit, but I feel like they deserved it and I was
just happy to be there. – You know, to be honest
with you guys, now that this is all over, I feel like
he honestly deserved it. He does show good
creativity and I can’t take that away from him. Jason is a great illustrator,
he can draw fast, he can pull shit out of his
head, so if I had the same abilities as Jason,
buy my technical, I would have crushed it. This was one of the best
experiences of my life and I feel like I learned
a lot, and I don’t regret coming in fourth, I
feel like I’m so excited just to (beep) be here. I guess the only thing I
could be really upset about in this situation is not
knowing what it’s like to be on that stage, not knowing
what I could have done, just the unknown. I think that’s the most
disappointing part. – Jake, thank you. Please pack your
machines and close shop. – I feel amazing. I’m so excited just
to make it this far. I had my ups and downs
through this competition but, I feel like I turned
it around, and I proved something to myself
and everybody here. I might not have made the
top three, but I feel like I still accomplished a lot. (metal music)

75 thoughts on “Exit Interview: Jake Ross | Battle of the Sexes (Season 12)

  1. Jake is probably one of the most humble artists I've ever seen on this show. I've legitimately never seen an artist take being eliminated so well. it makes me really happy that he made it this far.

  2. way to rep Cleveland dude. now your shop will have calls off the hook. hope i can get something done by you eventually (maybe i should schedule now. x))

  3. Jake did so well this season and has grown as an artist so much; it's super sad to see him go. The humility and respect that he's left with is extremely admirable too, so mad respect to him! 😀

  4. I would be happy for any of these four to ink my skin as i dont like bullshit just want someone to think about the canvas not the show

  5. In my humble opinion, Jake did a better tattoo than Jason. I would go as far as to say that this piece was his best in the competition. He really gave his best for this one. Smooth fades, sick shading.

    I feel the judges made the decision based on report cards throughout the competition, where Jason was almost always at the top. No discredit to the man, he is one hell of a creator, but tattoo against tattoo just based on their work, Jake edged him out.

    Two great tattooers, but that’s just the way the competition goes. Legends like Cleen didn’t even win on the first or second try even, and Christian as great of a tattooer as he is hasn’t even won.

  6. A classy exit interview. He expresses his dissent with the decision, but he also was so incredibly respectful about the decision and supportive of the others who got picked. It's so professional and classy, and I like Jake even more after watching this interview. He'll still have an excellent career ahead of him after the show. Well done, man.

  7. Ugh I wish all four of them got the title of Ink Master. All of them are truly great in their own unique way and overall. It's definitely hard for me to root for just 1 person, even before Jake's elimination 😬 Wishing Jake nothing but prosperity in his personal tattoo career!

  8. Hey thank you all for all the positive thoughts! Most people spend time talking shit but I really do appreciate the kind words. Sucks I wasn’t able to take it all the way but I’m stoked on how far I made it! 🤘

  9. What a great guy! He showed a lot of grace and growth. A lot of people can learn from his actions. Wishing him a TON of success!

  10. One of the most humbled dudes on the show. Jake, you are well spoken badass. You can do great and not have to be a dick to get there. Seeing what he said after eliminated to jason made me really respect Jake. Thats a true competitor.

  11. He talked about how he felt Jason deserved it, how much he improved, and how happy he was just to be there. That’s a man.

  12. Overall I was way more impressed with jake than Dani. Either way it’s awesome to see him handle it with such class. Excited for the finale #Laurawins

  13. I really love how Jake deals with losing. This is such an amazing example of good sportsmanship, and I hope that he can come back another season

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