DIY Invisible Ink – Man Vs Science

DIY Invisible Ink – Man Vs Science

Cool! *screaming in pain* What’s up everybody! Welcome back to my laboratory. Where safety is the number *mumbling numbers* THIRD PRIORITY! It is the third priority around here. You’re watching Man vs. Science! The show that periodically comes on this channel uh whenever I am just perplexed by something that I see on the internet To the point to where I’m just like ‘What the f***! How did… how did that happen?!’ And it’s all like “Whoa! Science!” So, I’m trying to figure that out with this recent pin that I saw And it is somebody who, apparently, made invisible ink using milk and they drew like this whole crazy map and art thing. And then they take an iron and they put it on And then something f***ing science-y happens. Uh, And I wanted to figure it out so I did a little more research, And I found out that you can make invisible ink with a whole bunch of sh*t. So that is what we are going to do today! But before we all get started I have to give a quick shoutout to this week’s sponsor: That’s right! We got a sponsor everybody! We got a sponsor. *cheering* And seriously LastPass is as awesome as they come If you haven’t heard of them: These guys eliminate the need for you to remember all 10,000 of your pain-in-the-ass passwords. Because… come one, honestly. You gotta [have] capital letters, you gotta have numbers you gotta have symbols, emojis… It’s ridiculous! No more looking for or losing your password and getting locked out of your accounts. Last Pass does away with all of that madness so you don’t have to write it down, don’t have to remember ’em, don’t have to reset ’em. For the l- If I have to reset my Netflix password one more time, for the love of-! Best part is that this is free to download. If you’re still stuck in 2014 and usin’ the same passwords, You know your name with a 1 at the end. Come on! You need to click the link down in the description and get yourself some LastPass. You wanna talk about invisibility, you wanna talk about magic? That’s what Last Pass is: invisible password magic. Alright, well, it is time. Into the video we go. For our first invisible ink, we are using some heavy HWIPPING{Whipping} Cream. Brian: You’re sayin’ it weird. Why are you putting so much emphasis on the “H”?? Apparently, uh, you want the most fat content in the milk uh, that you use, because- This- This is the Science part behind it all: When the iron runs itself over the thing, the FAT is what’s burned on the paper, and then that exposes the- the sh*t. You’ll see, you’ll- you’ll understand, uh, in a minute. So we got a regular, uh, piece of paper here, uh, along with a couple, uh, artistic painting supplies. *reading* Push.. up.. here… We’re just gonna take our, uh, artist, uh, utensil
{Again, it’s a brush Rob, it’s not like a magic wand or something, and that’s coming from an artist.} We’re gonna dip it into the milk, then we’re just gonna draw. What the f*** am I gonna draw, I didn’t even think about it. Uhhhhh I guess a secret message of some sort. Alright, I got it, I got it, I got it. Oh, yeah. This is gonna be weird. See? You can’t even- what are you- You can’t even see that I’m writing anything on there. Exciting stuff. Alright, I’m gonna let this, uh, dry over here. And while that happens, I’m gonna move on to my second invisible ink, which, apparently, is just lemon juice. Got myself a lemon here, which I’m just gonna crack open, uh, squeeze, and then, uh, do a little more paintin’ with. I think I’m gonna start off, uh, a little more egotistically and do a little portrait of myself in like a little cartoon kinda, uh, action. Doin’ somethin’. Uh, And maybe one of Corinne while I’m at it. Over here with the… glasses and the hair. These are gonna look good! Now while this set-drys, I’m movin’ on to, uh, my next invisible ink. Which I’m not actually sure is invisible ink at all. We’re gonna use some beer. Uh, because… Uh, there is no because. I’m just drinkin’ one right now So… *laughing* [I’m] just gonna use it. We’re gonna give it a try, cheers by the way. Gonna dip my brush right here, uh, into the beer can. Boom. Uh, I’m gonna do a.. portrait of my cat! Getting some ears on here, some whiskers, This is gonna be cUte! [It’s] comin’ to life. Cheers! Who know if that’s gonna work. But that’s f***in’ Science, am I right? That’s why we’re all here. That is why we all came today, to class. This next one, it’s kinda gross, But, uh, you can apparently make invisible ink with urine. So we’ve gotta procure some of that… Uhhhhhhhhhh, I’ll be right back. *singing* De~Mone~tized~~~ Uh Alright! I’m just gonna doodle something over here, uh, in my own urine. *chuckles* Why- Why not. Did I eat asparagus??? That’s gross. This is gross. Uh, but we’re doin’ it ’cause that’s what we do, here on ThreadBanger. Alright, for the most part, everything is dry. Uh, so we’re gonna get started, uh, with the reveal. [The] first one being the heavy whipping cream.. milk! We’ve got our iron here, so we’re gonna take it to our first one, and let’s see how this goooes~ You ready for it? Oh sh*t, somethin’s happenin’! *sniffs* UGH, [It] smells like burnt milk. Well that’s, uh- That’s not the best.
*Amazon’s Alexa starts speaking* Alexa: I’m not quite sure how to help you with that. JESUS CHRIST, Alexa. You scared the sh*t out of me! What the f*** are you even listening to me for??? I wouldn’t advice sending this form of, uh, encrypted message. Uh, I think you could probably do it in an email or a text, or snapchat, uh, But, there you go. It kinda works? And it’s kinda creepy: “I’m watching you.” This is weird because, you know what? /I’m/ not watching you, /you’re/ watching /me/. Which is just crazy. Phwooo… Y’know what I mean? That’s a head-f***. Movin’ onto the second one which is the lemon juice. This one actually, I feel like, came out the best. You can’t see anything. This is magic, as far as I’m concerned. I’m gonna start off here with, uh, my self-portrait. Oh.. oh sh*t! Hold on, hold on here. Ho-ly sh**t. Oh, this is cool. This is pretty awesome. I kinda like this just as a.. as an art- *mocking* as an art technique. There’s suppose to be- It’s, like, me with my middle finger flippin’ everybody off, and then that’s, like, my hand back here exploding. Not bad. *burns his finger* OW! F***! God! The table’s hot. *chuckling* The table is hot. Woo! Wasn’t expectin’ that one. Well this is Corinne’s, uh.. portrait of her. Again, you can’t see anything, you just- It just looks like a little bit weathered piece of paper Alright, let’s do it. Oh, check that one out! The glasses and the hair, I mean if it was purple.. That is not terrible. Lemon Juice is the way to go, apparently. Alright, next one, uh, We’re takin’ the iron to the /beer/. Again, super experimental, [I] don’t know what the f*** is gonna happen. But here we go. Give it a second. Give it a second here! Oh damn, that’s crazy! My guess here is that it’s just- it’s a- it’s maybe- it’s burning the Hops.. in the beer? I don’t know. *chuckles* It’s burnin’ somethin’. We did it. You saw it right here first: We just had a scientific breakthrough. This is the reason why you subscribed. Alright, now, these are the gross ones. These I have not been looking forward to, I put these over here. These are the urine-soaked ones.. Oh God, it smells! *sighs* That’s what these things are for. Oh, God! That is so much better. -Ready for the big reveal, here it is! This is a direct threat. “URINE 4 IT” *chuckles* God dammit! I’m good. Ohhh, f*** my life, Come on now! “Piss off”! HAH! With the piss! With the– I know you got it, I don’t have to go on. Right? I am just chur- I’m churnin’ ’em out. This is some art. Uh, in conclusion: Lemons, piss, and beer uh, those are your best three options, uh, in terms of invisible ink. Which, ya know, you’re probably never gonna do ’cause it doesn’t make sense. People are barely usin’ paper anymore in this world. Or less for writin’ secret, invisible notes. Do me a favor: Don’t iron your own piss. Uh, and if you do, make sure that maybe ya just- ya wash this afterwards or somethin’ ’cause then people are gonna be usin’ on their clothes and their sheets and it’s- it’s- uh, it’s no good. I thought this was actually pretty amazing. Ya know? Science: Sometimes it’s a- it’s a goddamn miracle, uh, and amazing and then, other times it’s ironing.. f***in’ milk and piss. Alright, that’s it. [That]’s all I got for ya. Let me know if you have any other, uh, weird science projects, uh, or things that you wanna see right here on this channel because uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhHHHHHHHHHH I don’t know what the next project’s gonna be. So, uh, let me know, down in the comments below. Uh, like up this video, if ya- if you haven’t done that already, which ya should’ve by now. And I’ll see ya around here.. next time. Whenever that is. I didn’t even.. I didn’t even use these things.. or these things. *unclear* Why do I even wear this stuff every f***in’ time… {Majority of Captions and Caption Edits by Rainbrowz}

100 thoughts on “DIY Invisible Ink – Man Vs Science

  1. You should never said safety it is number three even if it is a joke because unfortunately kid listen to all your saying and unfortunately sometimes I can not stop my kids from watching you if we are at other people's home.

  2. I always knew lemon juice was invisible ink too, but never tried it in school because I'm allergic to lemons. But I had an invisible ink pen once. I hope it wasn't urine?

  3. My guess would be that it's the acidity in the substances. Lemons, beer, and urine all have some type of acid in them, so that could be what's burning. (This is a total guess, don't shit on me if I'm wrong)

  4. Anyone here have a mollybear?? The people who do will know what im talking about… reply if you do, though.

  5. Man vs Science… The show where we PERIODICALLY do experiments…heh…am i the only one that noticed that

  6. Whoever is making the annoying commentary in the captions, that's what the comments section is for. You gotta stop lmao

  7. You can also use urine as invisible ink in a different way – if you shine a UV light on it you will also see the drawing/writing. This is due to some uv properties in the urine

  8. Anything that will burn under the iron will change color. If you have an old receipt pass the iron over it and it will show the ink again.

  9. For the lemon juice method I would use a blacklight and not iron it because with the blacklight it can be invisible on its own then it can be visible under a blacklight

  10. Please Do fucking spaghetti-stuffed meatballs ~ ;0; ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🍝🍝🍝🍝🍝🍝🍝🍝I’m begging~ ( you wanna make invisible ink? Just use..wait for it, nothing AND boom invisible ink, you will never see the secret message)

  11. Safety is third priority………..I wonder what the first and second are….. middle fingers and alcohol?

  12. It’s burning the alcohol in the beer. You know that stuff in beer that’s hella flammable… lol good try Rob

  13. Science is cool. It's just the miallard reaction from glucose being "cooked". Could just use a sugar water mix as well. 🙂

  14. We used to use lemon juice on a tooth pick and a toaster to show the message. The 80s were a great time to be alive! It worked! Lol

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