Does This Petty Ex Have A Point? | MTV’s Flex On My Ex Episode 6

Does This Petty Ex Have A Point? | MTV’s Flex On My Ex Episode 6

– [Jazzy] Ooh! – [Fletcher] Winner (laughing). – Ooh! Welcome to “Flex on My Ex”, the show where three
hopefuls look for love while their exes watch.
(buzzer rings) Each hopeful will compete to win the heart of one
single but their formal lovers will
be lurking every step of the way to try to shake
things up as they lock it down. Our single on this
episode is Fletcher. He’s 23 years old and
he’s looking for a woman who cracks him up and also laughs at his jokes
from time to time. Will one of our hopefuls
be the woman of his dreams or will their exes turn
things into a nightmare? I’m your host Jazzy and
we are about to find out. (upbeat hip hop music) So what’s up, why are you
here, what are you looking for? – Well it depends on their vibe. I can be chill,
I can be excited, I can be funny or whatever. So I’m just trying see
what they got to offer. – Oh okay, straight
to the point. Well Vanessa it’s on you sis. – Hey I’m Vanessa. I’m from L.A. and
this is my ex Darius. – Hey Darius, first
of all, you didn’t have to burn a whole in
the back of her head. I saw you.
(laughter) Why did you two break up because it doesn’t seem
like it went good. – No, the breakup
was kind of bad. She wanted to be
together, I kind of wanted to do my own thing. – When you say, “I wanted
to do my own thing”, A.K.A. you wanted to
be out here thottin’? – Oh yeah, yeah, I was
a city boy for sho’. I was out here doing my
thang and things happen. You know, I had to
let her know some news like “Yo, I might be
starting a family with “somebody else so…”
(record scratching) – [Ari] Ooh (laughing). – You know? – So is this true, does
it sound about right? – No.
– Okay. – He was trying to
get somebody pregnant, “I was like nah I’m cool. “I’m try to lay low, you ain’t
put a ring on this finger.” – You all got a lot going on. Hopefully we can get
this on a lighter note. Ari, (chuckles) what’s going on? Introduce yourself. – What up though? My name is Arielle,
you can call me Ari. I am from Detroit
and that’s my ex Ty. – Why’d you guys break up? – It was just better
for us to be apart because it was just too toxic. We butt heads all the time. – [Jazzy] Okay. – It definitely
got to some levels where it shouldn’t have been. Some people had to
intervene, it was– – Ooh. – So we just gon’ move
it on to you for real. (laughter) So introduce yourself. – My name is Mahrael. I’m 20 and this is my ex Lou. – [Jazzy] Hey Lou. – How’s it going? – Tell me how you split. – We were just both really busy, you know, always
booked for something. – I mean we were
pretty busy but he treated me more like a
friend than a girlfriend. – Mm. – I would try to grab
his hand, he’d pull away. And then around his
friends he’d be like, “You know, you’re a
really cool friend”, and I’m just like– (heavy drum tone) I’m your girlfriend
mother (bleep), like what’s going on?
– Right! How long were you two dating? – About four months. – Four months is enough
time to claim somebody man! – I know.
(Lou laughing) (bell rings) In round one, Fletcher
will ask the hopefuls questions to help get to know
them a little bit better. But here’s the fun part. Their exes will get
to agree or disagree by using the Yay or Nay
paddles they’ve been given. So hopefuls the
truth may hurt but honesty is the best policy. Okay, are you guys ready? – Let’s go. I’m looking for someone
who’s self aware and not afraid to own up
to their shortcomings. So tell me, what are you worst
traits in a relationship? – All right Vanessa (laughing). – My biggest thing
is I’m very reserved. It takes me a
really long time to introduce somebody to like
my family, my friends, like really bring
them into my life. (buzzer rings) – Nay? – I met her family and… But the worst thing about her is she kind of selfish sometimes, and will cook herself a
meal and won’t cook you one, and just eat it right
in front of you. (laughter) And you like, “Ay yo! “Can I get some eggs? “‘I don’t owe you nothing.’ “Well I think you
owe me the courtesy “to eat it when I leave.
(laughter) “Don’t sit here and
just eat it in my face. “Wait until I’m gone,
why you got to do that?” – Is that true Vanessa? – He’s never met any
of my family members. I don’t know what he’s
talking about right there. And yeah, I did do that because
he don’t deserve no eggs. – See what I’m saying? Why not? – I only had two eggs, you were
supposed to be gone already. – You could’ve gave me one. – Your Uber had been outside.
(Ari laughing) – All right, we gon’
come back to you all. (laughter) Ari. – Well I know about
myself and I know that I can be nit
picky sometimes, but it’s only after
I’ve addressed something and nothing hasn’t changed. So I know that about myself. – Ty (chuckles). (buzzer rings) That’s not true. – She might tell me
what’s wrong with me, I work on it, it may
or may not change. But I also in reciprocating, “You need to fix this,
you need to fix that.” She won’t acknowledge
that at all. – I won’t? – She’s extra all
the time, 24/seven– – [Ari] I have a personality. – I can see that, it shines.
(laughter) – And that’s cool, ay you
like that, you like that. That’s cool. (laughter) – All right (laughing). We’ll come back to you while you think of your receipts.
(laughing) All right Mahrael. – My worst trait in
a relationship is I get annoyed so easily. Sometimes I’ll block
your number for a day and recuperate my
thoughts and stuff, and then get back to you. – Does that sound
about right Lou? – Yeah.
(bell rings) – [Jazzy] Yeah. – I got mildly ghosted
for a little bit. Yeah, I really messed up a date. – We made plans for this
specific Friday night and he just didn’t say like,
“Yo can we reschedule?” He just left me hanging. – So wait, did you go? – Yeah. – [Jazzy] And you were
there by yourself? – I was there by myself. – You ain’t (bleep) Lou. – I know.
(laughter) – Ay, come on bruh. – He’s like, “Look
who’s talking”. – I don’t know what team
we’re on at the point. – Moving on to round two.
(bell rings) In this round we are
getting physical. The hopefuls will
give Fletcher a taste of what it’s like
to date them by making out with a piece of glass that’s being held
up by their ex. You ready Vanessa? – Let’s do this. – It’s on you boo. – All right. – “All right”, (chuckles). (lighthearted suspenseful music) Here we go. You might want to
turn it the other way. Sir, there we go.
(laughter) – Okay, is that good?
– I want to kiss it myself. Like geez, why do you got– – See, do I have to be here? ‘Cause she want to
hold it herself. – Hold it.
– She’s selfish. Remember I told you,
she don’t need no help. (laughter) – Yeah! Tongue first, yeah,
a little french kiss. Yeah and a little licky licky! (Vanessa laughing) Yeah, she coming back
for more, tongue again. Mm, and the lips look soft too. (Fletcher laughing) Ooh, and the little head tilt. I like that. Ari, it’s on you. – [Fletcher] Don’t be
nervous, I don’t bite. – Mm, big juicy lips.
– Oh! – Ooh!
– Winner. – Ooh!
(Fletcher laughing) Ooh and a little
peck at the end! All right Mahrael, we
saved the best for last. Let’s see what you got. – I’m rusty so okay. (romantic r and b music) – Mm, ooh, ooh, ooh! Okay, a little tornado tongue. – That ain’t no
rust, some steel. – She got straight to it.
(Mahrael laughing) All right. Okay it’s time for round three. In this final
round we’re digging for the real dirt
on each hopeful by asking the person
who knows them the best and the
worst, their exes. Fletcher will ask the
exes personal questions about the hopefuls
and they’ll write their answers down on the
boards they’ve been given. Are you ready Fletcher? – I’m ready, let’s go! – All right let’s get it. – One of my favorite
things to do when I have free time
is to go to the movies. Exes name a movie
that would perfectly describe what it’s
like to date your ex. (fast-paced island music) – All right Darius what you got? (drum roll music) “White Men Can’t Jump”. – Yeah. – Oh okay. (laughter) What do you mean by that? – She got tired of his stuff,
she got tired of him gambling. And then he finally was
like, “All right I’m done.” He had came home
and she was gone. And that’s kind of like
how her and I ended when I told her, I’m
like, “Yo there’s a chance “that somebody else
might be pregnant.” And then Woody came home
and the house was on fire. (laughter) Rosie was out of there and
then she was out of there. – All right (laughing). – [Fletcher] Now they know. – All right Ty. “Titanic”, oh and
you can draw too. – I drew the picture too,
you know what I’m saying? – Nice. What do you mean by that?
(Ty laughing) – All right, so you know
how the movie starts out, it’s a sunny day,
nice boat ride. (Lou laughing) Then you hit the
iceberg and then just, we just fell like split. – What was the iceberg? – Life. – Life.
(Fletcher chuckles) – Life just hit us, you know? – [Jazzy] Life hit you? – Yep. – Let’s see what you got Lou. (drum roll music) “Dazed and Confused”. – Yeah, ’cause it’s
like what do you want? You want to date, you want
to just be kickin’ it? You want to like,
what is the deal here? I’m trying pick up
on this mixed vibe, you know what I’m saying? – Because you
weren’t acting like you were in a relationship. You hide your feelings. – Do you have a
problem communicating? – Probably, I wouldn’t
know ’cause if I did I wouldn’t be able
to communicate it. (laughter) But like, I don’t know maybe. – If you just would’ve
talked to her then things probably wouldn’t have
gone the way it went. – Yeah I guess but the
phone goes both ways. – But you were probably blocked. All right.
– Yeah exactly, there you go. – A good review from
your ex speaks volumes because they seen you at
your best and your worst. So exes would you
date your ex again? (Ty laughing)
(upbeat hip hop music) – I’m just looking forward
to whatever Darius… …is going to say. (upbeat hip hop music) (buzzer rings) All right Darius, you said,
“Hell nah”, elaborate. – It just didn’t
work out between us. She’s a wonderful
woman and I’m sure she’s great for somebody. It’s just her and I are not
meant to be together, okay. I like eggs in the morning. (laughter) – Okay Ty. – I say yeah.
(bell rings) – [Jazzy] Yeah! – You know, assumin’
she’s worked on herself over those two years
the way I have. – Did you think he was
going to say “Yeah”? – I mean he’s cool
too, he’s great. So I mean, it just was the
circumstance weren’t there. – [Jazzy] Right. – So yeah. – All right Lou, I saw
you erase something. What’s going on? “Sure”.
(bell rings) – (laughing) Yeah. – All right.
– That’s like– – Yeah ’cause when we
were on it was fun, it was really cool. When it was working,
it was working. – All right.
– You feel me? (clocking ticking) (bell rings) – All right, so for
Vanessa, pros all right. She seemed to be really chill. I like her appearance, she
keeps herself together. And her rebuttals
were never really nasty back with
Darius, so she was to be able to keep
her temperament. – [Jazzy] Okay. – Cons. She can be a little
dismissive of complaints. He was given some valid
points about her character, sometimes she was
like, “Oh well, “that’s kind of how
I am, or whatever, “or you shouldn’t have did
this, should’ve done that.” That’s kind of dismissive, it’s like what
about what you did? – All right, Ari. – Ari, she just has a presence. – [Jazzy] Yeah. – She has a beautiful smile. I love the hair and everything, I love the black girl magic. She is really feisty and I guess that could be a pro and a con. I mean she needs to
be really strong, probably ambitious and driven, but on the other end she
probably a little argumentative. The nit picky thing,
probably very true. And unpredictability
is good, it’s fun, but sometimes it’s
a little crazy. For Mahrael, she’s
very sweet, very quiet. I like the way she’s
very nice to Lou. The cons, you don’t
really have any. I mean the blocking
thing was a little much, it’s not really, it
doesn’t seem like something you would do
from looking at you. But yeah, you probably should
address that, that anger. You know bottling is not good. – Yeah (laughing). – All right Fletcher you
got to pick your winner. Who do you choose? (intense suspenseful music)
(clock ticking) – I just want you all to know
that you’re all beautiful. It was little hard
but I’ma go with Ari. – Hey girl!
(celebratory hi hat music) – Yay (clapping)! – Get up here! (Fletcher laughing) (light electronic music)
(applauding) All right, hug it on out. Keep them claps going.
(applauding) A huge congrats to Fletcher
and Ari for finding their next. Would you like to be a
contestant on “Flex on My Ex”? Sound off in the comments.

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