Ed Sheeran Reveals his Favourite New Tattoos | GQ Cover Stars | British GQ

I’m Ed Sheeran for GQ, we are under some train
arches, and there’s one now. Budgets been slashed. Life has been great in the last year. I took 12 months off, and spent six months making an album, and six months travelling. I did get a tattoo while I was travelling, yeah. I got this one here, which says “Ladz
On Tour”, because I got it with a bunch of lads, on tour. This was the first time that
I played in Japan so I got a Japanese symbol. I think I know what it means but it might
mean, like, “Yo Sushi” or something. I got that in Australia. Which was really really painful. The one that means the most to me is this lion. It’s the one that I got the
most stick for. They go, “well, what about when you’re an old man?” I think, I’ll look f***ing cool when I’m old. I might look a bit wrinkly but have you ever seen your granddad with his top off? Because I haven’t. The reason I got the lion was for Wembley, it was the biggest achievement that I’d done. I get one every time there’s something that I’m proud of, or I want to remember. Most recent tattoo is this tiny little one here. Which is a little love heart. Most of them are like, song-specific. People say when they see my
tattoos I look like a melted crayon, so that’s interesting. I guess this is just my eight-year
old self coming out. Now I’m on the f***ing cover of GQ! [laughs] Just got this sticker
on me! Cool! [laughs]

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