DIY Fake Piercings

Hello everybody! This tutorial is really short, so I decided to do a voice over~ Today I’m going to show you how to make fake piercings. I made these for my Joker cosplay, but they will work for anywhere you want a ring-shaped piercing – whether it’s your ear, your nose or your face. Before I start I want to warn you that this is hazardous so please be careful. Wear protective gloves if you have. It’s possible to give yourself a horrible cut with the wire, so please work slowly and hold the wire firmly so that it doesn’t slip and cut you. You’ll need to start with jewellery wire to create the ring. The thickness and the colour of the wire is up to you. For me, this was a cosplay, so I used silver in the thickest available wire to match the character. I am straightening the end of the wire because it was dented. If you don’t mind wasting a little wire, you can cut off the bent end. Next, get a cylindrical object about the circumference that you want your piercing to be. I’m using a pen. Wrap the wire around this object once. Use wire trimmers to cut the wire. Cut off the excess, overlapping wire to leave an almost complete circle. There are two ways to finish this. One is to file the edges until they are blunt so that it doesn’t cut you when you wear it, however, this is very time consuming. Alternatively, you can file the edges so that they can’t easily cut you and add a bead of hot glue on the raw edges. To put your fake piercing on, just open it with your fingers, push it over the desired area and close it tightly. And that is it! It was super simple and I hope you guys enjoyed.

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