Easy To Make Glow In The Dark Tattoo | In Hindi

Easy To Make Glow In The Dark Tattoo | In Hindi

Welcome back. I’m Rob and
welcome to my channel. Many of you requested me to
come up with an easy idea.. ..to make temporary tattoos. So, today I have brought
a simple and foolproof idea.. ..but before I tell you what it is
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pain free tattoo session? No? Get ready. It’s time for some DIY.
Why? Because I love it. To make a tattoo of this we
must first trace this on butter paper. I have here a small
strip of butter paper. I shall place it on this. Like this. Then I shall neatly outline
it with a permanent marker. So, let’s do that. Alright. Outlining is done.
Our sketch was pretty simple.. ..so the outline was made
very quickly. There you go. You must ensure you use a permanent
marker when you draw the outline.. ..else your tattoo will
not transfer onto your skin. So, use a permanent marker. Okay. Let me tell you one more thing. This is a kind of tattoo
transfer sticker.. ..so you can put this
against your skin.. ..and transfer the
tattoo to your skin. But as you can see, when I put
this on my skin or any surface.. ..I have to place it this way
as the ink is on this side.. ..so it becomes a mirror image. For that, there are
two things you can do. Either you can make the
sketch the in reverse.. ..so it is visible the right way.. ..when you trace it with
a marker and place it. Or you could sketch it
straight then flip it over.. ..and draw the outline once
again so it is visible the right way.. ..after you place it on your skin. It is a bit of a lengthy
process, so you can decide. Either you sketch it in reverse
or take the lengthy process. I shall outline this once again. Alright. The outline is drawn. I have neatly outlined it
on the other side as well. Our tattoo transfer is ready. Now I will use deodorant on the skin
where I want to transfer the tattoo.. ..and I shall wet the spot. Alcohol is present in the deodorant.. ..which helps the ink
transfer to the body. Okay. I want it on my forearm, so
I shall spray deodorant on the spot. You can use any ordinary deodorant. You must spray it on
your skin to make it wet. Let’s do that. We shall let it dry slightly
and then we place this on it. Like that. Now press it. Hold it for a little while.. ..and then we gently lift it. And there you go.
Your tattoo is transferred. And you can see it looks pretty nice. The lines are perfect. Look at that. We have transferred
the tattoo to the skin. Although this is temporary,
but as we have used permanent marker.. ..it is quite permanent. It won’t
come off for several washes. It will fade gradually. This technique is quite simple.. ..as you can make very intricate
designs and transfer to your skin. Because there will be times.. ..when you will find it difficult to
draw on some spots of your body. So, with this technique you
can transfer a tattoo to any spot. And now for the glow in the dark part. I shall color it with
highlighter pens. Then we shall see
whether or not it glows. Obviously, I am going to
use yellow color on pacman.. ..while I color the
ghosts orange and pink. Highlighter pens are
perfect for temporary tattoos.. ..as it gives the skin a
translucent effect. The colors don’t look too bright,
so your tattoo looks pretty realistic. If you use any other medium the
application will be pretty flat.. ..and the tattoo will
look unrealistic. This makes it look pretty real. Alright. I am done. And as you
can see the tattoo looks pretty cool. I’m super happy with this. It looks pretty colorful.
It is pretty neat. And it looks pretty realistic.. ..because the color of the
highlighter looks quite translucent. So it looks almost like
I have a real tattoo. Okay. Before checking
it under UV light.. ..there’s one last quick step to do. Basically, it’s an optional step.
You must apply powder on it. What that does is, it completely dries
off any ink or color which is wet. That also dries up your skin a bit. So, if you are sweating the ink from
the pen or the colors won’t smudge. So, let’s apply some powder. And we are done. You can see that we have achieved
one more thing with the powder. The shine and gloss of
the color on the tattoo is gone. This starts to look
even more realistic.. ..as though it’s been
a while since you had it done.. ..and as though it’s been
made on your skin with a tattoo gun.. ..rather than having painted it. It looks far more realistic when
the glossy and shiny effect is gone. Cool! Now, let’s check this in UV light. Do you see how you can make a temporary
tattoo in a very simple manner? And it’s not simply a tattoo,
it is a tattoo that glows. I know that many of you love tattoos
and maybe you guys are too young.. ..so you cannot get a permanent
tattoo made as of now.. ..but this is a perfect technique
to try various designs on yourself. Any design that looks
good or suits you.. ..you can get that tattoo
made when you are allowed. Also, if you are going to
a party or club with such a tattoo.. ..where they have UV lights,
then you’ll be the star of the party.. ..because your tattoo will glow. So, I really hope you guys
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and want to get it made on yourself. Write something. See you there. See you.
Till then, do good and be good. Peace.

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