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today I’m gonna be talking about why if you’re gonna be a bodybuilder you
shouldn’t get tattoos I’m welcome to join the Shepherd fitness
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yes tattoos as I’m going to be competing in body pairing next year I’ve been
wanting to talk about this to people for a long time but I don’t really know
anybody who’s competed who’s got tattoos you don’t see many people with tattoos
in bodybuilding if you know me not exactly competing you know the ones
the big people in bodybuilding and I want to address and see what your
opinion is on this video in the comments so please give me a comment on this
video when you’ve watched it so what I’m gonna be talking about is don’t get
tattoos if you want to be a bodybuilder and that is simple my tattoos in general
have I’ve been I’m Adam for years this part on my lower arm is new but this
part here it might recognize it a bit it’s the ROC’s tattoo what he’s got on
his arm but obviously he’s got it on his chest but that was before I did any sort
of workout I’m used to go to a gym but nothing like I do now and I wanted to
tattoo he knows one of them things you always want a tattoo
you know not everybody likes tattoos but some people you think your loved one and
then it is addictive you do want more obviously I’m gonna be entering body pad
and maybe all the ones if before or after depending how I feel and when I’ve
been watching a lot of bodybuilding competitions on the internet obviously
people who are new to who have been bodybuilding and gone to competitions
themselves a lot of them are know that the tattoo free they’ve got no
tattoos at all they might have the odd little one but I don’t see many people
with full sleeves you know chess tattoos you know where the whole body is covered
and I I’m I am a bit worried about my tattoos affecting my progress in
actually body power in the competition I don’t know if it’s just me or it’s every
else but when I see people with tattoos you cannot see the definition you know
on that part of their body like I’ve got I fall sleeve basically when I give
workouts when I do anything with arms I I can see the definition in my right arm
compared to my left you know the veins popping out you know
the muscles where they develop in with my left arm I can’t see it I can’t see
any at all there’s there’s no you can’t even if I were I feel like if I’m gonna
be shredded I’m still not gonna see anything and I would say the good point
is I haven’t got it there which is good obviously I want to finish my sleeve off
one day when I get around to it but when I’m when I’m now I’m thinking of this
competition and I’m seeing people I you look you can see every detail in their
muscles their fibers you know all everything and I’ll see when you’ve got
them when you’ve got ink cover to cover in a certain body part you cannot see
him as well a few examples that aren’t gonna come on the screen the help of
people who I’ve got tattoos aren’t impostor body soma coming in tattoos and
summer just got like sleeves and well-known people you all probably seen
before and yes they are very very mostly and
toned and you can tell that still but now if I compare it to a picture next to
somebody who’s just as big with no tattoos which one looks better you know
I’m not talking about who looks sexier always am he’s got tattoos he’s sexier
and all that lot because this is not about that this is not about image this
is about you going in the competition and competing against the person who
you’re probably the exactly the same in physique wise but his his physique
stands out more because he hasn’t got tattoos he’s got nothing covering him
there have been a few shows on recently been posted on Instagram and you know
bodybuilders you know people on YouTube enough and I saw a few people with
tattoos and they have one had a a half sleeve and when he did a flex from the
certain position all you could see is the outline of the actual muscle you
couldn’t see no definition in the arm at all because this tattoo is covering it
um but but when you when you looked at he’s over arm you could see everything
and I’m really really worried because you look at you just look you just look
crew the history of bodybuilding the champions I’m talking about the big boys
you know in the Olympians and Arnor classics and all that lot you
don’t see anybody with tattoos they’re all tattooing three and I have never
known a person with sleeved arms or full body tattooed win a bodybuilding
competition if they have let me know you know tell me his name so I can have a
look but obviously I haven’t stumbled across one you know and it might all
have tattoos but obviously it might be tiny little tattoo somewhere but I have
never seen it and I am quite worried Oh see what I bring to the show is going to
be the best physique I possibly ever had and no matter what I’m gonna be happy
but I don’t want something like a tattoo wrecking my chances of a place you know
and obviously it’s only one arm I suppose they will look more than just an
arm and they will obviously understand that that arm is just as good as the
other arms because it’s got tattoos and of course I would be pitch-black in the
fake tan so it will hide most of it but I am still worried about how how they
come across if there’s anybody watches and I have been in bodybuilding
competitions and has got a sleeve tattoo or a chest piece or back piece and and
feels the same way as I do now I would like to know do you think they don’t
look at you as more of a Content that compared to somebody who hasn’t got
somebody and because nowadays tattoos are very popular baby most people have
tattoos most people have sleep I am just worried and I haven’t been worried about
the whole competition I’ve been quite looking forward to it I’ll tell about my
damn days because I’ve seen I’m bulking at the moment and all came to me is not
food I wanna especially when everybody’s courting at the moment you see in
bodybuilding and they’re looking awesome and I just can’t wait to do it next year
and do it what I’ve never had no worries obviously
in my condition I’m gonna look the best anyway so I don’t really care about if I
don’t place anywhere cuz I know I’m gonna have the best body I’ve ever had
but I’m worried about is all this hard work gonna be for nothing and will that
even if I me look at myself think wow I look great I’m you know got a chance
I’ve got a chance well am I going to not get anywhere because of an arm when I do
like my poses and which I don’t do much because I’m
rubbish at him but when I do a lot of pose I tend to go this way
because you could just see definition it’s just like I mean I’m Balkan and you
can see indentations you know like obviously your chest in detection now if
I had it all covered in tattoos you probably wouldn’t see it as well
because I’ve seen the shadows and that can’t hit it and that’s what I mean the
only thing about tattoos I like especially on arms is this arm always
looks beefier and bulky there looks more of it because obviously it’s darker and
it stands out more compared to that one but that is the only thing I can think
of which which is a Vantage it makes it look bigger let me know in the comments
down below what do you think you know do you think tattoos do wreck the
bodybuilders chance in a competition or do you think it’s it’s not gonna do
nothing you know it’s all in my head and I got nothing to worry about
let me know anyway thanks for watching see you next time with another video
goodbye you


  1. your just being paranoid mate dont put doubts in already, youll bring a size and condition to the comp no one will be concentrating on the tattoo’d arm

  2. Roelly winklar, Lee priest and of course Dorian Yates 6 x Mr Olympia are best examples of those who do off the top of my head

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