Drake “Loves” the Raptors, But His Tattoos Say Otherwise – The Jeselnik & Rosenthal Vanity Project

Drake “Loves” the Raptors, But His Tattoos Say Otherwise – The Jeselnik & Rosenthal Vanity Project

– Let’s talk about
the trans community. We don’t do that
enough on this show. – I feel we do it more
than most shows probably. – That’s probably true. A controversy erupted
last week when some clowns who probably don’t pay any
attention to Division II sports unless there’s some sort
of trans controversy were upset because a
woman, CeCe Telfer, won the 400 meter hurdles
in Division II last week, and she had transitioned
into becoming a woman the year before and so a
lot of people out there are upset that, watch out,
they’re taking over our sports. – This is hilarious to
me because it’s clearly coming from a place of hate, of I don’t understand
the trans community so I hate them, and I don’t
want them in my sports. No one in America
gives a flying fuck about track and field. (laughs) In Europe, of course
it’s a huge thing, but in America no one cares. – Especially this is DII. – DII, exactly. – It was DII, she’s
at Franklin Pierce. She had been competing
in men’s track and field before that and she
did win the 400 meters, which is a great accomplishment. Boo is by no means
a dominant athlete. Did not make the
finals in other events, did not do particularly well
overall the year before, but did have this one event, and suddenly people are
paying attention to it like it’s the biggest
thing in the world. – Exactly, like
they’re ruining it for the other women competing, the women who were cis
women, I guess you say. Competing in this thing. But she’s not dominating. She won one event. She’s in DII. (Gregg laughs) She comes in 4th
place all the time. (laughs) – It’s not like it’s
some cheat code. Like she gets to take
steroids and no one else does. It is insane that
people are mad, and if you’re mad about
this, it’s truly coming from a place of hate
inside your own heart. If you have the courage
to become a part of the trans community and
go through all of the hellish things you have to
do to transition, you should be allowed
to play sports. It’s not something
they’re doing just to dominate womens’ DII events. (Gregg and Erica laugh) It’s not like the
400 meter hurdles, winning that is like a
free pass around the world. That she decided to go
through this for that. If you’re a trans person, and
you go through these things, compete in whatever
sport you want. And again, she’s not the best. If she was DI, like Olympian
or going through this, and I don’t have a
problem with that either. If you transition
and you’re the best at what you do, great. – Right, and everything
that the woman Telfer did is totally, NCAA,
it is complicated. They’ve had to make
rules about all this, but everything she did,
hormones, blah blah blah blah blah, was exactly
what the rules say you should do and there
was nothing going on. It reminds me a little
bit of sometimes, and I saw this last week too, like a minor league
baseball team will have Pride night, you know it’s
Pride month right now. – Did you see the comments
on the Dodgers’ post for last week was
Pride night, I guess. – No, see that’s, I wasn’t even – They flew the rainbow flag
and the trans Pride flag at the same height
as the American flag, since there’s all the flags, and all of the comments
were literally in LA, they should not be flying as
high as the American flag, like this is bullshit,
it was insane. – People are so full of hate, and when you talk about flags, here’s another one. At the hockey game, in the
NHL finals the other night, I believe, I don’t know if
it was in Boston or Toronto, I think it was in Toronto. They have, it must
have been in Boston, it was American troops. They have a color guard. They have the American flag. They have a Canadian flag. They have the Massachusetts
state flag maybe. There’s a Boston flag. But then they also have a flag
for Enterprise Rent-A-Car. I swear to God
they’re flying a flag. – Yeah, that was in St. Louis. – Equally with all the
other flags there’s a flag for Enterprise
Rent-A-Car. (Gregg laughs) That’s how much
the flag matters, and if you’re mad that
the gay rights flag is flying as high as
the stars and stripes, and you’re not mad
about Enterprise
Rent-A-Car being there, get the fuck out of my face. They’re flags. It’s not that big a deal. If Betsy Ross could
just make it up off the top of her
head, who cares? – Some local conservative
activist actually in Boston, this is a totally separate
story but it’s related, are planning a straight
Pride parade in Boston – What? – Because they’re getting upset with all the gay
Pride talk in June. And so they’re doing a
straight Pride parade. You know what a straight
Pride parade is? Every other parade. – Actually, actually, no
parade is actually straight. (Gregg laughs) They’re all pretty gay. I don’t care who you are. You can be the most anti-gay
Irish alcoholic wastoid in the world, if you’re in
a parade, that’s the gayest thing you’ve ever done. I welcome our queer and
trans brothers and sisters during this month of Pride. Fly that flag higher. I think that the United
States flag should be at half-mast out
of embarrassment for the way some Americans
are treating gay Pride month, and that’s all I have
to say about that. – Our next story is
related to the NBA finals where Drake is making
his presence known as he has really throughout
the NBA playoffs. It’s been kind of
a fun storyline to see Drake on the sidelines
in Toronto and Milwaukee and in various locales.
– [Anthony] It’s been so long. – He had to cover up
during the first two games of the finals that he has
apparently made a tattoo over the last couple
years of Steph Curry, who plays for the Warriors
and Kevin Durant’s numbers and a little message
underneath them. And now that his team,
the Raptors, are playing the Warriors in the finals, he’s embarrassed about
that and is covering it up with an armband. – Yeah, I think you
gotta sit at home. If you got tattoos
of the other team, he’s a Toronto fan, and
I get he’s from the six, he wants to be the hometown guy, he’s annoying as
hell on the sideline. It’s like watching Jeopardy with someone when they
just keep on trying to yell out the answer
even if they’re wrong, they’re just with
complete confidence. (Erica laughs) Him strutting down the
sidelines talking to players, giving the coach a back massage. – [Erica] Talking trash. – Like yeah, you can’t
play basketball, Drake. Go rap or something,
but don’t be calling Draymond Green trash. It just makes him look like
the biggest dork of all time. I love the NBA’s
telling him to cool it. But if you have those tattoos, you should stay home. If you have to cover
up your tattoos to go to a game because
you’re such a fanboy. You have the numbers
of other players, which is a weird
thing already even if you just got Toronto players. – That’s what I’m saying. You should not get it
in the first place. – No, it’s a bad tattoo. – Put another man’s, another
just random athlete’s numbers on your body, then
it’s not even your team. – Exactly, if it was your
team, okay, I get it. – Where’s the
respect, self-respect? – If I got Ben
Roethlisberger’s number seven, (laughter) and like a Roethlisberger
written above it, it would make
perfect sense for me. It would be totally
in character. You’d never have to cover
that up out of shame. – Garth Brooks would do that. He loves Ben Roethlisberger. – Garth Brooks
without his shirt on, he’s got the full, it’s
like a full jersey. It looks like he’s
wearing a jersey even when he’s bare-chested. (laughs) It’s Roethlisberger. – [Erica] Jesus. – He had to get it fixed
’cause they misspelled Roethlisberger the first time. (Erica laughs) But it looks good on him. – I find Drake kind of
interesting because he is the dominant, it’s taken
me a while to realize this, but he’s the dominant
musical force in the world. He has the crown. I would say if you look
at the aughts in general Drake is probably number one. Not to me. – Bigger than Beyoncé,
bigger than Rihanna? – Talk about album sales, who
people actually listen to, he blows Beyoncé and
Rihanna out of the water. The only one that
would be even close, over the last decade,
would be Taylor Swift. That’s definitely a different – Taylor Swift kills him. – Would kill him, but she
doesn’t have the cred. – That just makes him The
Big Bang Theory of hip hop. Just because you’re popular
doesn’t mean you’re good. – [Erica] Some of
his stuff’s good. – He is good though,
he is good though, but that’s what I kinda mean
is like someone like that, usually you’re trying to
be cool and sort of his MO is not cool. He is not that
interested in being cool. – I think he’s very interested,
he just can’t do it. – Like, his relationship
with Rihanna, he’s very like, I don’t know if he’s okay,
but whatever he’s doing, he doesn’t come off as a
cool guy or the coolest guy in the room, and yet
he’s the most popular. – He’s corny, and
people like corny, but I think the best part
of Drake during the playoffs was when they were playing
the Milwaukee Bucks, and the owner of the
Bucks, his daughter, who’s a beautiful young girl, wore a Pusha T
t-shirt to a game. – It was a good move. – I was like, awesome. That’s the way you get
back at Drake is just bring up Pusha T
whenever you can. If you have tattoos
of the other team that you’re against, just
don’t go to the game. Stay at home. – Unless it’s a super
super, the Drake curse, whatever team he supports loses, and he wears all the
different jerseys, and he did that for the
Bucks and all kind of stuff, and then they
lose, and whatever. Maybe this is the long-game
to have the Raptors win. – [Gregg] That’s confusing. – And Drake’s dumb enough to
get it tattooed on his body. – He’s corny. – Does your three year plan
for the Jeselnik and Rosenthal Vanity Project – [All whispering] JRVP – Junior Vice President – Include any tattoos? – Yeah, of course. – ‘Cause I feel like I’m – I’m ready. – Emika and I are itching. It might not have to do
with this podcast or not, but I’m ready to go spend
some money and get a tattoo with my wife this summer
before the feeling leaves me. – If you and Emika got tattoos, and you would let me be
a third and get matching tattoos with you guys,
I would pay for it. I would set it all up, and it would be
Draymond Green’s number. (laughs) (rock music) (beeps)

100 thoughts on “Drake “Loves” the Raptors, But His Tattoos Say Otherwise – The Jeselnik & Rosenthal Vanity Project

  1. Lol isn’t a majority of fucking world society a straight pride parade? You know what’s worse than a sore loser? Idiots who are too retarded to realize they already won.

  2. Sorry but no matter what they do, a man transitioning or transitioned to a woman will always have an unfair advantage physically. Your emotion is getting in the way of your rationality.

  3. How can someone who lives and dies on free speech give such a kneejerk, white Knight, PC answer?


    I live in Vegas and work downtown. The LGBTQ community is literally my bread and butter (as I sit here eating bread and butter before work).

    Even THEY think this is absurd

    Sports is based on a level playing field. Men (or ever been or born a man) produces muscle mass at a much greater rate than women (or ever been or was born a woman). Take all the supplements ya want, but that isn't from a place of hate. Its from national fucking geographic. And lately. This isn't some 1950's shit.

    Ego is not intuition. And perhaps – JUST PERHAPS – many that have completed in organized sports think this is foul. Not fair. Not sporting.

    Not right.

    "If you're not (insert here), then you're not (insert here)."

    Straight pride parade is BS. I can say THAT and also think this is not sporting or fair. I can say that and not be gay or antigay.

    I welcome our LGBTQ fellow human beings this pride month. And that has absolutely nothing to do with a competitor receiving an unfair advantage in a sanctioned collegiate sporting event.

    Take more than 5 seconds thinking about the other 7 individuals competing in that 400m hurdles race and it shouldn't be immediately seen as homophobic.

    Even Mickey Mantle struck out every once in a while. And this thread is absurd.

  4. I have no problem with trans people, I do have a problem with men turning into women and playing women's sports, I would have a big problem with a trans woman fighting in MMA against women

  5. If they get there dick chopped off then its fair otherwise no sorry not hate love the girls they deserve there own playing field

  6. They mad in Boston because its not just a perade there fucking in the streets running around naked shit thats not pride

  7. "It's clearly coming from a place of hate"

    Really? Just because you don't have a competitive bone in your body doesn't mean others don't give a shit.

    I understand the case in question being pretty non consequential but that's sure as hell isn't the only case.

    I could give a fuck what anyone wants to be gender wise. By all means, be who you want to be in life. But that doesn't mean that an individual who is packing much higher testosterone levels and has a more masculine body type/frame for muscle should complete with women who do not have those same advantages. Just because this person isn't killing the competition doesn't mean that that's how it'll go with everyone who walks that path.

    Do they have to turn away from sports? No. But there should be competitive classes for genderless/trans/ect people.

    Can't happen overnight, what do they do in the meanwhile? I get it. That's a difficulty.
    But to act like there's no advantage for a biological male who identifies as a woman in these scenarios is pure shit and hate has nothing to do with it.

    Not everyone was raised in participation trophies

  8. I would personally disagree with the whole transgender thing,sure he's not the best runner but he's better than most and I believe it's given to what he actually is,a MAN, there's a transgender guy who is in women's powerlifting,as you can guess,he's dominating,given he's in a woman's leauge you can see this isn't fair to all the other actual women.(I'm not homobhobic in any way)

  9. The scariest part: People think that they are "woke" about "wokeness". I saw the damn flags. I had the same hateful thoughts. But then I thought "Wait wtf why would this bother me?"

    Toxic echo-chambers. Watching "woke" people is cringy and watching "anti-sjws" makes you an incel.

  10. Very simple take. You look at a small hill in front of you and say "yea I could walk up that easy" but neglect to mention there will soon be thousands of hills after. Look towards the future of all womens athletics. Unless you are arguing that men who transition have no physical advantage over their natural female counterpart, your argument is flawed and you are an opportunistic moron who cares more about being loved than finding answers.

  11. These guys are idiots. She has an advantage over the rest of the girls who have trained hard and long with out drugs.
    Edit: I just finished this video how do these guys even have their own show lol?

  12. Really honestly speaking who truly gives a fuck nobody this is stupid a total waste of time thanks guys for the bullshit thank you for reporting the bullshit I appreciate it Psych

  13. The best thing about Pro Football…it's the only place where one can watch a dog killer, throw a ball to a child molester, only to be tackled by a wife beater! What a country…FK these useless, over paid, whiny azz chocolate drops.

  14. You guys are the one who have concluded this is coming from hate. This is actually coming from logic. A male athlete will always have an advantage on speed and strength over a female athlete. You are getting it all wrong. Your view on this matter is actually skewed. Try to think logically and you would understand what this is all about.

  15. Transformers SHOULD not be playing sports. Biogenetics people. Grow the fuck up. Liberals just touching their agends

  16. I thinks it’s very unfair to discredit the opinions of anyone who doesn’t think it’s fair that a man should be able to transition, take the world record in something like powerlifting from a woman who’s worked her whole life never having the advantages of being a man, then not even consider the way the women competing against them feel. I’m in no way at all a serious athlete but I can only imagine how frustrating it would feel to be in that position. We shouldn’t make it the case that a man who transitions to being a women is a more protected class of people than other women. It isn’t wrong to say that for the sake of fair competition there needs to be a distinction between people born with and without a Y chromosome, and anyone who feels that way shouldn’t instantly be written off as hateful or transphobic.

  17. FIRST TIME I've disagreed with Jeselnik!
    There was a Trans Woman who somehow was STILL allowed to fight in MMA..needless to say "she" was routinely beating other women…badly. I believe the powers that he put a stop to it…hopefully. Joe Rogan found it disgusting the fact she was able to still fight.
    Come on Anthony… you're smarter than this.

  18. I have zero hate in my heart and I completely disagree with transgender athletes going from male to female sports. I welcome the trans community. No hate

  19. I thought jeselnik was smarter than this. Seriously. He doesn’t think there are biological differences between men and women? This has nothing to do with hate and everything to do with fairness in a competitive sport. End of story. Goodnight.

  20. That’s too bad because I love Anthony Jeselnik and his stand up and this other guy bores me to tears and he’s not funny and he’s annoying and the shit that they’re pandering to the fucking gay trans and whoever the fuck else it’s stupid. nobody gives a shit like Anthony said so why even fucking talk about it I like him when he was just putting people down and talking shit about people like on the l Jeselnik offensive that was funny as fuck I want to see more shark parties I want to see more awesome shit like that

  21. Fuck you Anthony you dumb shit. Your Fucken restarted!!! First of all I love the transgender community… More power to them!!! But just because they want to become a women or a man doesn't mean they can physically compete on the same level of the gender they are competing against. It is totally Fucken unfair. Your a fucken idiot Anthony & from this point forward I will never follow or listen to what you have to say because it's like your trying to gain points with your listeners by trying to be politically correct in your dumb ass thoughts. I am now dumber for have listening to you!!! Fuck!!!

  22. every single comment on the trans topic is calling out anthony and gregg over their ridiculous statements lol thank god theres sane people out there, theres still hope for us lol

  23. What a stupid shill take, what a fucking sell out. Try not to choke on comedy central's woke cock Anthony, and don't forget to work the balls.

  24. They have hate for women and girls. All the girls and women that wil lose scholarships and spots on teams, and rewards and much more opportunities. How would they feel if they had a daughter who ran track her whole life to reach the top, and then she gets pushed aside by someone who just decides to run with the girls when hes been a boy with testosterone and higher bone mass his whole life.

  25. "Nobody gives a fuck about track and field." Tell that to the girl that finished in 2nd and should have one. This is not about hate, this is about fairness. Men are naturally faster and stronger than women and should not be able to compete in womens sports.

  26. Bro dont just say it's 100% from a place of hate. Like damn some people might just truly think it's not fair. You're literally full of hate when you say these people are just full of hate. I don't care about the shit at all but damn. Men are physically superior to women. Not all men for and all women but theres a reason theres 2 different basketball leagues and no wnfl. If someone has the thought of "hmmm man typically physically stronger than woman, Man normally faster than woman, man switch genders so faster than normal woman= not fair." Like dont be stupid. You know that's what alot of people think whether or not they say it. Having a lack of knowledge and putting 2 and 2 together to understand what's going on doesn't make you a hateful person fucking God get off that high horse. I don't give a fuck either way. They still can outrun me. I just "hate" how hypocritical you were just saying anyone who has a problem with it is speaking from 100% hate. Like gee maybe they just aren't educated in the facts, but instead of taking the time to learn, someone like you comes along to throw labels left and right calling it hate speech making the person give less fucks than they already gave.

  27. Are these dudes serious????? It’s a place of hate to not like a man to win in women’s sports? I’d say that’s very logical to disagree with

  28. 4:24 You're right they are flags, which is why it's a big deal. We have laws for the flag because the flag is a big deal.

  29. They still should be allowed to play sports. BUT… They should play with men. Afterall, its what they are🤷‍♂️

  30. Exasperated sigh. Now regarding the restroom situation it's reasonable to have male, female, and family restrooms. It would be nice if more stores would unlock their family restrooms. lol Seriously though, I think it's common sense for a transgender person to have their sex change and then use the restroom of their "true identity."

    This sports thing is a tough cookie though. If someone suggests sports for transgenders only, they would be considered a bigot. One could argue that in America we have room to serve those with special interests or needs while remaining united about life, liberty and happiness for ALL. This issue forces us to look at equity and equality real close.

    Let's remember that we've penalized ppl who've used steroids that enhanced and altered their bodies, now we're going to allow individuals who have natural advantages to compete against individuals who don't? Transgenders CAN change their outer appearance and sex organs but they CAN'T change their DNA. Ultimately you would have men competing as women against women (clear advantage) and women competing as men against men. (advantage debatable)

    Let me also address the race issue, since the stereotype is AA/Black Americans have an advantage over other athletes. The level of melanin in someone's skin doesn't make them a better athlete. Their heart and work ethic does. They're athletes of ALL nationalities AND ethnicities that dominate their sport because of their dedication and grit NOT their skin tone.

    Then there's the big loophole of Caster Semenya (who was TRULY BORN with gender uniqueness) She lost her chance to compete for bogus reasons so how are we going to address her situation?

  31. So this case is INCONSEQUENTIAL?
    Caster Semenya's isn't, so can we talk now?
    If your argument is "it's division 2, who cares", you're already giving up the fight^^
    Admitted, it's a super complicated issue to make rules for this scenario but MORE MANLY is the same as "JUICED UP" and people need to understand. Biologically, man and woman are SO NOT ALIKE…!!!

  32. Draymond Green's Number? Huh??
    He's wearing 23! That's like…28 better guys' number before it's "Draymond Green's number" ^^
    There's this man called LeBron James…he wears that and he calls it Jordan's number!!
    That's ADs Number more than Draymond's! I will argue about Jimmy Butler but…come on

  33. The issue isn’t that “she” won one event. The issue is that there are other people doing this and it’s spread to even the ufc and are literally dominating other women. Men are physically stronger, bigger, and faster just from years of evolution and switching genders just leads to someone who has denser bones beating the shit out of a women who’s been a women her whole life.

  34. Bruuuh u didn’t understand shit of what ur talking about…🤦🏼‍♂️ “drake is embarrassed”???!!!🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️

  35. Goddamnit. This made me not want to watch. One of my favorite cunt comedians is a “white knight” for the trans community. This sucks

  36. Betcha if she (formerly he) was to have ran that race with men, the fucker would’ve done way worse than 4th place.

  37. Wow super bummer man loved your specials and pretty much you on everything but this. You remind of Skip Bayless trying to talk about sports ouch it just hurts my head. Dang Crazy just whiney welp cheers I’ll catch the next special

  38. I like Jeselink's humor, but he's so clearly wrong here it's just pathetic. He hasn't thought this out at all. Besides, he's showing the same apathy towards this as he does many issues. Nothing is a big deal to him, unless it directly affects him. He's already admitted in interviews that he's self-absorbed.

  39. C'mon Anthony, I love your work but there's nothing to do with hate. You say we don't want them to compete because "we don't know the community". Nah, and it doesn't even matter because we know sports and science. You should be smarter than that.

  40. Wow, you really oversimplified the issue. Many women have gotten free college from being in sports, so dont say it is inconsequential..

  41. No people are not mad that a man is winning in a women's league because of hate! Men and women are not equal if you believe it sign them up to fight in the same ring in mma bet you'll feel different

  42. Nobody thinks they’re transitioning to dominate sports. However, it’s dumb to ignore the inherent physical advantage. Even if something is a topic we don’t pay much attention to, we all have this innate idea of fairness. Nobody really cares about Little League Baseball, doesn’t mean it was ok for Danny Almonte to cheat.

  43. Jeselnik you're the biggest dork of all time. Not funny. Look like a queer. Think you're hot shit. You're really a cold fart.

  44. Anthony is so funny, I guess he forgot that he made himself famous making roast jokes about Aids and gays, typical liberal hypocrite. This is why Owen Benjamin attacked him

  45. Argh! C'mon Jeselnik, you're better than feeling like you have to pander. Disagreeing because of basic science is far from hating. Erica, where were you on this one? Despite it being D2 track, ugh, gotta draw the line somewhere. Stand up for your fellow females. JRVP rocks though, keep up the mostly good work.

  46. Love Anthony but y’all are fucking crazy if you think these men don’t have clear advantage over a natural woman. Idiots.

  47. Had to stop watching this because I didn't want Anthony ruining my image of him by the dumbass points he started uttering. I don't understand, ha! I do understand because I'm a man, a man who beats 99% of women in almost any sport.

  48. But they want to say that they feel like a woman and thus compete with them without the transition !

  49. Sports like track and field I think its okay for trans athletes to join, but not in fighting sports such as the UFC or Boxing. Just factually men and women are built differently. (bone structure wise) There have been cases of woman who transitioned beating the shit out of other woman and ts isnt fair to me.

  50. I love trans people but you gotta play in the league you were in before you transition. You see these trans women destroying records for weightlifting? Combat sports? The flag thing was dumb af but if you dont understand how transitioning gives you an advantage in sports you shouldnt be talking about it. Just because its d2 and less important or relevant to you doesnt mean that it cant mean EVERYTHING to some of these other women competing. Much more complicated than you think but can understand why if you're not into sports or heard this for the first time it seems simple.

  51. yea but if hafthor bjornson became a women and entered a strongwoman competition, thatd be a a strong ass women

  52. No hate here my friend if anything the transmission should be hating themselves for just accepting the disease that is gender dysphoria instead of getting help. The overwhelming acceptance is demeaning to the gay community without a doubt and as far as sports go this is the worsted example you could possibly defend. Ill keep my eyes and ears open; i once thought lesbians were all bitchbags that had a bad experience with a boy but I adapted that theory the minute I meant genuinely good people. Across a much larger time frame I’ve yet too meet a transmission that i could talk too without feeling like a good stepdad thats ignored by a fucked up kid.

  53. anthony and greg look like dumbasses here for sure.. how is it coming from a place of hate to recognize a male doesn't belong in a female competition? lol didn't you guys go to college too? you guys are fuckin idiots..

  54. I think a lot of people are just uninformed and believed that she was by far the best. You made it clear for them that she wasn't and that the fact that she was born a man had nothing to do with any of her performance.

  55. If you can’t see how ridiculous it is to let a testosterone fuelled male athlete into a woman’s sport then you’re mental

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