Devin Gets Her Cysts Removed By Doctor Pimple Popper • Ladylike

Devin Gets Her Cysts Removed By Doctor Pimple Popper • Ladylike

– Warning if you are sensitive to blood or graphic content, this
video ain’t for you. Okay y’all, so, I really like extractions. I like watching things being
extracted from people’s skin. I think it’s a stress reliever. It’s very satisfying,
it puts me in zen mode. So, one day I was watching
a Dr. Pimple Popper extraction video on Facebook at work. Chrissy gave me a little
tidbit about Devin Lytle. Ladylike member, Devin Lytle
has four cysts in her scalp. What a lovely surprise. So, she was like, you
guys should do a video. And I’m like, I dunno
if Devin would do it. She’s like, ask her, and I’m like, it would be a dream come true. – I’m a little nervous about
doing this shoot, just because, it’s like people are going
to see my cysts on camera. If the frame can be
about, like how we don’t have to be perfect and there’s
always going to be like, everyone has their weird skin issues. You know like in Sex and
the City where Samantha has to help Carrie pull out her diaphragm. If you guys have to help
me pull out my pilar cyst. – Yeah
– [Fred] Okay – It would be like Womanhood. – I mean, you are of course.
I know you are fine with that. – Devin revealed to me that she
would participate and do it. But she would only do
it if all of Ladylike was there in the room with
her for emotional support. Hmmm, what a conundrum, Chantel
doesn’t want to watch that. – I don’t want to do this video at all. – [Devin] If Kris is not
doing it, I’m not doing it. – Kristin everyone came to your wedding. – Okay, coming to my wedding
isn’t the same thing, as me going to get your cysts lanced. – I’ve had many a cyst in
my life and its been removed but I don’t feel the need to
watch it or interact with it. Cause, I just don’t want to. I don’t. – [Fred] So everyone
eventually agreed to go, however Kristin wasn’t able to go because she was recovering from surgery. So it was just the four of us going and you don’t understand
how excited I was. I ended up having a
phone call with Rachael who is Dr. Lee’s assistant,
we scheduled everything out and then we went to her office! – [Devin] It’s Monday morning,
like 8 o’clock in the morning and I dragged the girls
to my Pimple Popper appointment in Upland, California. Upland, California is like 40 minutes outside of Los Angeles so
we all had to get up early to get to this appointment,
I’m sure they love me. – We’re about to go in
for Devin’s procedure. I don’t know how long I’m gonna last. I’m just a squeamish
person, it’s not that cysts and anything are gross, I had a cyst here and I’ve had lipomas and I get sebaceous cysts on my eyes all the time. I’m not good with blood
and I hope I don’t faint. I don’t think I will, I’ve only fainted a couple of times in my life. Hopefully this isn’t
going to be one of them. – It’s happening. – Hi, Dr. Lee.
– Hi, how are you? – I’m Devin.
– Thanks for coming out here. – Thank you for handling my cysts. – Hi, my name is Dr. Sandra Lee. I’m a board certified dermatologist
in Southern California. But people also know me
as Dr. Pimple Popper. What is Dr. Pimple Popper mean? It just means that people
know that, they come from wide and far for me to pop
their pimples essentially. I’m going to be working with Ladylike and I’m going to be doing
a procedure on Devin. – So I have four pilar cysts,
I call them my unicorn horns. I know what they are because
I’ve been dealing with them for like most of my adult life. What’s your definition of a pilar cyst? – Well a pilar cyst, is a type of cyst that usually occurs on the
scalp about 90% of the time. It’s something that often people when get, they get more than one and so what happens is essentially, I try to
explain it to people as like part of your skin kinda
gets trapped under there and forms a little balloon under the skin. So what happens is that, you
know our skin sheds normally, but now it’s shedding into this little balloon under the skin. There’s nowhere for it to go so it grows. I knew that people would
be really interested in the things that we do in dermatology. It’s a very visual field so you know, everything we see on the skin, and I thought it would be
really interesting and educating for people to learn a lot about
what I do and why I love it. When I posted a blackhead
extraction in particular, I noticed a jump in attention
and through all that I discovered that there is a
community of people and people were loving these videos
and sharing with each other. It’s not anything that
should make you feel bad about yourself so I think it’s
really nice that you bought your girlfriends to give you
support and hold your hand. – First off, I really wanted to meet you because I am a popaholic, I do watch a lot of popping videos. I find them massively cathartic but also I wanted to do
this just to highlight that the human body is
complex and amazing, and also there is nothing
to be ashamed about especially if you have a cyst
because you can’t control it. – And you know, I’m really
about woman empowerment as well and one thing that I
will say about my channel which I find so remarkable,
especially in this day and time, is that no body ever questions me. I’ve never seen anybody ever say, “why is she doing this
when she’s a woman”. – Dr. Lee was amazing, she
was so chill, she was so nice, very into the whole idea
of female empowerment and making sure that we got across the message that this isn’t gross. This is natural, these are our bodies and you shouldn’t be ashamed of it. – I think I’m going to be
checking in on Chantel mostly. – [Dr. Lee] Yes, I think I will be too. – Another piece of this Ladylike video, is we have a little
challenge, a little bet, is to see how long
Chantel can stay looking at the procedure. I’m guessing 15 seconds. – [Devin] Five seconds? – The fact that she is feeling nothing, you know really helps. – I’m ready. – Come meet my girls, they’ll
take good care of you. – I’m excited. Let’s do this,
let’s get the girls out. – Okay, with Devin,
she’s going to come back to one of our surgical suites where we’ll get her nice and comfortable. It’s like the Big Dipper, like the four… – Oh, I have a little
constellation on my head! – Yes you do. We’re gonna call this the pilar cyst constellation. – [Devin] Oh my god, I love
that. I love stars and the moon. – Whoa, wow. – [Devin] Do you feel a little baby kick? – Wow, I feel it. – This is my favorite thing. I’m ready. – [Devin] Little creep. – We’ve got to get our scrubs on so that we can be pretty much sterile and not get any germs into the situation. Also to protect us, because
it might squirt a little bit. Gotta be in the splash zone. – [Dr. Lee] Looking good, all of you. You look taller, see now we
know, how tiny you really are. – Surgery but make it fashion.
– [Dr. Lee] That you have too. – She ended up naming all four cysts after the rest of
Ladylike, which was lovely. – [Fred] Chantel, which one are you? – [Chantel] I’m gonna be this one cause it’s the first one that I felt. So you never forget your first. – [Jen] I’m the big boy. Just over here. This is going to be
Kristin and then Freddie is right over here, the little bean. – I feel like I’m your husband,
like when you give birth. – The first thing I’m gonna
do is anesthetize the area. I’m gonna use a little bit of
lidocaine, a little numbing. I’m just gonna hold my…
whoa, whoa, wait, wait, stop. – Oh my god my foot stepped
on the pedal. (laughter) – So I’m just gonna but a
little bit of numbing here, okay, everybody’s ready? Okay?
Just a little baby pinch. – I didn’t feel that at all.
– Good, you shouldn’t feel it. – Devin seems pretty at
ease, she had me there, she had Chantel there
and she had Jen there. All for emotional support
so that was great. – So I would like to point out, Devin is taking my hand
to her cheek, I’m not, oh and this one. Great
now we are just here. – You did awesome, that
was the worst of it. If you can handle that piece of cake. – Okay, cool. – And then we’re gonna sterilize the area and then that’s when we’ll do the surgery. That’s when I’ll get sterile,
I’ll start the incision and the removal and we’ll be
talking to her the whole time. If we remove more than one,
we’ll line them up on the tray and so she can take a look and
say her goodbyes afterwards. We’re gonna cover them up
and do one at a time here. I want to start with the bigger one. So you make sure, I’m never
hurting you or anything, okay? – I’ll scream, girl, I’ll let you know. – Oh you will? Don’t scream. – Poor Chantel, she did her best. She was there in the room
as promised but she did have to sit down, she got a
little bit woozy from the blood. – Feeling okay over there Chantel? – You know, we’re just sitting. – Yeah alright, that’s fine.
Just gonna push against you, so just re-cyst me, get
my joke? Re-cyst me. – Oh man, I wish I could
be watching this right now. – [Jen] Whoa, holy crap. – Devin, you’re gonna be so
excited to watch this later. – Yeah, you will be. – [Dr. Lee] She’s beautiful.
She’s very, very cute. – The fact that I grew these on my own, I’m a little proud of it, I’m like. – They’re your little diamonds. – Devin was unsure on
whether she was going to get one cyst removed or all
four of the cysts removed. And we were kind of
feeling it out as we went and so, they started off with one, and then Dr. Lee was like, do
you want to just keep going? Do you want to just get them
all out while we are here? And Devin was like, sure, why not? – [Devin] Chantel, how are you doing? – [Chantel] You know, we are
watching from the wings here. – It looks like a little pearl. – [Devin] Really? A
little pearl, that’s cute. – [Dr. Lee] Okay, number two down. – Really? Wow. Fred how are you doing? – You’re living your best life back there. – [Fred] Yes, this is really cool. – [Dr. Lee] This one’s easy. – [Devin] She’s ready to go?
– She’s like hello world. – What if I have no good
video ideas after this, guys? – I know, you might have peaked here. – What if my cysts were like
the, source of my power? – They were the ones that
were holding you down. – They’re my dragon eggs. – They’re your dragon
eggs, you’re Khaleesi. – I was filming with the macro
lens, the close up camera because I insisted,
because this is my thing and I’m very into it. It
was cool seeing how Dr. Lee sort of navigated the scalp,
did the little incision, popped it right out with her thumbs. I mean, if it wasn’t against safety rules, I would have asked if I
could have done one myself. – This is the last one. – This one is.
– This one is Chantel? – [Dr. Lee] I feel like
I should mix them up and you should guess who is who. – Oh yeah, let’s do that, let’s
play that game afterwards. – [Dr. Lee] Can you see it now?
– Oh my God. – I did not realize they
would be solid, I thought it would be just sort of filled
with pus. That’s crazy – And it’s not pus
either, pus is technically like an infection and this
is just wet skin cells stuck under there for
however long she has had it. Alright, we are done.
– Really, I’m done? I can’t believe all my cysts are gone. – I don’t want you sad.
– No. – It took less than 30 minutes for her to get all four cysts removed. Which I was shocked by, I
mean, they popped right out. – Devin, how was it?
– It was pretty easy. It was painless actually,
I didn’t feel a thing. I’m ready to meet my
children. Oh my goodness. – This is the internal
contents that squeezed out. You see this is the actual,
that’s the skin cells. – [Ladylike Member] It looks
like a little pill pocket. – It’s like the texture of an olive. – That’s so cute. – That one is, the one that didn’t come out, that’s the stubborn one. – [Devin] This is Jen
then. This is Freddie because it looks like a little pearl. – Freddie, yes. You are
just using all our clues. – I’ve felt this one thousands of times before, this is Kristin. – [Jen] Devin, you know your cysts. – I know my cysts. – She must have been handling them a lot. – Oh my god, it slices
like a piece of chicken. – [Crowd] Whoa, whoa. What is that? Whoa. – [Devin] Wow, I’m a new woman. – I think it really did
bring us all together, it brought us closer together
in a very intimate way. Especially now that there
are cysts named after us. That came out of Devin’s scalp. – You know, I feel pretty
good. I feel proud of Devin. – She did great, I’m glad that she’s got a smooth little scalp. It is
always nice after the bump is gone to just feel
something nice and smooth. – You know when you just
got off a rollercoaster, and you were like a
little nervous at first but then you just feel like delighted and like you can take over the world, that’s how I feel now. That was so cool. – New scalp, who dis? Thank you so much Dr. Lee for everything. – You’re so welcome, that was awesome. You were a great patient, it
was a piece of cake, right? – Yeah it was a piece of cake.
I like my little bandages. That I have to wear for the
rest of the day but yeah, we are ready to go and
attack 2018 with a new scalp. – Conquer the world.
– Conquer the world. It’s the end of the night and
my bandaids need to come off because they are driving me nuts. – For the record, I
think this is a bad idea. – For the record, I didn’t ask you. – Ow.
– [Pat] See dried blood. You should leave those alone. – How do I get them off though? – You wait. – Pat may be right about when
I should take my bandaids out, like from a medical
perspective, or whatever. But I know my hair, so Pat’s
not here and I’m gonna do it. I’ve already taken out two. Fuck it, this is the third
one, I only have one more. If you have a difficult situation, if you bring humor into it, you loosen up. Keeping that in mind, I’m going to just dance around this
bandaid with my fingers. Okay, mother fucker. Ah. Yes. Don’t ever, ever let a man tell you what to do with your body
unless he has a medical degree, because Pat doesn’t and
I’m like what the fuck. – Devin was a champ, she was
so strong throughout everything She’s really brave for
exposing this part of herself. I’m happy that we’re able to
show that this is not gross. It’s a part of life, it’s natural. It’s a part of the human body
and that women have cysts too. Women have bodily things too. This stuff isn’t gross and you
shouldn’t be ashamed of it. Also find yourself a
bad crew of lady friends who support you through
everything. Even the grossest. – Group date with Dr. Pimple Popper. – Lady tested?
– Lady a-cysted! – [Fred] Good job Devs.
– Thanks, this is weird. – I’ll show you how I feel. (screaming) – We’ve got merch. Click here
to buy it. Spoons. Spoons. Spoons, spoons, spoons,
spoons, spoons, spoons, spoons.

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  1. For me, the satisfying part is thinking about how much relief the person is feeling from having these things removed.

  2. Wow! I'm looking to get a cyst taken out from my left cheek which is quite deep, the fact that Devin said it barely hurt makes me so relieved! Phew! I'm excited to get it removed!

  3. I don’t like it 😂😂, I don’t find it gross, it’s just like what I think about periods ( I’m a woman ) it’s like “periods aren’t gross” but once you’re in the bathroom, bleeding, you’re like “ oh, gross “. I don’t feel disgusted, I feel kind of uncomfortable 😣 watching it, I could talk about and not feel “gross”, because I can do that with periods too. My opinion is just that, they’ aren’t gross, I just wouldn’t touch them 😂

  4. Me: ready to eat my dinner as I watched youtube.
    Ladylike: dr.pimple popper!
    Me: continues to watch while I eat and kind of barfed

  5. This doesn't make me feel any better KNOWING I have 2 cysts and will probably be forced to remove them.

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  7. I don't have any outside cysts lol. But I have dozens of cysts on my ovaries bc I have poly-cystic ovarian syndrome. woop

  8. 1:34 – This is just one of MANY times that Chantel reveals her 2 dimensional, ungenerous & ungracious self. A person can't help having a cyst – but Chantel COULD actually work on opening her heart . . . but that would mean sharing herself. Everyone else was so lovely to her but I simply have a problem with her hanging onto her right to say NO to being of support to a friend. And then 10:49 she continues to make faces & funny noises. ALSO, quoting from below – chantel: i hate blood, i can't look at it
    also chantel: painting with my own period blood . . . . . .
    . . . . . . . . .
    (Devin, you are SO beautiful, no matter how many cysts you have!)

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