Elimination Tattoo: Medusa – Ink Master, Season 8

Elimination Tattoo: Medusa – Ink Master, Season 8

– This canvas
is freaking me out. He wants full-body, and also,
he wants color. Some real freaking
predator, metallic look. He could send me home. – You’ll kill yourself
doing all that, and it’s not even that
appealing. Get rid of that weird rattle. – He wants a rattle? – [bleep], Tito.
That thing’s just little, man. – It’s a pain in the ass. – Well,
look at what you’re up against. You’re up against a bunch of
people that are doing big, open faces with big,
beautiful details. That [bleep]
could either make you the man, or it could send you home. It’s a tough design. Don’t stress. Hang in. – All right. Team Nuñez,
you have six hours to tattoo Medusa and
show great composition. This is your first chance to
show Chris you have what it takes to hold your own, and your time starts now. – Let’s go tattoo.
– Whoo!– Today, we’re testing
composition with Medusas.
This is a tattoo
that needs to be hand drawn
to find that flow,
to find that rhythm. – I’m just gonna place it where
I think it looks good. Okay? – I may have to sketch a little
bit of this on.– If you just cut and paste a
bunch of snakes
to a pretty lady face,
you’re gonna have problems. – Here we go. – I’m really happy with her
head size. I’ve tattooed so many Medusas. All right. Here we go.
There’s a catch.They take for [bleep] ever,
because there’s so
much detail when it comes to
doing all of those writhing snakes. I feel like I’ve got a
leg up in this challenge.– We all wanted the stronger
artists on our team.
We may have [bleep] ourselves,
because now, my teammates are my main
opponents. We have nine people on our team,
who are the strongestin the room, and so if
you knock out four of those,
when the last five
are still here,
we’re gonna have the
strongest team, period. – I’ma have you sit back and
enjoy the ride.Team Peck gave me the Trash
Polka tattoo.
I’ve done this before,
but never with a Medusa. – This is facing backwards, bro. It’s got to be facing forward. I’m helping Sirvone, because I
know he’s one of the weakest
artists in Team Nuñez. Just flip that [bleep] around. The longer I keep him here,
the better it is for Team Peck. You’ll get it, bro.
I’m trying to play the game.[rock music]– One thing I’m confused about
is why so many Medusas have hair. – I think it’s either
hair or snakes. – Maybe they were worried about
doing too many snakes. Too much going on. – Damn. – The snakes are about done, if
that’s any consolation. – Oh, that’s it? – No. I got to do the face. I know how to do faces better
than most of the people in this room. – I’ve had enough.
I’m taking a break. I need to go to the bathroom.
I want to get some soda. – You need to do that right now?
– Yeah.– We only have six hours.I’m stressing whether or not
I’m gonna get this tattoo finished or not. She’s freaking me out. – Four hours remaining.
Four more hours.[dramatic music]– Hi.
– Hey. What’s up? – Chilling while she pees
forever. My worst fear is coming true. I think I’m gonna go get her. Are you doing okay, dear? – Yeah. I’m going to the
bathroom. – Okay. No. No [bleep] hurry.
Sorry. – What the hell is everybody
doing? – Three hours, guys.
Halfway done. – You’re just getting me
paranoid, girl. You’re scaring me. If I don’t finish,
I’m out of here. – I definitely want to take
another break. That’s for damn sure. – Okay. I can’t afford to take
several 20-minute breaks.Get it together, lady.– If the name of the game is
composition, nobody is working
with the snakes, like, pulling them off of the tattoo
and having them elongate the tattoos. A lot of them are like stickers. – I got to shade in
all of the snakes. I’m used to taking my time. – Carolyn was doing good until
she put that background in. – I’m really hoping you’ll see
more of my strengths in this one. I almost didn’t even make
it onto a team. I was the last pick.At this point, I need to
not feel like the underdog.
I put a lot of things on
hold–my whole life, my kids.I need to nail this down.– Tito looks rough. – Rough. I think what we went
after happened. – Yeah. Inadvertently, yeah. – True, but not maybe the way we
were expecting it to. But it’s
looking kind of… – It looks like Tito’s got the
worst. – Think we’re getting good luck. – I think so too. – Seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. That’s it. Time’s up. Machines down. No more ink. – Okay.
– Done. – We’re done. – All right.
Do you want to take a look? – I do. – We started out a little rough,
but we got it done. – Tuff Tito’s Medusa–his snakes
look like yarn.It looks like a
zombified Raggedy Ann.
It’s [bleep], and he needs to go
home with it.

95 thoughts on “Elimination Tattoo: Medusa – Ink Master, Season 8

  1. Man that old bag shouldn't be on this show if she's gonna be rude she's like yeah I'm going to the bathroom bitch they're doing there job and u gotta use the bathroom u liar

  2. the moment when you want to watch the full episode so you click the link but it says "its not available in your region" cause you live in fucking canada.

  3. the canvas who went to the bathroom was a fucking bitch jesus christ if she cant handle the pain then why did she enter to be in a fucking competition where theres an obvious time limit smh

  4. Ryan is just as big of a bitch as Nikki. Ryan and Nikki are man hating feminists. Stupid bitches along with Kelly and Gia.

  5. Okay when you agree to go on a tattooing competition show, for a free tattoo, you gotta understand that you are there to help the artist more than they're there to help you. So don't be a bitch 60 yr old blonde lady in red corset. Your artist is trying to win! If you can handle the deep inner painful knowledge that you're getting older and less attractive, you can handle getting tattooed without breaks.

  6. I want to watch the full episode but it’s not available in my region! Common!! Australia, Canada and Brazil should be allowed!!

  7. I don't understand what people think it's going to be like when they agree to get a tattoo done on this show. They know that these are timed challenges with specific requirements for the artists, which means a couple things: 1 – no breaks unless absolutely necessary, and 2 – be ready to compromise a bit if the artist has concerns about your design idea. That guy who wanted a whole medusa done in 6 hours during a detail challenge is out of his mind. That being said, wtf is with the belly button on Tito's Madusa? It's in the middle of the left side abdominal shading rather than her center line…

  8. The girl with nikki was annoying why tf did you go on the show to be a canvas if you’re just gonna complain and take super long breaks, just get it done at a regular place

  9. These people want 10breaks lol my artist made me take a break when i got my 2nd one i diddn't want to 😂 and i was like bleeding and everything (as a side note i would die to be on this show and get a tattoo id even pay for the thing how do people sign up)

  10. I actually loved tough tito's medusa… zomething about that zombie like skin color makes me gravitate towards it 🖤

  11. Can we just watch a full episode please with the tattoo and the comments and the decision at the end who wind who loses? You showing us nothing like what are we even watching here is we cant see it why do u even upload videos

  12. I have a back of shoulder tattoo bigger than that old blonde lady's. More detailed, too. Tons of color.

    I took two 5-10 minute breaks in the entire 5 hours.

  13. 2:21 Hi to any tattooist out there, why is it such a big issue if the tattoo is facing backwards? Is there anything wrong with that?

  14. As somone who has had their back tattooed (i know pain is subject to opinion) but it was nowhere as bad as she said. The back was really not that bad at all ans mine was heavily on the spine. I doozed off om mine. A lot of drama over nothing really. But as I said, I know its very subject to ones own tolerance.

  15. for a free and high quality tattoo i would sit 48h even with a fork and a spoon in my gut just to get it XD

  16. I like Tito's Medusa the most! I want that one tattooed on my skin!! He definitely created something I've never seen before with Medusa

  17. The lady in the red corset was a massive bitch. If you're going to be that disrespectful to the time frame that your artist is under, then why are you on the show?

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    “But look at the other artist”

    Umm no. He can’t, it’s the canvas. More a test of manipulation in some of these episodes

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    It looks like she knows nothing about proportion
    And she has the nerve to say she can draw faces better than everyone else? Pfffffahahahahhahah suuuuuure you do

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