Hello to all my DIYers! Welcome back to my channel ! Pinterest is always a source of great inspirations, in fact as soon as I find some time I go to snoop around and get some ideas. This tutorial was inspired by a tattoo, which I saw on pinterest. Then I made some adjustments to personalize it and make it more suitable to the person who will be using this iphone case. Ok enough talking and start the tutorial. . To do this project you need: an iPhone case, black acrylic paint, thin brush, blacks rhinestones, top coat or clear nail polish. I prefer the top coat to the mod podge, because it dries quickly and I find that puts more emphasize the design. If you want to know where took these materials I leave all links in the description box. Start making the sketch of tattoo chosen, in this case a lotus flower. at first draw the petals one by one do the sketch then eventually trace over to make it more intense. Write namaste, which is a greeting commonly used in many parts of Asia. At this word, however, it is implicitly associated with a spiritual significance, which it may perhaps be translated in a more comprehensive way of greeting (I bow to) the divine qualities that are in you. Nowadays the word namaste is quite well known in the West, and has become a typical greeting in the groups who appreciate the philosophies and Eastern religions, or simply a greeting of yoga. of course you can write instead of namaste a word that is more suitable to you and to your belief. Add detail above and below, and do not care of the mistakes made , because is sufficient cotton buds soaked with water to remove all. Once the drawing is finished let dry acrylic paint for 1 – 2 hours. the next step is not necessary for those who want a sober iphone case, it depends on personal tastes. for those more whimsical stretch forth a top coat layer to adhere the rhinestones, creating the shapes that you prefer in this case the small flowers. Fill all petals of lotus flower with rhinestones. to protect the design and decoration, apply a top coat effect gel that makes everything a lot more splendid, and the black acrylic paint become more vibrant well well we finished to customize the iphone case I didn’t think it would come out so beautiful. thanks for watching do not forget to put thumb up and share this video in your social networks of course if you liked this tutorial, it would be very nice if you can help me to reach more people. Have a wonderful day everyone! bye bye see you next week ^^


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