Diversity & Ingenuity Meet – Mash-up Tattoos: Elimination Tattoo | Ink Master: Return of the Masters

Diversity & Ingenuity Meet – Mash-up Tattoos: Elimination Tattoo | Ink Master: Return of the Masters

– All right, artists,
you have six hours to create a mash-up tattoo,
and your time begins… now. – All right, let’s do it. -All right,
I’m gonna put your stencil on. – Today we’re testing
ingenuity by having theseartists incorporate two
or more tattooing styles
in one place.– First time’s
the charm, right? – Yep.
– Rock and roll.– I’m looking for
the best-drawn tattoos with
the most diverse
styles incorporated.
– I’m gonna put a
leaf on your knee, okay? – You ready, boss?
– Oh, yeah.[rock music]♪ ♪– What two styles
is it gonna be? – I’m gonna do, like, art
traditional here and, like, super light
black-and-gray in the middle. – Gotcha. – He hates it. Team DJ keeps saying
that they’re the topdogs in the house,
but this is our chance to
be able to put our foot
down and show what we have.
– That’s got to be heavier. – Oh, yeah.
– That rose has to look heavy, ’cause that’s what
it’s supposed to look like. – My canvas wants
five tattoos in one tattoo:a portrait, a shot glass,
a banner, letters, a rose.
– Anything you add on,
think about it before you add it. – You’ve got it, brother. – I’m doing
this for my family. My dad pushed me to be
what I wanted to be, an artist.He passed away
when I was young.
I didn’t want to process it,so I buried myself
in my career.
I’m here today
because I’m a fighter,
and I’m here to fight to win. – Four hours left,
guys, four more hours.[dramatic music]♪ ♪– You need anything, Katie? – I’ve got to
work on this still. – That’s a
real skull right there. The references are so dope. -I’ve got my hands full.
I got shots fired on me. – And make sure there’s just a thin
line outside the nose.– Lucky for me, my coach
is really good with skulls.
He’s trying to
help me get through this,
’cause he knows that
I’m going through a tug of war
in my head, and I’m losing my
[bleep] mind. – Make sure there’s
light tones in there too. – Yeah, I know. I know.
– Just watercolor. – My canvas wanted a watercolor wave and a black-and-gray
pirate.I don’t do watercolor.This is a huge risk. – Just make sure
it don’t get too dark. You know what I mean? So less is more at first,
then go back. – Everyone thinks that
Team Steve is the underdog.So Steve is being
a super coach
right now,
because we have to win.
– If everybody
pulls off these tattoos, I think DJ’s team is–they’re
in trouble right now. – You have two more hours.[dramatic music]♪ ♪– Smooth as butter. – That young skin,
like a newborn.– [laughs] They came
at me hard with a skull pick.
As soon as I ran that first
line, I realized the thinnessand the frailness of his skin.It almost ripped, so I’m just
not gonna be able to put in a lot of the bells and whistles
and flares I would love to. – [chuckles] – He wanted realism,
but obviously, with his skin tone and stuff kind of
structured a little bit more. – That’s a good idea. – I know I’m
not gonna win this one,but I know I’m not going home.[tattoo machine buzzing] – How’s it going in here? – Oh, it’s stressful. I kept this design pretty
simple, but I think I might have gone too small with it,
and a lot of the details are getting really hard to see. The outside petals on the rose,
do you think I should leave a skin break, or do
you think I should go solid? – Solid right on the inside… – Yeah.
– No blends. – Yeah.
This is not going well. – One hour left,
guys, one hour.[tense music][tattoo machine buzzing] – [exhales] – Step right up. Here’s the worst
sitting canvas of all time. – She’s flopping
around like a fish, bro. He’s trying to pull it out. He’s struggled
trying to put it together. – He might be in trouble here. – It’s looking like
I’m gonna have to do some basic gray shading on the right side instead of doing the full
color that I want to do. – Mm.
– We’re almost there. – Okay.
– I’m running out of time.This canvas is sitting bad.– Ow.
– We’re close. – Okay.
– We’re close. – Okay. – I just want to turn
in a tattoo that’s finished. – I think your team is
way more in trouble than mine. – You think so?
– I’ll stand behind that. Absolutely.
– I should dial 911 on yours. – Oh, really?
– Egos. There’s no clear lead
right now. – From my team,
I could pick a couple. – Listen,
Josh, I don’t even get it. He put a sticker on a
circle that’s morphing what? Matt, you tell me where
the separation of styles is. There’s none.
There’s none. – They can
still prove themselves. – They have to.
Everybody in this room better.[rock music]– Five, four,
three, two, one. That’s it.
Machines down. Time’s up. No more ink. [laughter]
– That was down just a bit. – Talk about down to
the second right there, my man. – Oh, that’s so badass. Give me… [laughs] – Dude, she looks
super nice, man. – Thanks, brother.
– Thank you very much. – Job well done.
– Awesome, awesome. I appreciate it, man.
– Thank you. – Yeah, thanks a lot. – Oh, [bleep]. – Black and gray
in that face comb down– last time I came over it
was redder than your walls. – [bleep], I couldn’t
even see your tattoo, dude. – You know, there’s
only so much you can do. – Excuses, excuses.
– We’ll see.

29 thoughts on “Diversity & Ingenuity Meet – Mash-up Tattoos: Elimination Tattoo | Ink Master: Return of the Masters

  1. Little d deserved to go home he is not talented at all. Matt had a poor tattoo but it wasn’t the worst. This show sucks now

  2. Am I the only one that gets tired of the artist complaining when they get a "dark" skinned canvass who request color in their tattoo? If you are going to be an "Ink Master", you need to be able to do any style on any kind of canvass. Plus, I have seen darker people with beautiful color tattoos that hold very well on them. I realize the melanin in darker skin absorbs color faster than skin tones without as much, but when there is a will, there is a way.

  3. I know it's early to say + I don't know why, but why do I get the feeling that Josh might end up winning this season's Ink Master

  4. that woman who was flopping around getting the leg tattoo was literally me when I got my leg tattoo, lol. I apologized so much to my artist.

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