Exit Interview: Alexis Kovacs | Battle of the Sexes (Season 12)

Exit Interview: Alexis Kovacs | Battle of the Sexes (Season 12)

This week you had to demonstrate
adaptability. Based on your work, one of you will be
packing your machines. Alexis.
What do you think overall? The Broccoli Tattoo, you have
a really rough application in the shading and the color. You’ve had problems
with this time and time again throughout this competition
and here it is again. Who is going home? Alexis, I got to say, you’ve had
a lot of technical hiccups. I’m sorry, my vote’s for you. Today, it’s going to be Alexis. The judges have decided. Alexis, you do not have
what it takes to be Ink Master. I don’t think my tattoo
should have been the tattoo that got me sent home.
However, that being said, I still think
it’s an awesome tattoo. There are two tattoos
that I would stand behind. I love my sandwich tattoo. I don’t understand how
they think Jake did a better tattoo
than I did. Jake’s tattoo versus
Alexis’ Tattoo. I like them more open skin
in Jake’s. I think I tattoo for tattooers. I think tattooers could see
what I do and appreciate it, but I don’t think
the judges… I just don’t think
I tattoo how they want. I guess Jake does. We push for people to put more
black, but you put too much. It does look a little burnt. He made that bread, like, that
kind of blah color that I got yelled at
for last week. So it’s like, I just, you know,
I’m kind of just at the point where I don’t know
how to make these people happy. It is a trauma problem.
It is a technical problem. I had high points and low points
in this competition. I think I’ve made awesome
tattoos that were torn apart. I think my drawings
have been great. I think I didn’t deserve
all the shit that I’ve gotten because I do think
I performed well. Having Tattoo of the Day
meant a lot. It’s a cute tattoo.
I think you did a great job. Thank you. It’s cool to be validated
at least once. You’re a great artist
and you’ve got a deeper look into your tattoos
over this last couple of months and I have no doubt
you have the ability to correct all these problems. We’re sure we’re going
to see you again. Sounds good. I would’ve liked to get further.
I wanted to make it to the end. Please pack your machines
and close shop. I’m always going to tattoo
and it’s just what I do. That’s not going to stop.

47 thoughts on “Exit Interview: Alexis Kovacs | Battle of the Sexes (Season 12)

  1. Alexis was turning into a hysterical mother with her emotions on the show so i could tell she wasnt gonna last long. I wanted ash to win. I kinda fell in love with her personality

  2. the broccoli was too dark and the bread was burnt. jake's bread looked like actual bread. plus, on her best day, she couldn't out tattoo laura, dani, jason, or cam

  3. At 1st I really didnt think she would make it as far as she did. Mad respect for sticking around for as long as she did. As much as she improved I don't think she would've made the finale as interesting. Creepy Jason, Cam & Laura all the way.

  4. Never saw her making it to the finals. Not a bad artist but not a stand out either. Plus she's like 40 and dresses and dyes her hair like a teenager, that's just weird.

  5. Jake just made my tattoo boring.. Im a veteran tattooer.. this is what i do.. My reputation bla bla blimpin bla… Now look atchya

  6. "I think i tattoo for tattooers, but I don't think I tattoo for the judges"

    2/3 of the judges are veteran tattooers

  7. The face she made when they were talking about her tattoo made me a little mad, so disrespectful, time and time again i've noticed that she can't take criticism at all
    Even though her tattoos weren't bad, her attitude was
    Bye, Felicia


    Creepy Jason
    Final 3 is Laura, Dani, and Cam, winner is a woman.

    Check back when this gets proven.

  9. Alexis' sandwich looked like it had ketchup on the bottom where Jake's colored it like a sandwich spread or Russian dressing.  Ketchup on a cold cut sandwich?  My vote is for Alexis, sorry. The only thing i don't like on Jake's is a Red Olive.  Never seen one of those.

  10. I’m sorry Alexis
    You made great tattoos!
    The judges were really beating you down, I really liked your doggy ice cream cone ❤️

  11. I think it may have also come down to making the teams even from a show stand point. Which is unfair but it happens

  12. I would love to see her with blonde hair and less crazy makeup. I know it’s her caricature. But I’m not digging the lipstick :/ very pretty girl tho

  13. it doesn't seem like they wanted her on their her, her tattoo and skills are much better than the gentleman she's, speaking of she's, correct his sandwich, look like a soggy bread, hers look like actual bread, if they want to say something about the color, have it be toasted bread, even though I feel like her's was nice, his was sloppy, he is look like something you can find in a comic strip

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