Donna & Alex Get Matching Tattoos | Black Ink Crew

Donna & Alex Get Matching Tattoos | Black Ink Crew

– DONNA: I really hope
this works. Things with me and Alex have
kind of spiraled out of control, with him just constantly
throwing passive-aggressive jabs at me on this trip. – ♪ – I feel like if Alex just gave
me the opportunity to explain what happened,
we could work this out. Oh. Hey. – ♪ – ALEX: You got strawberries. You got steak. – Got some champagne. – ALEX: What you trying to do? – ALEX: It doesn’t just work
like that, Donna. You was trying
to meet up with your ex. I don’t want you meeting up
with no [bleep], period. – DONNA: I never saw Moe. He wanted to pick up his
[bleep], but he never showed up. I promise you. – ALEX: But I still
don’t understand. Why hide it if there’s
nothing to hide? – I don’t have nothing to hide
from you. Like the only reason I didn’t
immediately tell you is because you was going through the stuff
with your dad. So, I felt like
it would be better for me just to tell you afterwards. In my mind, it was the right
thing to do at the time. Which in hindsight,
it was wrong and stupid. I don’t want you feeling like
you can’t trust me, because I dead love you,
and I wanna be with you. I promise you
it won’t happen again. – Are you sure you’re not gonna
hide anything from me anymore no matter what
I’m going through? – I promise, babe. – ♪ – DONNA: I’m not
gonna do it again. I’ll tell you everything,
and you’re my best friend. I love you. – I love you. – I know I messed up,
but I love Alex way too much to lose him. And I really wanna prove to Alex
that he’s different, and I’ll always be loyal to him
no matter what. Alright, look,
so check this out. What do I always cook you
when you come to my house? – T-bone steak.
– [laughs] So, I was thinking, we could get
matching T-bone tattoos. – That’s funny.
– [laughs] Right? – I can’t stay mad
at Donna for long. What she did was wrong. But look, her intentions
was coming from a good place. And I understand that now. We all make mistakes. And she’s learned from it, and
she’s trying to make up for it. – Alright, so just sit down. Get comfy. Take your shoes off. I don’t wanna get
ink on your socks. – ♪ – These past few days
without Donna have really been [bleep] up. Like I seriously
could feel the void. Missing my father’s surgery
was a huge deal. But people make mistakes, and everyone deserves
a second chance. And I wanna move forward and grow from this experience
with her. – Do you love it?
– Yeah, I do. – DONNA: I’m excited. Ooh! – KEVIN: First time
me and Donna ever had dinner, she cooked me a T-bone steak. And from there on,
I knew she was a keeper. That’s kind of like
our thing now. It might sound silly, but these
matching T-bone steaks show love, commitment, and that
there’s so much more. – ♪ Give me all the money,
give me all the money ♪ ♪ Oooh ♪ – I never wanna fight with Alex
like that again. Especially over something that
really was nothing. But I guess if I’m finding
the silver lining in all that it’s that maybe we needed
to go through that, ’cause now, more than ever,
I appreciate Alex. Our love is the [bleep]. – ♪ Give me all the money ♪ – ALEX: We lit.
We lit together. – Mwah, mwah, mwah. – You’re sexy.
– [laughs]

100 thoughts on “Donna & Alex Get Matching Tattoos | Black Ink Crew

  1. I love donna regardless and alex and her is so cute together…I mean shes a hoe whatever but his nickname is the vagina slayer so he ain't innocent either maybe they are just meant to be

  2. Alex and Donna I love the vibe with y'all have together I hope you keep on firing up and y'all stay strong no matter what one Love

  3. They seem soo good together but the truth is this won’t last! She cheated on Moe, so this is a karmic relationship!

  4. Every man need a woman like this.lightskin super omg thick fun sexy smoke easy to deal with and down with her guy.sounds and looks like luv.

  5. How is he gonna trust a girl that cheated on her man with him? Doesn’t make sense idiot , she’s just gonna do the same to him.

  6. Even though how they started wasn’t that tasteful I love how they’ve grown together it’s cute as hell and they both may have endured a lot so they deserve happiness just like everyone else

  7. She said he never showed up so what wouldve happened if her ex did show up Alex shouldve took that sentence and dipped🤦🏾🤦🏾🤦🏾

  8. That's so cute that they got matching tattoos. Donna finally found her true love. She might have been through different guys but she was just trying to find her number one and finally did. I'm so happy for the both of them. They look so cute together and you can see how much they love each other. Wishing them the best in life and a good and healthy relationship

  9. So if he did show up what ??!!! Her and mo were gonna have a baby previously . Of course she was thinking on doing some thats why her ass didnt say none.

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