Exit Interview: Ash Mann | Battle of the Sexes (Season 12)

Exit Interview: Ash Mann | Battle of the Sexes (Season 12)

Today, you’re being tested
on composition. Based on your work, one of you
will be packing your machines. The battle for me
is between Ash and Jason. Ash’s looks like a cover-up. I mean, Ash’s just looks like
she doesn’t have a plan. My vote is for Ash. My vote to go home is Ash. The judges have decided.
Ash. You do not have
what it takes to be Inkmaster. I felt the pressure.
I wasn’t thinking clearly. I wasn’t making decisions
based on reality. I wasn’t thinking
about anything other than getting
a tattoo done in five hours. I was just so focused on time
and I did take so long on the elements
that you said did look good, that I didn’t really leave
myself time to do the flag. I’m going to be honest. The choices that I made
in that tattoo, I do feel like
I deserve to go home. The strong points of this tattoo
are where you have smooth shading across
the top of the skull. I knew I had a decision to make; either not finish the tattoo
and what I did finish, finish with quality
or to rush through it. Ash got caught up
on her drawing, got caught up in her head,
and just lost it on this flag. I think my downfall in this
whole competition has been getting
inside my head. Every tattoo that I’ve done
poorly I was in my head. After the first critique, I wanted to curl up
in a ball and die. Any little thing can
pull you down. It’s a bummer. But I feel like I deserve
to be here more now than I did when I was struggling
in the beginning. I’ve personally voted for you
to go home a few times on some tattoos
but you’ve come back and shown
your willingness to learn. Thank you. Ash, please pack your machines
and close shop. When I first got here, I definitely struggled
with confidence but I learned
so much being here, about myself, personally,
but about, like, tattooing and just being around
such amazing artists and people and friends and just
learned so much about myself. I feel like there’s a new me. I’m not sure, like, how I’m
going to, like, go home, like, with everything that I know
and how I feel now, but I know my life
can only get better.

66 thoughts on “Exit Interview: Ash Mann | Battle of the Sexes (Season 12)

  1. Shoulda left a few episodes ago. Nice girl but she just clearly doesnt have what it takes. Hope she keeps her head up though

  2. Ok, fair. Good luck Ash. But I have a question….How do the canvases feel for their eliminated or bad tattoos?????

  3. Competitions get to people. She battled it out until the end, and that is honestly stronger than what most people are seeing. Were there some lucky calls during her time in bottom 3? Sure, but not ALL of them. Ex. Tito's mask for sure deserved to go home. She's a great artist that's why she got on in the first place. Top 10 in this competition is amazing and she'll get so many clients from this.

  4. She was constantly in the bottom, mediocre compared to some: Laura, cam, Dani, etc and deserves to go. As much as she complained and stuff, I wanted to dislike her but I found her likable and wanted her to stay at least before alexis and Janelle, based off of personality and stuff..

  5. Uuuggh! Why are people still hiring Dave Navarro? 65 year old reality show host still wearing his faggot eye shadow. Where's your cosmetics line ya fuckin' queer!?

  6. If ash is reading comments Ignore the negativity you killed it this season and are going to be a killer tattoo artist for years to come

  7. I feel like everyone in the comments is now boarding a hate train against Ash. She clearly has talent, and she is a nice person. So calm down, we get it. You don’t have to love her but no need to make it a point to dislike her. Just imagine it was you.

  8. I don't think she had the worst tattoo of the day. But she consistently have poor performances compared to the other guys

  9. I knew she was going home, but I kinda liked her. I really question how Alexis has stayed this long. Alexis is awful.

  10. Thank god she’s gone… I was hoping every week she would leave, finally happened!!! She was in the bottom EVERY week except the week before

  11. Bout time this idiot is out. Should have been tossed out on her ass when she was talking about tigers being part of native american culture…. total BS

  12. I would rather get a tattoo from Ash any time over Pon. He keeps doing garbage and they don't even bring him up when discussing worst tattoo. His tattoo was worse than Ash's. Plus Ash is a total smoke show. 😉

  13. Her leaving was absolute trash. Her tattoo was CLEARLY better than Jason, Alexis, and Cam’s (he did the ugly shark). But in all honesty, it should’ve been Jason going home with that piece he did.

  14. jason's tat was worse but i think ash was sent home because if jason did the women would have twice the amount of people then the men.

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