DIY RANGOLI Hacks Using Home-made Tools | #Colours #Designs #Anaysa #DIYQueen

Which Rangoli design should I try?? its looking so difficult ok lets try it what’s spilled out on the floor?? don’t you see its a Rangoli really.. is it a Rangoli.. yes my dear I’ve putted much effort to make it its seems like a dog Poop … hahaha.. so what should I do.. so why don’t you use tools?? first have to go market it.. second that tools are needed once a year so why waste money on it so told you don’t waste time on flirting instead learn useful something I have made all the tools at home but how at home?? but first let make this video to get 50,000 Likes so hit 50,000 likes to this video and do SUBSCRIBE to our channel otherwise she’ll not make us learn so you need some plastic bottles take any sharp thing to make a whole in the bottles make holes in bottles as per the you need to keep Your Rangoli Design.. sometimes we can’t be able to make round designs so you can use any oil or fevicol bottle need to just fill colour in it and you can make the design like it also sometimes can’t be able to make small filling designs so for filling use a salt bottle fill colour in it and make the design its too difficult to fill colours in Rangoli so you can use tea sieve for filling colours or instead you can use bottle covered with net fabric like this now let’s make this small flower in Rangoli so just take a toothpaste cap fill colour in it and place like in on the floor and then give it a flower shape using a ear bud now let’s make a comparison with our homemade Rangoli tools to that of available in the market

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