Elimination Tattoo: Outer Space – Ink Master, Season 8

Elimination Tattoo: Outer Space – Ink Master, Season 8

to show contrast
tattooing outer space, and your time begins…[dramatic music]Now. – All right, buddy.
– Let’s do it. – Let me grab some gloves.
I’ll have you stand right here.– In this elimination tattoo,the artists
have to do outer space.
Space is a vast field
of darkness,so you have to put
planets and stars
with a lot of bright light
contrast to stand out.
– Come towards me
as much as you can. Perfect. – I still have seven people.I’m trying to get
to that top five.
Two more artists got to go home.[rock music]– I’m gonna kick
those boys’ butts today. – Uh, yeah.– Originally
my canvas requested
three planets and three names,but I convinced my canvasthat we are not doing the names. Gian, dummy. – We’re a match made
in heaven, Gian. Sorry. – He thought he was throwing us
under the bus. – No. – Gian thought he was giving me
one of the worst canvases, and I turned
that [bleep] around. – Ryan’s [stoked].
She talked that lady out of that [bleep]. Stoked, right?
– Mm-hmm. – I would be.[tattoo machine buzzing] – Just a little bit, huh? – It tickles so good.
Oh, yeah.– This canvas
keeps moving around.
He is not sitting
very well at all. – [bleep].
– Sorry.– Mike’s tuned in
to outer space
right now with his canvas.He’s a [bleep] weirdo. [tattoo machine buzzing] – [groans] – I think I’m really [bleep]. – Three hours to go.– Gian’s has zero black
in there, dude. – Yeah.
– It’s outer space, bro. – Yep.– My strategy
is to just keep winning
and solidify my spot
in the top five.
My report card is great.I’ve been winning
tattoo of the day,
flash challenges, and I’ve never
been in the bottom. – Two hours to go. – What’s your critique
once I get all my white in? – I think if you pull it into,
like, a peachy yellow– – Peachy yellow in there? – For the highlight? Yeah. – I am not
that big a fan of Gia’s idea. – I think Gia bit off way more
than she could chew. – I’m worried about my technical
skills in this tattoo, because the chest
is a tricky area to tattoo.You get a lot of inflammation.The skull picks are definitely
screwing me over. – One more hour to go,
everybody.– My canvas, she was really into
a lot of the same stuff that I’m into,
like horror stuff,but I decide to take a chanceand to make this
a colorful space piece.
I was trying to make
the contrast dark here. – Yeah. You see these little areas right here with that pink?
– Mm-hmm. – Well, that pink it’s not 100%
saturated right there. – Okay. Maybe just do
a second pass on that? – Just make sure you button up
all your edges and clean them up.– I want to give the judges
what they want
and stay in this competition. – I like this. Turn to the side
a little bit for me.I don’t have a cluehow to show contrast
with this tattoo.
My strategy is to
keep it clean, simple, and survive. – That’s intense. I jumped. – I’m from the projects.I have nine brothers
and sisters.
In my household,
we were always competing.
We raced home to get
the last slice of bread.Being here is
like normal to me,
because I’m always around
a group of bickering people
competing for something. – Five, four, three, two, one. – That is it.
Time’s up. Machines down.
No more ink. – Oh, yeah. It’s great.
I love the planet. It’s perfect. – Yo, that’s dope. The colors are mad bright. It’s awesome, man. – Boneface’s tattoo
is looking really dull. I don’t see any contrast at all,
and it looks likethere’s a flying meatball
across the front of it.
It’s a [bleep] tattoo, and he shouldn’t be here.

91 thoughts on “Elimination Tattoo: Outer Space – Ink Master, Season 8

  1. the women on the show act like everyone owes them….they get on her and act like privileged bitches that don't know how to compete!

  2. boneface had me rolling 😂😂😂 These girls complain so much, think they should have an easy ride to the finals. Nikki and Ryan are the only good girls in the house.

    the finals will be
    Kevin,Ryan and Nikki
    or Ryan, Kevin and Sketchy(maybe Gian)

  3. I don't know why Gia thinks that she is the best out of the other artist and in reality Kelly, Nikki, and Ryan are better and The other artist etc

  4. I like how gia said he's a shit tattooer yet look at her forehead 😂

    I'd think you would've gotten something better or made sure you had if you were so great

  5. It's so funny that the boys complaining that the girls (in the previous episode) got easy tattoos, but when they got the easiest, no word.
    Look, I know it's a game, so when you have the skull pick, you ARE going to fuck some people on purpose, so it shouldn't matter if it's a girl or boy or black or white you're going to mess with.
    My only problem here is they say "Let's fuck up the girls because they have a girl alliance", never "Let's mess with the girls because they are good"
    Yes, they SHOULD fear the girls because of that, but they never EVER say, so that is my only problem with this guys!
    I am so happy that my precious Ryan won this season and, one day, I will get a tattoo by her, mark my words 😉

  6. wtf is wrong with these douche bag girls? all the girls are azzholes like bone didn't do nothing and they insta judge on his work so hard all the time fk these hoes

  7. The girls get a taste of there own medicine and there fuckin cryin..boo-hoo………Nikki wash ur manky black leggings…!

  8. I don't know what their problem is with boneface. Gia must think bone face is competition cuz she keeps saying that his tattoos are bad they're not good I'm sitting here like they're really good I would get one

  9. I think that Gia was being really bitchy at the end to BoneFace, like I know he isn't the best but you have to respect him like he worked really hard to get where he is.

  10. 90% of these videos end on them insulting Boneface- on any other show I would call this catty and awful, but they all have a point.

  11. I honestly love Matt. He and his brother do such good black and gray work, its honestly beautiful. I'm sad we didn't see more of him.

  12. Judging is contagious. Even the competitors cant help themselves. The judges dont even judge him as hard as the women do

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