DIY: Music inspired Gift Ideas & Projects

DIY: Music inspired Gift Ideas & Projects

– Hey, guys. Today, I’m going to show you
three music inspired projects that you can create for yourself
or a gift to someone else. The first DIY is inspired
by music records. So for this project, you’re going to need black colored paper, clear contact paper, a compass, scissors, paper for your label in the color of your choice, glue, and a notebook if you
want to create a cover for that, as I do it here. First, measure out the size
you will need for the cover and cut out the paper. You don’t have to make
it as a notebook cover. You can also create a card, photo album, or something else you want. Next, mark the area on the black paper where you want the center
of the record to be. And then, measure out
the clear contact paper. It has to be slightly bigger
than the paper itself. Cut it out and then remove
a little bit of the paper and attach it to the black paper. And now, carefully release
small contact paper while pressing it down
onto the black paper. And fold the extra plastic on the edges. By the way, this step is optional. I just thought this way,
the contact paper will give a little bit of shine to
the record so it doesn’t look so matte. Now, with your compass,
start drawing circles around the center you marked earlier. With this compass, we
kind of press in the lines you can see on the records. Just be careful to not press too hard or you can damage the contact paper as did in the beginning. Add the lines randomly. I have a few smaller and
some bigger gaps in between. Next, take another color
paper and draw a circle that is like the smaller than
the middle area of the record. This is going to be the label. Cut out the circle and also
the center to create a hole. Now, whip some glue, attach
the label onto the paper using the mark point as the guidance. If you want to, go ahead and add details. I drew a line inside and
added some reflection lines with a wide waterproof pen. But this is optional, I just
wanted to show you what else you can do. Now, you can attach the
paper to the notebook using some glue. I also added a white circle
to the center of the label just to cover it up. And now, you can add more details. I wrote a title of the
record and the year. But you can also write
down your subject, name, or anything else you have in mind. Of course, you can adjust
the record however you like. I just wanted to give you an
idea of how you can create something inspired by vinyl records. The next DIY, you might already
know from my unique one DIY, but I still wanted to include
this temporary tattoos as I find them so fun. For this project, you’re
going to need tattoo paper that comes with two different sheets. Start by preparing the
images for the tattoos. I have different icons
that reminded of music like music sheets, notes, and class. Make sure to change the size
according to the size you want the image to be. And leave some space in between
as we’ll cut them out later. And then, mirror everything. Once you’re done, print them
on onto the white glossy side of the paper using your settings. Let the ink dry for at least 15 minutes, and once everything is dry, apply the adhesive sheet to
the top of the printed image by peeling away the green
side on one of the ends. Align it with one of the sides
of the printed tattoo paper and then peel away the rest of it while smoothing the adhesive
down onto the paper. Now, cut out the images. I cut them out rather roughly
as I find that this way, they stay so much better on the skin. Once you’ve prepared all the images, peel away the clear plastic layer. From here, apply the
tattoos’ adhesive side to wherever you want it to be. And then cover it with a
wet cloth for a few seconds or until the paper slides off. I find these temporary
tattoos will be a unique gift for any music lover as well. The last DIY is inspired by the clef. All you need is gold
or silver colored wire and round-nose pliers. Begin by measuring out
the length of the wire. I will recommend cutting
off more than you need. This way, it’s easy to adjust it later. And then start by creating
a loop at one of the ends but keep it open. This is going to be the closure. Now, place away around
your wrist to measure out where the clef should be. Don’t worry about the
exact measurements for now as we can adjust everything later. Next, take the other end
at the measured out area and with the pliers, holding like that. Wrap the wire around the
pliers anti clockwise to create a loop. And then, create another
loop a bit further away from the loop we just created, but this time, clockwise like this. This way, we’ll rather
want to fold the wire and have a loop on top. Next, bend the wire
close to the first loop anti clockwise like that. Since I had too much
wire, I cut off the excess and pulled it underneath
the main wire like so. And now, just bend the end
of the wire into a loop that is non-closed and
the clef is finished. And now, you can try it on. If you find the bracelet is too big, just cut off some wire at
the end and create a new loop for the closure. Slightly bend the bracelet
to make it more round if necessary and you’re done. If you play any instruments and if not, what instruments you would
like to learn and why. I hope you enjoyed this
and found them helpful. Thank you so much for
watching, have a wonderful day, and see you next week.

100 thoughts on “DIY: Music inspired Gift Ideas & Projects

  1. The tattoos are so amazing! I playing piano and i will have a show, where the tattoos will look very nice!
    I'm sorry for wrongs, I don't speak english very well:) I'm from Poland^^

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