Even Angels Get the Blues: Angels Tattoo Face Off | Ink Master: Angels (Season 2)

Even Angels Get the Blues: Angels Tattoo Face Off | Ink Master: Angels (Season 2)

[overlapping chatter] – Hello, Memphis! [crowd screaming] – We have two amazing tattoo
artists right here, ready to do some awesome work for you guys! [cheering] – Over here,
we have Nickole Ashlock! [cheering] – And on this side,
we have one of “Ink Master” Season 8’s fiercest
competitors, Nikki Simpson! [cheering] – At the end of this tattoo,
we’re gonna need your help. Each one of you gets to pick
which tattoo you think is best. [cheering] – Okay, you guys have
six hours to tattoo. And your time starts now. [ambient music] – Do you like how high up
it is, everything with that? – Yeah.
– Okay, you ready? – Mm-hmm. – It’s a little
crazy with the people. Just tune out their voices.
All right, are you ready? – I am.
– All right. ♪ ♪ – So,
you’re doing black and grey? – Black and grey, and glowing
red where her heart would be. I included a lot of different
elements in this tattoo to help show the story of what my
canvas wants to convey. I can’t just move fast. I have to make sure that
every single thing is perfect. [suspenseful music] ♪ ♪ – So, the color that
you’re going to be putting in is going to be all
the floral crown coming down? – Yeah. – And you’re gonna leave
the lion face black and grey? – Yes. I am doing a tattoo that mixes
realism with illustrative. It’s more of a challenge,
just because I have to find a way to make those
two different styles combine and be,
like, flawless. – So, this is your first time
tattooing in front of a big, live crowd?
– Yeah, it’s pretty loud. (laughs)
– It’s intimidating. – I’m used to like,
walking out, talking, or music, not this much noise. – Yeah. ♪ ♪ – The crowd and the noise are really getting to me,
and it’s really distracting. – People are saying my name,
and I’m like, what? I’ve had people watch,
you know? Quite a few people,
but never this many. – Right. – Nickole has barely competed.
This is a huge crowd of people. – She looked a little
nervous at the start. – But Nikki does
this thing all the time. She’s had her game
face on the whole time. She’s like a machine.
– Trying to beat the clock. – You worried about time?
– Slightly. – What are you planning
on doing with the red? – Once all the shading is done,
then I’m gonna make a decision. The color in my tattoo
is really important. It can’t really stand alone
as a black and grey tattoo. I may have bit off way
more than I can chew. – Two hours left.
– Oh my God! – Oh, I am really worried
about Nikki finishing. She’s making plans
to not put the red in. – That red glow is
pretty pivotal to the tattoo. – It’s really important. If she has to change the plan, she has to the change the way
other things are rendered. – She might already
be too far to go back. [suspenseful music]

20 thoughts on “Even Angels Get the Blues: Angels Tattoo Face Off | Ink Master: Angels (Season 2)

  1. Nikki i love u to death and would love a pc from u but even being a dude id rather have worn nicoles that lion was amazing and i just cant get over the right hand it was way wonky and the angels gave u a freebie there same w the local tattoo artists the face was beautiful and every other aspect about it but i couldn't look pass the hand

  2. How on earth could Nicky win with those wonky anatomically incorrect hands. How is it that the so called professionals didn't see that?

  3. anyone else getting sick of everyone on ink master saying “i’ve bit off way more than i can chew”? LOL i groan every time

  4. I am so sick of people joining reality TV and the first thing out of their mouths in any contest is I really need it…and then they give a big sob story and tears. Everybody needs money so try and win it based on talent and not pity

  5. By the way… The pinky did not look like it had to Knuckles like they told her on the show. Her shading on that pinky was absolutely fine

  6. I love how Nicki thinks she does the best women faced tattoos… Not… Not to mention everyone she does looks the same! This girl put herself up on a pedestal when she should not have. She won nothing at Ink Master and the only reason she lasted as long as she did was because she was riding the coattails of Ryan Ashley and Kelly Doty. She bitched about every canvas she got not to mention how many times she rolled her f**** eyes. She sure gives women a bad rep

  7. I don't know what Ryan Ashley was talking about when she was commenting on the negative skin breaks to show where the collar folds over on the second challenge with the guy… he did that for a highlight… Had nothing to do with a fold-over

  8. Enough of people coming on reality shows with their sob stories… There is no need and would you really want somebody inking you who was crying and had blurry vision from the tears?

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