DIY Temporary Hair Color | DIY-911

DIY Temporary Hair Color | DIY-911

Rain rain go away. Come again.. NEVER! It’s been one of those days. So gloomy that you can just sleep all day. But why wait for a rainbow when you can make one yourself! You will need soft pastels of any color and brand. Just avoid using oil pastels. Put on some gloves as this gets very messy! Have some water handy if you have dark hair. First, pick out a small section of hair then wet it. This will help the color adhere better. You can skip this step if you’re blonde to avoid deeply dying your hair. Next, pick out any color of your choice. Blues and greens show up best on dark hair. Use downward strokes to build up color. Avoid going up and down against the hair shaft so you don’t excessively damage your hair. It takes a little time to build up the color, but you can just work quickly! So at this point your hair will be a tangly straw-like mess. Try to gently comb it out the best you can. Next, let it air dry or use a blow dryer. Set the color by flat ironing and/or using hairspray. There you have it! This will last about a day. Try not to touch it because the color can transfer onto your hands then elsewhere. Be sure to wash your hair before you go to bed so you don’t discolor your sheets! Be sure to deep condition when you wash it out. Besides rainbows, what else makes you smile? Start off your mornings by reading some of your favorite quotes to get you motivated about your day. Sometimes the simplest words can just make your day, no? Keep Styling!

100 thoughts on “DIY Temporary Hair Color | DIY-911

  1. Ok I would not do this bc just that it's self can damage your hair and when it's in ur hair it's not soft so don't think u can brush it easily

  2. This actually worked for me! FINALLY a video that actually worked for me! Im planning on doing unicorn inspired tips for summer break!

  3. Awww man that first part made me stop watching her video lol my Name is Rain so I'm going to go away 😭😭

  4. You can use eye shadow I have black hair and dyed it bright blue with just eye shadow without water and it lasted for the whole day but it was windy so it didn't last that long but it works with just one go with eye shadow

  5. I would avoid using this or hair chalks cause it makes your hair REALLY dry it took me a year to get it back to get it back to normal

  6. PSA!!! Soft pastel pigments are toxic and not meant to be used on your body! please don’t put artists chalk or chalk pastels in your hair or handle it with your bare hands. I know it seems like an easy way to do temporary color like this because when I was in high school I tried it, but years later in college level art classes where we used that type of chalk regularly, we were warned over and over again that the pigments they use in artists chalk is toxic and enters your bloodstream through your pores. It’s a real danger and a lot of older artists that regularly worked with chalk pastels without protection are sick because of it. Use hair chalk that won’t make you sick and if handling artists chalk, use the liquid rubber glove stuff that’s available in art supply stores or coat your hands in dish soap and instead of washing it off, let it dry so that the pores in your skin are blocked from absorbing the pigment. Please be safe and don’t get cancer!!!

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