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  1. How do hybrid inks differ from regular dye inks? I chose to invest in Simon Says hybrid inks, mini cubes. They’re so much easier to store.

  2. I ALWAYS learn something from you Kristina! Thanks so very much for another really helpful and informative video!! 💕

  3. Thank you Kristina. It was a great help. I haven't invested in the oxides yet. I've only got a few distress inks and having to konmari the house shortly before I'm allowing myself to craft. All my stuff is scattered throughout the house so it'll need sorting first. Then I reckon I'll be heading for the oxide's from here on and when the ordinary inks run out, I'll replace them with oxide's too. I love the permanency of them. And the blend just looks far superior. I can't blend the distress inks properly – or haven't yet. I just got a set of makeup brushes (look exactly like the one's you were showing from picket fence) but for a tenth of the price. I'm gonna have a go with them as soon as the house is decluttered and calm. Aw, heaven!

  4. I am always amazed when I hear that not everyone has used these inks. Distress inks were the first inks I ever purchased. I loved the way I could ink the edges to get more dimension without adding more layers to my cards. I have both of these ink sets and use them waaaaay more than any other inks I have, except for Versafine Onyx and Memento Tuxedo. This was a great explanation for how the inks work. Thank you!

  5. I know Tim said they are not bringing out the mini distress oxides, but it would be great for those who don’t have much space…

  6. Thanks, Kristina. I guess if I had listened, I would have understood. Lol. I do like the hybrid Oxides better. Sounds like that I ordered the right formula for me. Thanks for confirming. So excited to get my Simon Says collection. I have learned so much from you. I can’t thank you enough!

  7. Thank you for this explanation, Kristina! I’ve always wondered what the difference is. And that cutting tool is pretty cool!

  8. Can you recommend maybe 12 distress oxide inks that are a must have? There are so many nice colours and the decision is just so difficult. Maybe ones that give a rainbow look ? Thanks

  9. Beautiful cards Kristina! Love the simplicity. I would like to ask…what do you put on the inside of your cards? I know that sounds silly, but I rarely see a video with the inside of a card done. I also think it is challenging to find sentiments for the inside. Wish there were more available and in "readable" font sizes.

  10. Love these cards and this comparison of distress and oxides. You are one of the best and I have been watching since the beginning. Keep up the good work. 💜

  11. Love your blending and colours. Another blending technique…..Try blending same colour Distress Inks….over the blended distress OXIDE INKS. Cool blending and vibrant colours. Great way to use and stretch inks. The chalky look remains.

  12. I have had great results in mixing oxides and regular Distress inks. I’ve gotten some amazing blends. I use pre-made cards, cut in half to try this on!

  13. Since I saw your blending videos, I do really wanna have the oxides. This side by side test makes me even more sure about this plan. But I am wondering if you need extra bending foams for the same color of those two "ink lines" – I think, I saw you using a different blending foam for the distres ink "old paper" than before, right? A friend of me already told me, that it's better to use seperate foams for blending. What do you think? 🙂

  14. I, too, am a big fan of yours though I must say watercoloring and I have just about called it a day. (I think that some people just have the ability and some people don’t.) Maybe I’m too impatient but I just want to stamp like you did with these cards. I think they’re beautiful. My initial love for paper crafting was the stamping part. Anyway a gal below commented (Hund) about the need for good sentiments for the inside of s card. A lot of sentiments lately are pretty soppy with no real message. Stamp Designers stick to one liners it seems but greeting cards in the stores have really great sentiments to chose from that would make good stamps too. I have some wood mounted ones from “back in the day” that were fantastic. Just some thoughts here from a papercrafter who absolutely loves making greeting cards to send out.

  15. These are both so beautiful. I love this colour combo Kristina, I would not have thought to choose them before seeing this done on your ink blending series but I am going to be a little more adventuresome with the colours I have. Thanks for sharing your findings.

  16. Hi Kristina, I am from the UK and absolutely love your videos, so helpful and so inspiring, thank you so much. Was watching you use your Misty and wondered if you have used the Sizzix accessory, sticky grids, on a mouse mat, in your Misty. Absolutely amazing, no more magnets sticking up, no paper moving at all and totally easy to peel off, works like a dream. Best wishes, Judy

  17. Thanks for all the great info! As a fairly new occasional stamper, I'm just learning about inks, etc. One thing that confuses me, is when people say 'distress' vs 'oxide' ink, and they both have distress in their names. Took me a while to get it. 🙂 Also, do you or anyone know of a chart that would describe an ink (water based, solvent, dye, etc) and what we can colour it in with – water colours, type of markers, and so on? The last time I bought ink, it was only sold in office supply stores! 😁 Thanks!

  18. The cards are lovely Kristina, love the colour combos you do ! I don't use any of my things nearly enough, so thanks for sharing some super things there !

  19. Love the colors you used together. Your cards are amazing. The white just pops off the cards. I love both inks but I use my oxides more. Tfs

  20. Call me old fashioned, but I prefer the originals. If I feel the need for the more chalky look, I'll add a bit of one of the neutrals here and there. This is very interesting to see tho.

  21. Thank you for this tutorial on the differences in the inks. I use both so I was happy to see this today. The cards you made were beautiful too!

  22. Finally! I was waiting for this video for a long time (drama 🤣)! Thank you for the great explanation! Make a part 2 with the water properties please!

  23. Kristina, thank you for a more in-depth look at regular Distress inks vs. Oxides. Also, for demonstrating how the regular inks do shift colors some when they dry from when they are still wet. (Hope that makes sense!) Awesome cards, too. I do have a question about the ruler you used. Does the cutting groove in the middle have a metal edge on each side? Or is it just basically a slit/opening in the middle of a plastic ruler? I just ask because I know that a craft knife blade can slip and cut into a plastic edge that is not "lined" with metal. Just curious. I'd hate to pay that kind of money and ruin the ruler just because my knife blade cut into it! Thank you for sharing your artwork & insights. Take care, and have a wonderful day! 🙂

  24. Thanks for the valuable information, Kristina! Now that I know the ink qualities better, I can make a more informed decision about how to spend my little crafting budget! LOL!

  25. Thank you for sharing this info, I needed to know the difference..I have the oxides and I was wondering if I should get the distress, and I’m still undecided..Happy Valentine Kristine!

  26. Such pretty cards. I love that you did a side-by-side comparison of the two inks and that you didn't use water effects with either of them. The oxide inks looked truly beautiful and smooth. I am so used to seeing these inks get splattered with water that I didn't even think about what they would look like without splotches! 🙂

  27. Very pretty❣ I love just plain embossing powder over inked cardstock and nothing else done to it. I think it looks classic. To me these cards remind me of a art piece that's been framed (with that thick border paper) and is just waiting for a custom frame. It's just gorgeous Kristina❣
    God bless ❤ XOXO

  28. Thanks, Kristina for sharing this information. It was interesting to see the oxide and regular distress in the same colors side-by-side!! I love your videos!! Always beautiful!!

  29. Hi Kristina, I’ve just been trying out six of your recommended colour blends. They’re all great but I have to say that this one is my favourite, I would never have put these colours together but they’re gorgeous. Feeling inspired. Xx

  30. I just love that blend. I should have said so on Friday but I was just duh. Beautiful card idea which I will definitely steal. Thank you.

  31. Thank you….loved them. Your videos are all great but lately they seem to be shorter and easier to follow on items we can actually create at home. THANK YOU. 🙂 I appreciate what you share with us and honesty.

  32. I love you so much I love all of your cards..I'm very picky about cards and yours are truly my type all the way. I tend to love trendy cards and I love yours and www.youtube.com/user/NicholM15 cards too. You both have such attention to detail and love all of your cards. My point related to your video is I always thought distress oxides were brighter but you showed how really the distress inks are brighter with more of a transparent look. That's how I explain the difference. Distress inks are bright with a transparency to them and the distress oxides are bright with more an opaque look. XO

  33. I absolutely love the information you share in your videos, and the beautiful art you create. As we all know this can be a VERY EXPENSIVE industry and I greatly appreciate that you have a way of showing us that we can make beautiful creations with fewer products. I enjoy your videos and find myself feeling your love of what you do while watching. It is truest inspiring. Thank you and have a blessed day.

  34. Beautiful cards!!! They need to add a 'love' button on here….Thanks for sharing 🙂 Love watching your videos!

  35. Kristina, I found this video to be really helpful! I myself have NOT done a side-by-side comparison but I could totally relate to your descriptions in the differences of the two! I really appreciate that you used your two pieces to create two lovely cards, too! That ALWAYS helps me go further in my own cardmaking! So, thank you for sharing n’ HAPPY STAMPIN’, BLENDIN’, n’ CREATIN’! 🙂

  36. What size container houses your embossing powders? 8 oz or maybe 15oz? It’s probably printed on bottom. Thx. I learn so much from you💕

  37. Thank you for this series Kristina, it forced me to practice my blending skills (which were in need of improvement) I made samples of your whole series, it was a lot of work but well worth it. Thank you again.

  38. Oxides are easier to blend with that tool – but they fade too much.
    Sometime, can you do the same comparison but with the oval ‘make-up’ brushes?
    Thanks for your fun vids x

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