Earlobe Reconstruction – 1 Year Update

hey guys what’s up? so today I’m just
gonna be doing a quick little update on my earlobes.
it’s so crazy because when I got them reconstructed I was like oh I’ll do
a six-month update and let you guys know but it’s already been over a year and I
literally didn’t even realize it until it came up and I don’t remember what it
was it was something like on my memories somewhere, or I was looking at the date
on the photo!! and I was oh my god it’s already been a year -over a year? so I
guess I missed the six-month update but now I’m gonna be doing a one-year update which
I think is better anyway. so I’m just gonna zoom in.. Oh my earlobes were
stretched to two inches and then I shrunk them down to an inch and a
quarter I think before getting them sewn up so they were still pretty large. I’m
just gonna zoom in here, so this is my right ear one year after reconstruction
and this is my left ear. don’t mind my cheap-ass fake diamond
earrings okay I’m in the process of finding real diamonds to invest in for
my earlobes because I think they deserve some real diamonds. all right so I’m
gonna zoom back in shortly and answer a couple questions and show you guys some
stuff on my ears, but as you can see they healed amazingly there’s barely any
scars. like no one I met at all has has thought that I’ve gotten my ear lobes
reconstructed like no one ever thinks that there’s anything like weird about
my ears or anything like they just look totally normal.
I did have detached earlobes originally and now I guess I kind of have attached
earlobes but I mean it pretty much looks the same. like it doesn’t look any
different than what I remembered my earlobes looking like. like they were
maybe a little bigger but they look normal and they feel normal so that’s
really awesome. I don’t have like a ton of feeling everything honestly feels
like just really normal like really good. there’s not like a ton of scar tissue or
anything like that you can feel a little bit of scar tissue but it’s nothing
crazy. One weird thing that does happen to me though is when the wind
blows I get like phantom like ear pain. like the cold the coldness of my
earlobes my earlobe just got super super cold when the wind blew especially
if I was wearing tunnels it would get like very cold and like sore feeling. and I
get like that phantom pain still which is so weird like it’ll be cold and I’ll
go up, and I like do this, cuz I used to just kind of put my hands on my earlobes
to warm them up. and I’ll like go to do it and they’re they’re gone. so that’s
one weird thing that happened but other than that like everything went totally
smooth. like after you guys saw the last
like update I did, after that like really nothing changed they just continued
to heal and be perfect. and if you’re grossed out by stuff easily then maybe
skip a few seconds ahead.. but a lot of people wanted to see my earlobes
in the jar that I keep them displayed in. so I’m gonna show you that. this is them
over a year later it’s so crazy I’ve never held them up to the light like
this you can actually even see all the tiny little
peach fuzz like hairs that were on your on my ear that’s so crazy. but anyway so
this is um my little calamari I keep this displayed in my bathroom above the
mirror. um ..yeah they’re just a part of my body you know what I’m sayin?
okay so now that that’s over with, a lot of people asked how long I waited to
repierced my ears honestly I don’t remember how long it was. I definitely
did it probably like sooner than I should have bu..t I was wearing earrings
um.. and okay, let me sit let me try again. my second hole piercings were moved like
to be first holes when my ears got reconstructed, so I could wear earrings..
except this one was like too low and this one was too far that way. so when I
wore earrings they looked lopsided, so I did have to re-pierce
them. but when I re-pierced them like it still didn’t go through like any of
the scar tissue or anything like that it was pretty much in the normal skin. so
I think I only waited like a month? no like two months? I honestly don’t
remember, I definitely did it way too soon and don’t recommend that, just being
honest with you guys. I felt like it personally it was okay because I wasn’t
having any pain, everything was healed and like I said the needle wasn’t going
anywhere near where the incisions were like it wasn’t going in with scar tissue
or anything it was just going on my like old regular skin. anyway so I
personally felt it was okay. I’ll show you guys and that again a little
close-up here. so I have a lot of scars from different types of piercings on my
ears. I had my conches stretched so now I have like the skin that grew over
that like cartilage that’s still missing the cartilage is still missing in there.
I have some holes you know up here and quite a few on my earlobe which really
just absolutely doesn’t bother me at all. um so as you can see here is like the
scar It went this way in this way and if you look there’s like a small hole there
and that was my second hole so I had to pierce my ear right.. I’ll take this
out. so I had to pierce my ear right like above the second hole which sucks cuz
it’ll probably tear into it eventually with
time but you know for now it looks good, all my earrings sit right, and yes so
that’s what it looks like. I’ll take this one out too so you can see. so with this
one, like I said the hole, my second hole was this and it was just a little too
far back so I had to pierce one right next to it
so that’s my earring hole now. and you can see the scar on this one is a little
bit more visible, here but again it’s literally like nothing. so and
I have the couple scars on this ear as well from piercings. I just wear these
studs as like my daily earrings but my favorite earrings to wear have been Hoops.
I just like hoops are my thing like I love wearing hoops they’re like.. I just
when I put them on I just feel like an instant like confidence for some reason
so I’m just so so happy with my decision. I don’t have any regrets or any like
wishes that I did anything differently at all whatsoever. if anything I wish I
did it sooner, I the reason I didn’t do it sooner was because the person I was
dating like any time I kind of mentioned that I thought about, like was thinking
about sewing them up, he would tell me not to cuz he did his and wished he didn’t. I was like okay well if you wish you didn’t do it then maybe like I don’t
know, maybe I’m not ready yet. so after we broke up I was just like I am ready, like
I’m ready to do it I’ve been thinking about doing it for so long but kind of
repressed it because I was being influenced by someone else- which is
another reason why I didn’t tell anyone I was gonna do it because I didn’t want
anyone’s outside influence I just wanted to do it and then once I did it I told
you guys about it and I’m so happy with my decision. again I still love
stretched ears. I’m very very very attracted to people with stretched ears, like men
and women. like when I see women especially with big plugs I’m like OO
that looks so good on them, you look so HOT. but it just wasn’t for me anymore,
just not my thing and I’m super happy with the fact that I can wear earrings
now again. I really want to invest in some real diamonds just
because I think I deserve it. so yeah I just wanted to give you guys a quick
update on how my lobes were doing. oh and again as for who I went to I did go to
someone in the tri-state area so feel free to message me. he doesn’t want to be
like on like social media like he doesn’t want to be in a media presence,
he doesn’t want to be in the limelight, he’s just like a very low-key person but
he’s very very talented obviously so feel free to message me on Instagram and
ask me who did it only if you’re actually like looking to
get it done though. but I could not be happier I’m so so so like just in love
with the results it could not have gone better. I’m super super grateful that I
am able to evolve and transform my body like this. it’s like so crazy how I spent
so many years like stretching my earlobes out to crazy proportions and
then now they just look so dainty and normal. it’s like WOAH. but yeah I think
that’s it. if I have any more like information I remember I’ll probably
write it in the description, so that’s it thank you guys so much for watching stay
sassy as always and I’ll talk to you guys soon bye. xo

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