Emergency Snack Kit! | 10 Strange Amazon Products

Emergency Snack Kit! | 10 Strange Amazon Products

100 thoughts on “Emergency Snack Kit! | 10 Strange Amazon Products

  1. Be sure to check out this THROWBACK episode of us testing an iPhone stunner! – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vRnF4WvQqwg&list=PL15dtrx_ng4RZH3aop96cWRW7CZU-uqDe&index=26

  2. So why wouldn't you put hot water on the other side of the ice tray like a normal person you just put the ice tray in the sink under the water upside down turn on the faucet so that the ice falls into your hand and the hot water is only landing on the back of the ice tray that way it slowly melts a little bit of the ice and just slips out rather than having to be yanked out and broken?

  3. It's interesting how dramatically the likes increased as soon as Tanner and Michael we're on the couch with Mathias on screen. Pretty crazy.

  4. 5:25 at the dollar store near me you can get a pack of 15 glowsticks for $1 and it has clips that come in packs of 10 (I think), most people have black clothes or they can just go to Walmart and buy leggings or sweat pants and a tee-shirt for like $20 to $30. So you could buy this same thing for about $30 to $40 (if you need black clothes) or $3 to $10 depending on how many glowsticks packs and clips you get (they are dollar store ones so I would get a few)

  5. $60 for a diy glow rope for suit minus the suit or clothing? Sheeee-iiiiiit! Get a $20 LED strip light roll with battery op. & tiny flat remote & affix to clothing. 10 x's brighter & tons of color choices, combos etc.

  6. No one got tanners joke at the beginning. “I was searching other stuff and this popped up” after Matt read the part about sexy lips and rubber.

  7. wonderwave wave rocker,ride on rocking toy for outdoor play, durable handles and protective foam padding,backyard play equipement -8ft x 8ft

    me : you mean pringle a 8 ft pringle

  8. That see-saw thing, I had a mental image of Tanner doing it so hard that Matt flew off it and over the banister 😂

  9. A steer is actually a cow that's been fixed if you know what I'm talking about a Male cow would be a bull

  10. Ayeee i drive a Tacoma why was that funny to Mathias just cuz he drives a Tesla wowww lmao I’m jk still love y’all💕

  11. 8:30 …. He foreshadowed the Letting The Person In Front Of You Decide What You Eat Challenge! haha

  12. With the stick figure suit, just sacrifice a pair of pants and a hoodie by cutting holes in them and use clear zip ties to zip tie the lights in place. There's no way they'd budge and it'd look much cleaner.

  13. Not a Harry Potter fan, are ya?!
    It's not pronounced as-ee-oh
    It's ack-ee-oh
    Just watch Harry Potter and listen when they use the spell.

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