Elimination Tattoo: Hour Glass – Ink Master, Season 8

Elimination Tattoo: Hour Glass – Ink Master, Season 8

– Okay, artists,
you have six hours to tattoo an hourglass showing detail, and your time starts… now. – Let’s do this. – Yay!
– Okay, let’s go. – Let’s get this thing done.[rock music]– Hourglasses can be done
so many different ways.It’s a chance for someone
to really shine
if they’re good
with their detail. [tattoo machine buzzing]Team Nuñez lost
the flash challenge.
Team Peck is on a positive note.Going into the elimination
tattoo with the advantage,
it’s gonna give us that boost to be able to knock
one of Team Nuñez out.I don’t want to go into
next week’s elimination
with three people
against Nuñez’s five. – What are you doing, bud? – She wants two different scenes
in each thing. I was gonna keep this [bleep]
real simple like that. Like, not too much– – But you need detail.
Today’s detail. It’s gonna get tricky,
especially if you’re gonna show a reflection, an actual front,
across, across, and across, with a mountain. Kevin LaRoy is a nice guy
that does his own [bleep].Kevin tells me,
“Yes, yes, yes,”
and then does “No, no, no.” Make sure it’s, like,
working to your advantage.– Copy.– Okay, artists,
five more hours. You have five more hours.[dramatic music][tattoo machine buzzing] – Everything that I hoped
that didn’t happen happened. [sighs] Doing a [bleep] new-school
tattoo on a guy’s ass. [coughs] – I feel bad for you
not feeling good, man. That sucks.
– And on top of it,
I’m sick as [bleep]. I’m spending more than an hour
blowing my nose… [blows nose]Sanitizing my hands,changing gloves,and it [bleep] everything
up with my tattoo. [blows nose]– [inhales sharply] – My canvas originally
wanted an hourglass on his ribs, but I talked him into moving it
to his bicep instead.– [grunts] – I’m so glad I did. – I need a minute.
[groans] – He can’t even sit
for a bicep tattoo. – Extremely painful.
– Come on. You can do it. It’s really just about
zoning out, you know? – But I don’t see how
anybody could do that when a needle is in your arm.– Let me see what you got. God damn it.
– [laughs]– Nikki’s canvas told me
he wasn’t gonna change
the location of the tattoo. What the [bleep]? – Try to [bleep] me over,
and you can’t. – God damn it.
– [laughs] – It’s a waste of my skull pick. – Three hours, guys. Three hours.– When I was 16, I was diagnosed
as obsessive-compulsive.I’m very particular about
the way everything is done when I’m tattooing,
so I am not a fast tattooer. This competition, it’s always
just a game of hurry up with everything. – You’re gonna win this week. No issues.
– Okay. This canvas wants these
incredibly intricate clocks.Like, we’ve got six hours.I have no idea if we’re
actually gonna finish this.– Looks awesome.
– It looks great. I want to get the feathers done
and then go in and start detailing it.
– Okay. – The better I feel
about this tattoo,the worse I feel
for our alliance.
It’s obvious
I couldn’t save themduring the skull pick.If they don’t pull through,I could be sending
one of my girls home.– Final hour. One hour remaining,
artists.– Team Peck gave me the guy
who wants a photo-realism,anatomical heart dripping blood
on a tree of life.
What the [bleep]? – I was like,
“Man, I probably confused the [bleep] out of him.” – A couple little details, man, ’cause it’s all about
the details. After almost getting kicked off,
right after that, losing a flash challenge,
I’m feeling like ass.I’m worried about never
going back to the bottom.
I got to do a great job
on this tattoo. – Five, four, three, two, one. That’s it.
Machines down. Time is up.
No more ink.– Nice, man. Perfect, dude.
– Good. – Yeah, thank you.
– Cool. – Oh, damn. Wow, that’s sweet. You got it way bigger than I thought
it was gonna end up too. – Glad you like it.
– It’s dope as hell, man. – Eric, the only thing I can say
is that this tattoo is ass. You should definitely be worried
about going home today. – [sighs] [sniffles]

92 thoughts on “Elimination Tattoo: Hour Glass – Ink Master, Season 8

  1. Bs that Eric went home… Idc what anybody says him going home was just ridiculous.

    Sketchybitch is such a little pussy I hope his ass gets sent home Tuesday

  2. Absolute BS is what Eric going home is. With the pin-up challenge, they decided Gia should go home mainly because of her report card so why not this time?! This was Eric's first time at the bottom and his FIRST bad tattoo… Kevin has now been at the bottom for the third or fourth time, it's absolute bullsh*t.

  3. This is utter bull man. Eric was one of the best tattoo artists there. Personally, he was my favorite. This was his first time in the bottom. Smh, ink master made a huge mistake.

  4. peck voted for eric to go home because eric was one of nuñez best. shoulve been kevin to go home. he sucks!! btw. why is nikki always throwing in her two cents during judging. she not a judge!

  5. hard to choose; I liked gian's tattoo more than ryan's. good to see nate do some quality work. same with sketchylawyer. guy doing a butt tattoo, kinda dumb, give that to a girl and that guy lied about already being covered in tats. sucks that cholo had golo, get it.

  6. bicep tattoos are extremely painful but like… it's still managable. i got one done in three hours without breaks and i was so done at the end of it, but still, that dude should've been able to get it done without getting up all the time.

  7. Why do I feel like there are always people complaining about Nikki in the comments. I don't really like her but really, every video. Every other comment.

  8. What happens if they don't finish in time? Do they finish it ltr or do their canvases go home with half a tattoo?

  9. I knew there was a reason I felt drawn to Kelly. Being someone with disorders I feel drawn to others who have them as well without knowing. It's odd to explain but it happens. XD Plus she is awesome I think. Wish I could somehow see full episodes though.

  10. "I don't see how anyone can zone out with a needle in their arm"
    Lmaaoo thank you, I usually just tough it out when I'm in the chair but zoning out has always been hard I just try to talk it out

  11. One thing that annoys me about the artists is how they get mad at their canvases lack of pain tolerance. Not everyone feels almost no pain guys.

  12. So many people complaining about Nikki, but she's right! I'm 115 pound girl with a half sleeve and my ribs done, and I had a really rough time on my ribs, but I still sat better than that guy.

  13. Something that I don't wanna do as a Tatto artist is to Tatto on someone's ass and their privet part but I know that's going to happen one day! Well F**k life

  14. I feel for the big bald dude. My inner arm tattoos were one of the most painful, intense tattoos I’ve gotten.

  15. i still can’t believe people agree to get tattooed and then bitch out because of the pain, like why tf agree on it little bitches 😂

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